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*****UPDATE: NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A model has been found, 12 days after she was last seen leaving a Hell’s Kitchen nightclub. Ataui-Deng Hopkins, 22, was found Monday night at an area hospital, police said. Family and friends she is okay and they are on the way to visit her at the hospital. - Thank you to all the amazing followers and fellow tumblrs for spreading the word.

*ALERT: 22 year old Sudanese model has been missing for almost 2 weeks. 

  • Full name Ataui Deng Hopkins (niece of Alek Wek)
  • Lives on Essex Street on the Lower East Side (NY)
  • Last seen on August 6th around midnight, exiting a night club in the vicinity of 251 West 48th Street in Manhattan.  The Village Voice reports. Friends claim they saw Deng at a nightclub The Attic in Hell’s Kitchen where she was attending an event.)
  • Police describes her as 6’1” - 110lbs - black hair - dark complexion - slim build

1-800-577-TIPS (8477)
text: 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577

all calls are confidential

photo: kristiina wilson

@  2007 Melissa Martinez

Here is another shot of the concrete jungle that is the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City, the Big Apple, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. As was always the case, I had my camera on hand as I was on set for an editorial photo shoot. This shot was taken from the penthouse of this beautiful boutique hotel called The Roosevelt.

Sons Of Essex

  New York’s Lower East Side! One of my favorite foodie places! With it’s über cool restaurants like or Beauty and Essex, Freeman’s and Schiller’s, just to name a few. Now a new hype-trend bar and restaurant has opened; Sons of Essex.

Let’s dissect..

  The premises  are entered via a classic old-school deli that stays open throughout the day and is reminiscent of oh so many NYC restaurants that need to be accessed via a barber, a pawn shop, a pizza place, or your living room, you name it! It seams like nobody can enter anything without going through something first and Sons of Essex is no exception! All hail the revival of the post modern Speakeasy trend I guess.. Speaking of which that’s really the main look that Sons of Essex were going for, with bookshelves full of knickknacks and old books as well as artwork all over the walls and cozy padded alcoves mixed with dim lighting and candles. It almost takes you back to your grandfathers study, the only things missing are the fireplace and the Bourbon. At first glance I really liked the look but the longer I sat there, the more I got a distinct Disney vibe. Like the one you get in a Hollister shop, almost as if the deco was trying too hard! 

  The 90’s hip hop soundtrack in the background definitely gave the place and interesting feel, yet again juxtaposing the deco with the hip hop music felt searched and slightly over thought.

  We started the night off with some interesting cocktails, the Moscow Five being the table winner, after we sent back a Mojito and a Margherita because, well, they tasted nothing like what they should have.. Probably the worst drinks ever made. They did get served in a cool old wooden Whiskey box by our lovely waitress, who happened to be one of the only good things about the place and she was hugely entertaining especially to our male diners… We did tell her to go fire the bartender and later found out they might be an item.. Ups!

  The menu was interesting and at first glance very promising. New American and full of Mac and Cheese variations with Truffles all over. Disappointingly, although it sounded mouthwatering the actual dishes were not. Hen & Waffles?? really? Tasted like KFC and breakfast mixed in one - I don’t care if it has historical origins, it just doesn’t work.

Delicious pork belly sliders! Great Dessert! Apart from that quite a sad experience for $80 a head.. 

  Luckily for us there was a surprise appearance of a “reality show” and so we at least got our fare share of laughs in, all thanks to the dim witted Jersey,except they were peroxide blond, shore look-a-likes.

Sons of Essex could be the next hot spot, but first they have to fire the bartender, change the music and match the standard of the food to their price.

The idea is there, the follow through is messy.