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One thing: from what we know about the story, the Wall was covering the kingdom of Lucis entirely for ~120 years, until King Mors decided to reduce it to Insomnia alone. Doing so, he allowed Niflheim to occupy the territories of Lucis have been abandoned by the government. I say “abandoned” here because we have evidence of things that have just been left here in numerous places. Take for example:

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Aerial view looking northwest of Manhattan Island and Brooklyn Heighs. Early 1963.

Photo: The Port of New York Authority

Source: Rai Y. Okamoto, Frank E. Williams and Et Al. “Urban Design Manhattan. Regional Plan Association” (New York, The Viking Press, 1969).


Great Britain - Lincoln, Castle Combe, Norwich, Cambridge, Bibury, Lower Slaughter, Lake District, Frome, Crosby Ravensworth

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Halite with Herbertsmithite

Amazing pseudostalactites form consist of cubic halite crystals from Lubin Copper Mine, Poland. Sharply formed, lustrous and transparent halite crystals in incredible green color which is caused by herbertsmithite inclusions. The base of the specimen is clear colorless halite.

Locality:  Lubin Mine, Lubin District, Lower Silesia, Poland

Night view of Lower Manhattan’s Financial District skyscrapers and Brooklyn Bridge’s viaduct. View looking southwest from East River, late 1962.

Photo: Shostal, New York.

Source: Roland Gööck. “Maravillas del Mundo. Prodigios de la Naturaleza y realizaciones del hombre, desde las cataratas del Niágara hasta las bases espaciales”. (España, Barcelona, Ediciones Nauta, 1968).

The 57-story City Bank Farmers Trust. 22 William Street between Exchange Place, Beaver and Hannover streets. Cross & Cross, 1930-1931. View looking south in 1932.

Photo: Peysey & Patzig.

Source: Stern, Robert A.M. Gilmartin, Gregory. Mellins, Tomás. “New York 1930. Architecture and Urbanism between the Two World Wars” (New York. Rizzoli. 1987).