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Bow And Arrow

Recipient: @rebel-author-chick

Prompt: ‘robins’, fluff/smut

Pairings/Characters: Clint x Reader, Natasha, Tony, Steve, Bucky, Sam

Words: 3377

Warnings: Language, smut, female receiving oral, unprotected sex.

A/N: First time writing a Clint fic which was interesting. Gotta hand it to @imhereforbvcky and @thenightmarebeforebucky for your help in figuring out how to characterise this. It worked wonders, thank you. It was fun to do this, though, thank you @oneshot-shit @marvel-ash

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anonymous asked: can you do one where the reader and jeff are dating, the reader has scoliosis and when she experiences back pain, Jeff helps her through it?

Author’s Note: I apologize for the lack of researching Scoliosis and how it really affects one’s life. These imagines are meant to be quick and easy, so I simplified what I could.
Also, much thanks to those who answered a few questions about Scoliosis.

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Waking up this morning, you know it’s not going to be a good day. There’s a twinge in the lower right portion of your back and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to go away anytime soon. So settling at the foot of your bed, you have a brief session of lower back stretches. Tired and annoyed after nothing appears to change, you pop a couple of ibuprofen in your mouth, washing them down with water and pray the pain killers take the pain away.

As you set about getting ready for school, the twinges don’t lessen and it feels like it worsens the moment you take a seat at your vanity to do your hair and makeup. So by the time Mom comes in to check on you, she finds you face down on your bed as you reach around behind you to rub where it hurts. 

“Y/N? Everything okay?”

“No,” you mumble into the mattress. “I hurt.”

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Creaks and Groans.

One of my first ever fics, first published on AO3 in October 2015 set around MOBY/Bees. I’m starting to properly move my library over onto Tumblr though I will still post new stories to both sites. Anyway this is some proper Fun Fraser Fluff so please do enjoy and happy Thursday :) xxx

Claire set down the book and removed her spectacles. She pressed the heels of her hands into her eyes, trying to rub away the exhaustion. She had never and would never regret coming back to Jamie, but certain conveniences, like electric lighting, would be very welcome.

The small oil lamp Claire had been using to read by glowed defiantly on the desk, its flame flickering as though aware of her discontent.

“I know, I know, you do your best.”
She muttered and heard a low chuckle in response. For a moment she squinted at the lamp and then as a movement caught her eye she swung round to see her husband leaning against the door-frame, grinning at her.

“Bloody hell! You could have announced yourself! How long have you been there?”

She whispered, conscious of the children sleeping in the next room.

“Long enough to witness my wife speakin’ to a lamp.”
Jamie stretched up the length of the doorframe, bracing his hands against the ceiling, his back popping loudly.

“Come to bed Sassenach. Whatever it is can wait for sunlight, ye look like a wee owl hunched there in the gloom.”

Claire straightened her own back indignantly and resisted the urge to groan as her spine straightened. Apparently she really had been hunching.

“In a little while, I need to finish this chapter on …”

“Dinna tell me,”
Jamie interrupted, holding up a cautionary hand.

“it’ll either be a herb I dinna ken or a ‘procedure’ I dinna wish to think of before bed and neither should you.”

Jamie pronounced the word procedure with exaggerated care, it was his preferred way of referring to anything bloody and medically gruesome that Claire might be interested in telling him about.

“Afraid I might try to examine you in your sleep?”

Claire teased, pushing the chair back from the desk.

Jamie snorted and moved into the little room holding out his hand to help her up. Claire’s heart fluttered at the sight of his battered and scarred fingers closing around and her own. The skin was still firm but the wrinkles around his knuckles were deeper with age and he had a trio of delicate freckles across the smooth skin of his wrist that had not been there when he was a younger man.

“How many times have I held your wee hand in mine do ye think?”
Jamie asked quietly and Claire shook her head.

“I couldn’t begin to tell you, but it could never be enough.”

Jamie’s chest swelled with a deep breath and Claire was shocked to see tears glinting in his eyes the dim lamp light.

“Oh! Oh Jamie!”
Claire was on her feet in moments, aching back forgotten as she reached for her husband.

“Dinna pay me any mind a leannnan. I seem to be becoming an emotional auld fool these days.”

Claire placed her hands along either side of his face, threading through his beard to run her fingertips over his cheekbones.

“What’s on your mind?”

Jamie turned his head and kissed the inside of her wrist, just below the tiny, faded ‘J’ he had placed there over thirty years before. When he spoke his voice was thick with emotion and his eyes fixed on hers with an intensity that raised the hairs on the back of her neck.

“I dinna ken how much longer I have left to live in this world Sassenach but I truly hope I ne'er need spend another day of it wi'out holding your hand at least once.”

Claire began, closing her eyes as he pressed his forehead to hers, but the words of comfort that she wanted to speak died in her throat and she stopped, heart pounding. 

The enormity of their mortality flashed across her mind in a way it had not for a long time. Without warning the memory of thinking Jamie dead, lost at sea on a doomed ship, was upon her and with it came a terror and a desperate, almost painful want of him.

“Jamie, I need you. Now.”
She demanded, eyes wide and focussed entirely on her husband, their amber iris’ darkening to the colour of fresh honey viewed through tinted glass.

Jamie’s own eyes flew open, he had been lost in the warmth of his feeling for Claire and not thinking of ravaging her in the cramped little study.

“Here? I dinna think …”

Her hands slid under his shirt and he felt his body begin to stir, his own hands settled in Claire’s mass of salt and pepper hair, a thousand shades of brown, gold and silver.
She arched her spine, pressing herself into his touch and her back creaked loudly
“Jesus! Sassenach! Are ye…”

“I’m fine … just …”
Claire was fumbling with his breeks as Jamie tried to navigate them back towards the sofa. The buttons popped open and Jamie felt his cock spring free, pressing into Claire’s skirts. He gasped and his hands dropped to her arse, gripping her hard, his want beginning to match the frenzy of hers.

“Pull ye skirts up lass.”
He growled softly

Claire fumbled for a moment, the room was small enough in its own right but with Jamie stood in it, the space felt unconscionably tight. Finally she managed to get a hold of the hems and hauled them up. 

Jamie ran his hand up her bare thigh, settling his palm just above her backside, ready to guide her to the settee but in a moment of recklessness, Claire launched herself up at him and wrapped her legs around his waist. 

For a blissful and breathtaking moment, they joined as one flesh. Then Jamie felt a shooting pain in his hip and a twinge in his lower back and without warning his legs buckled and he flopped backwards over the sofa arm, Claire still pressed on top of him.

Jamie landed awkwardly across the cushions, tipping the entire thing alarmingly backwards, before it crashed back into place with a bang that shook the window. Claire, unable to keep her balance, slid onto the floor with a much smaller but considerably more painful thump that she knew would leave a beautiful bruise by morning.

They lay frozen for a moment, waiting for Mandy or Jem to cry out to Brianna, or the dogs to start barking, but the house remained mercifully silent.
Claire looked up at Jamie from under her mass of curls and saw his entire frame quivering with suppressed laughter. Claire felt it flutter in her own stomach and crawled into her husbands arms, burying her face in the hollow of his neck, doing her best to remain silent as the waves of hilarity washed over her.

After what felt like an age they pulled themselves together and sat up, hiccuping and wiping their eyes, grinning at each other like loons.

“Oh God,”
Jamie shook his head and dabbed his shirt tail against his streaming eyes before running his hand down Claire’s flank gently.
“Is your arse alright Sassenach? The sound of it, ye’ve cracked the floorboards!”

Claire nodded and grimaced,
“Yes. Luckily I still have a fair amount of padding on that particular region of my anatomy.”

Jamie snorted and took a firmer grip in answer.

“How’s your hip?”

“It’s twinging a wee bit but no doubt it’ll sort itself by morning.”
Jamie shrugged. 

Claire struggled to her feet, more hunched than ever, one hand pressed to her lower back, the other stretched out to her husband.

This time it was Jamie who placed his hand firmly into hers and together they manoeuvred him up with only a couple of muttered curses when his hips protested the movement.

“I’m sorry Jamie, that was completely my fault.”
Claire said, blushing at the memory of her foolish leap but Jamie only smiled at her.
“Dinna apologise mo chridhe. The day ye dinna wish to leap into my arms will be a verra sad day for me indeed.”

Hand in hand they limped toward their bedroom, the occasional snort or giggle escaping between them, feeling a strange mix of youthful joy and old bones.

Pas de Trois, 3.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Theatre!AU, Polyamory, Fluff, Angst + Smut

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: None

Summary: Sharing a stage with Jimin and Taehyung is always rewarding, but the real reward is behind the scenes.

Count: 1867 words.

Note: This is a series written for @chimdeer. As always, thank you for the love and special thanks to @dimplecoups + @sydist for reading it over! Also, notice the new header.

Playlist | Prologueiii → iii

Pas de Trois: Act Two, Scene One


Fleeting days had turned into weeks and Taehyung was at the pinnacle of sheer happiness. Due to his benevolent comportment, it was rather easy for fellow actors and students to befriend him—such as moths to a light source. Perturbed at first by the notion of being deemed as an outcast—or persona non grata he would say to Jimin, showing off—it was a delightful feeling to experience being amongst the right crowd regardless of certain differences. However, even as he gave smiles to those around him and banal jokes in uneven English, his eyes would always seem to fall onto you.

“Who knew that Chicago was home to beautiful women?” said the actor to his friend. The weather was tranquil for it allowed the duo to lounge outside, grass prickling parts of their skin as they laid. Jimin, who was preoccupied on re-reading the script and mentality devised dance routines, simply hummed in acknowledgement. Taehyung continued on: “I mean, the world is full of gorgeous ladies, but Y/N just has a certain… Are you even listening?”

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@whythelongfacepals about the stretch thing;

[We were talking about his horse Njola and improving her trot whilst lunging, and discussing headset when we came to the debatable topic that’s called ‘The Stretch TM ‘]

There’s this trend on the rise the past couple of years about letting the horse stretch to engage the back. The lower the stretch, the more people applaud. 

Only these horses are very heavy on the forehand; they’re pushing with their hind legs, not carrying. In the gifs below the back and core do seem to be engaged, certainly, but there is a lot of force and weight being put on the forelegs that has to be detrimental. 

My mother recently went to a seminar at Bückeburg, which was given by the Krischkes and Bent Branderup. They talked about the stretch, and that it was mostly a learned behaviour that can also be unlearnt - which it should, because deep stretching really does a number on the joints and tendons of the front legs. 

They explained that the muzzle of the horse should never come below the horse’s chest/point of the shoulder, and I think these gifs show quite well why. If you have trouble seeing it, go to the videos and pause at the moment I indicated; look at the forelegs, the general horizontal balance of the horse [downward in all these gifs], and the hind legs which push instead of carry.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omdCCMA5Xjs [pause at 00;16]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RUyBEcbLpE [pause at 00;02]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InEr3mtbWT0 [pause at 00;36]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX98-nTSCnM [pause at 00;09]

These horses, trained by Will Faeber of Art2Ride, are all pushing instead of carrying; they’re all behind the vertical; they’re all on the forehand. I’m not sure exactly how long Faeber himself stays in this phase before moving on to a higher head set, but I’ve personally seen people following his methods ride horses in this manner for an hour daily, years on end. 

Now, a lot of people really like Faeber and the results his method gets. Far be it from me to tell anyone what to do, but I personally would never do this to my own horses. [Also, there’s the sticky issue of Faeber saying his method is built on ‘classical foundations’, but I’ve yet to see any evidence of that tbh.]

But again, this is a very contentious subject and I don’t doubt that I’ll get flak for this, but honestly, just look at the videos, read a little about biomechanics, and form your own opinion.

Revolved Triangle, aka Parivrtta Trikonasana, is an intense hamstring and lower back stretch, which strengthens the legs and core. I love how open my entire backbody feels after coming into this pose. Join me today and this weekend at any or all of the classes listed below to let go of the workweek, realign and open your body so that you can get the most out of your weekend repose.
Fri 7pm - @lucentyoga
Sat 11am - @sanghayogashala
Sat 4:30pm - @lucentyoga
Sun 5pm - @sanghayogashala

Title: look me in the eye (tell me you can resist)

Rating: T, just some… implied things

A/N: for @rebelcaptainprompts temptation… I love this prompt… two endings because I liked them both ;)  

They’re doing this on purpose.

Well, maybe it didn’t start on purpose, the way her fingers skittered across the inside of his arm for their cover, they way his hand rested lightly on her lower back, the way she’d stretch her long, lithe body, then curl up in the copilot’s chair, the way he’d run his hands through his hair.

But they noticed and realized and it was a game now, let’s see if I can make him crack, let’s see if I can make her loose it.

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Bedbound - Snowbound Part 009

Like the last part, this one started out *considerably* smaller. In the process of expanding it, things got sloppy and I needed to try to fix it, but hey! It’s here. It’s another light one, and I hope you enjoy. x

Dad Harold/Snowbound Masterlist

It’s a horrible, hacking cough.

It’s the kind that keeps him up at night and makes his voice all rough, and the kind where he can feel his lungs struggling to expand and take air in. He’s had it since Monday night (after hiding his sore throat from you half a day on Sunday and Monday morning before leaving early when he could no longer be in denial) and he’s taken every type of vitamin supplement and chugged every type of tea, and juice, and soup that there is. It relieves his misery, but still it lingers.  

So, on Thursday morning, he texts you to tell you that he’s caught something nasty and not to come over. He doesn’t want either of you catching it, and he’d insisted upon your absence even when you’d tried to press back. He’d snapped at some point and you hadn’t responded, nor had you responded when he’d apologized after the fact. He’s going to have to try again, but for now, as long as your anger keeps you away….

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Tension coils rather tight,
lower back stretched and exhausted.
Knuckles bore deep relieving tender tissue,
hand and hand losing track of time.
The soul is a “body without organs”,
a concious loitering in space.
Healing motions of giving a damn.
Yellow locks of angel hair tangled up
on your nervous shoulder.
The humid summer air soaked the street
lovely, perfect, and sweet.

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1. I respect your dedication to plants! it is an admirable quality. Not everyone would be willing to steal a plant to save it. You did good. Hope the little succ is doing better now. 2. It appears, after you've changed your url, the links on your blog didn't update automatically, and the "ask me stuff" leads to... idk but it's not your askbox. Maybe try fixing that.

Aw, thanks! She’s doing marginally better, veeeeeeery sloooooowly she seems to be returning to life… I’ve been very careful as to not drown her and couple of her branches(?) still seem pretty dead so I’m afraid I’m going to have to prune her a bit (a lot) eventually, but compared to the dry twig in shitty soil that I stole brought home, she’s glowing! She is a very resilient lady!

in the picture they all look much more blue than they are but she sits just to my right and her name is Caroline (geddit, bc…. christmas cactus? carols? ill see myself out right now thanks for having me) (I’m still super mad at my neighbors for mistreating their plants like this??? as double revenge I also stole a cutting from their half-wilted, unfortunate lemon-scented geranium, and it lives in the planter next to my English geranium now)

And thanks, I just updated the links manually- I thought it would at least redirect, but tbh I hadn’t changed my url since I joined like five years ago so I didn’t even know that’d be something to worry about…. it should be working fine again :)

….. but just a heads up for everyone, my old url, “weresquirrel” and any links that should lead to me, now belongs to… something with Arabic lettering that Google Translate says advertises a used furniture store in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

so that’s….. cool but confusing

I hope they like being associated with video games and social justice I guess


@flophousedk here are some simple back stretches that I do a lot. Cat and cow at the top are great for warming up your spine. Next is a simple child’s pose with wide knees, by stretching your arms to one side you get a great lower back stretch, right where I need it. Placing a yoga block under your hips and relaxing lying down it always feels good to me. Figure four stretch is awesome on your glutes and lower back, it’s just like pigeon pose but less intense. Lastly we have a simple forward fold, but unlike some forward folds where you lock your knees, straighten your back and pull on your feet, for this one let your back round, relax your legs, prop yourself up if you need to and try to just relax all your muscles. Except for cat and cow I try to hold all these for 2-3 minutes at least. Sit or lie down down for a minute in between each pose to let your body adjust. Some back issues are caused by tight hamstrings, so remember to stretch those regularly too.

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Eggsy likes to steal and sleep surrounded by Harry's red robe whenever he's on a particularly long mission away from London. He finds it makes the weeks or months away a little easier to bear. It helps for him to learn that Harry will hang Eggsy's hat on the light in his office whenever Eggsy's away.

“What’s this, then?” Harry’s voice asks, murmured softly and muddled a little in Eggsy half-asleep brain. There’s no way Harry can be here, he remembers despite the fog of dreams still swirling in his mind. This must be one of those - Harry’s in Manila, isn’t due back for another week yet - so his appearance here at home must just be a dream. A pleasant one, though; Harry’s voice is always a balm, to Eggsy.

There’s a soft tug as the dressing gown shifts around him - Harry’s, but his in Harry’s absence - and Eggsy mumbles for JB to settle down. But the silk moves again, pinched a little on one side, and there’s a warm weight against his side and suddenly he’s moving, he’s up, and the sensation jolts Eggsy out of sleep enough to blink his eyes open, and look up into Harry’s softly smiling face as he’s carried to bed.

“You don’t wait up every night I’m away on the sofa, do you?” Harry asks, and Eggsy blinks at him, still processing the sight of Harry, home so early. He mumbles in reply, settles for just wrapping his arms slowly and languidly around Harry’s neck and snuffling into his shoulder, and Harry chuckles. 

Eggsy loses time between when Harry pulls back the covers and lays him down in bed and when Harry returns from changing out of his suit and brushing his teeth, but as soon as the bed dips, signaling Harry’s return, Eggsy shuffles over. He nuzzles into Harry, tucks his head into the perfect space of Harry’s neck and twines their legs, chest to chest. Harry reaches under Eggsy’s - his - red dressing gown to skim his hands along the tender skin of Eggsy’s lower back and Eggsy stretches, cat-like, already further towards sleep than wakefulness again.

“And this?” Harry tugs on the robe’s tie, loose where it is at Eggsy’s hip - the robe’s Harry’s, after all, and is always baggy enough on Eggsy that it’s not worth knotting at his waist. Eggsy cracks an eye open to assess Harry’s fond smile and doesn’t bother with wasting energy on a pout.

He yawns. “’S ‘cause it smells like you when you’re not here,” he slurs sleepily, and Harry’s fingers flex on his skin, a possessive, reflexive caress. Eggsy leans up, presses a kiss to the juncture of Harry’s shoulder and neck before settling back into his pillow, content. 

He smiles as he yawns again, tangles one of his hands with Harry’s between them. “Ain’t nothing compared to the genuine article, though.”

My Everyday Conditioning Exercises

Today has been one of those really productive days. I got up early and started the day with conditioning exercises, which I’m trying to do every morning now that my schedule is a little more manageable. I thought I would share my daily exercise routine with you, because they’re the sort of exercises and stretches that when done regularly make a dramatic difference to your technique. I got many of these exercises from Clarissa May’s YouTube videos, which I highly recommend! I just modified them to suit me, combined them with some of my own, and compiled it all into a routine I can do every day.

This routine is designed for someone who is already relatively strong and flexible- if you find any of these too hard right now, just modify them to make them easier or swap that exercise/ stretch for a less intense version. If you’re super strong and flexible, you can find variations on these exercises to make them more difficult. I find that this takes me between 90 minutes and 2 hours to complete- I allow 2 hours so that I don’t have to rush. I have the luxury of being able to do these in the morning, because I live opposite my ballet school and don’t have to be in until 10am, but any time of the day is fine- the key is doing them every day, or as many times a week as possible! I do my exercises after getting ready for class, but before breakfast.

ABS: I start by following an abs workout on an app on my phone- you can also find 5- 10 minute ab workouts on YouTube.


Butterfly stretch; lean forward with a straight lower back. Hold 30 secs.
Frog stretch 30 secs. Keep legs in frog and arch back into seal stretch, hold 30 secs and lower. In frog, try to lift right knee 5 times, then left, then both.
Bum stretches
If there’s room, start sitting up with legs straight out in front. Open legs to middle splits, roll forwards and bring legs into frog behind. Reverse and repeat 3 times.
Use theraband to practice lifting and lowering leg to passé with resistance.

Middle lunges to both sides, and middle splits, holding 40 seconds each
Go to barre (or chair etc.) and use hand to help lift leg as high as possible, keeping hip down and legs straight and turned-out, and ribs in. Let go of leg, then let go of barre. Repeat other side.
Side plank on each side, adding 5 seconds every day.
SPLITS (I have added extra time for my left leg as this is my less flexible leg and I am working towards evening them)

Lunge right leg front 30 secs. Lunge left leg 40 secs.
Sitting hamstring stretch 30 secs.
Seal stretch 30 secs, then child’s pose 30 secs.
Middle lunges again, 10 secs each side.
Hold middle splits for 1 minute. Stretch to the right side and hold for 30 secs, then the same on the left. Walk forwards and hold for 40 seconds. Straighten knees completely, lifting feet to stretch hyperextension (Do NOT do this if you do not have naturally hyperextended knees as you will cause damage)
Hold right leg front splits for 1 minute. Flex right foot, hold it (/pull upwards if knees are hyperextended) and put head on leg- hold for 30 secs. Stretch backwards as far as possible and hold 40 secs. Repeat left, but hold splits for 90 seconds instead of 1 minute to begin with.
Start stretching over splits on something small, and keep increasing in size.

Seal stretch as far as possible 30 secs
Arabesque lifts, facing barre/ chair lift leg as high as possible in arabesque maintaining turnout, straight knees, pointed foot and hold back up. Lift and lower with control- start with 10 and increase. Repeat other leg.
Slow back lifts lying on the floor- start with 10 and add.
Lift back as high as possible, put arms in 3rd position (or 5th) and hold for 20 seconds. Add 5 seconds every day, then when it’s easy, add holds in with the back lifts.
Back lifts in frog stretch positon: start with 10 then add.
Seal stretch, bend knees, grab ankles and try to put ankles on shoulders. I can’t actually do this yet but I try every day!
Stand facing barre and pull leg up behind you into full standing split. Let go and try to hold- repeat both sides.
For needle: right-leg front splits, lean back and grab left leg, pulling head towards that back leg. Be very very careful not to pinch your back doing this. Repeat other side.
Child’s pose 1 minute. Then stand up, slouch the shoulders a lot and lean to one side- you should get a great back stretch.

30 plie- releves
20 ankle rolls each way, on each foot
Downward dog: lift right leg to 180 degrees and pulse for 30 secs, then repeat left. Then grande battement in this position, lowering with control, 20 times on each leg.

Roll out bottom of feet with foot massager or tennis ball
Stretch calfs and achilles
Standing on a balance disk, stand on 1 foot with the other in parallel sur le coup de pied and rock slowly from ball to heel for 30 seconds, then repeat on the other leg. Add 5 seconds every day.
Sit on the floor with legs out in front. Wrap a medium or thick theraband around toes. Point and flex 10 times each foot. 10 point and flex, keeping toes down and just moving ankle. Point and flex 10 times keeping toes lifted in demi pointe. 20 circles each way. Winging 10 times each foot.
Scrunch up a towel or cloth using only one foot, then the other. 20 arch lifts each foot.
40 releves in 1st poition, then 20 on each foot with the other foot in a turned-out sur le coup de pied position.
Stand in 2nd position on demi-pointe and shift weight from side-to-side, pushing the toes off the ground, 30 times.
30 tendus to each side.

Walk through shoes in parallel, then bend knees, roll on to pointe, straighten knees and lower slowly, 10 times. Repeat in 1st position.
20 releves on each foot with the other foot in a turned-out sur le coup de pied position.
20 releves in first position.
20 tendus to each side, working through the shoe, then when foot is extended in tendu, spring from demi to full pointe. Do 4 sets of 8 on each side.
Push over the shoe, holding for 30 secs, then straighten knee but try to keep foot in position. Repeat to other side, and front and back both sides.
Cross one led over the other and plie in parallel to stretch foot, keeping weight over big toe, Repeat other foot.
Remove shoes and stretch calves.
Now you’re done! You can do part or all of these exercises, but do some every day and you’ll really notice a change. Don’t forget to drink loads of water during and after! In addition to these exercises I’ll do at least one 90 minute class a day, and on some days when I have the time I try to do another workout, such as a run, swimming, pilates or the gym.

I hope this was helpful, keep dancing!

Jessica x

Author Spotlight: seeleyboothfan day 2

Day 2: Recs!

I’ve had to put some behind a cut but these are all worth reading!

I have 24 stories for Glee currently, so I decided to pick my top five favorites.

The Most Unlikely Soulmate – This is a traditional Soulmate fic but one where they hate each other. I love stories where the characters are thrown together against their wills and fall in love all the same. I was inspired by No Envy, No Fear by Neaf and Etched In My Skin by anxioussquirrel to do a story about soulmates but I thought it’d be interesting if it was with two people who hated each other’s guts. This scene is from when they first discover they’re soulmates.

He looked up when he heard the sound of Blaine’s belt being unbuckled. “What are you doing?” Kurt squeaked, watching as Blaine started to unbutton his jeans.

“Aren’t we supposed to show each other our marks?” Blaine asked, looking timid for the first time today.

Kurt remembered back to Branding class, the teacher’s voice echoing in his head: “Once you have determined that you and your partner are soulmates, it is traditional to show each other your marks, to confirm your pairing.”

“Oh yeah.” Kurt said, still in a slight daze. Kurt sat up and watched as Blaine shucked his pants down to his hips, noting that Blaine wore tight,black boxer briefs with a fascination that should have made Kurt blush, but didn’t. Once his jeans were resting low on his hips, Blaine started pulling down his underwear.

Kurt grew breathless as inches and more inches of skin appeared and then finally, sadly – if Kurt were to be honest – Blaine stopped, a mark appearing on his hipbone. Kurt stood up and walked over to where Blaine stood, hands shaking and legs wobbling. “That’s my name,” he said, completely out of breath. “My name is on your hip.” He was about to reach out and touch, but stopped himself at the last second. It was really hot, the location of Blaine’s mark; it ran diagonally along the natural V of his torso.

He raised his eyes up Blaine’s body until they were staring at each other. Kurt reached for his own pants, unbuttoning them without looking, wiggling and pulling until they fell to his ankles. He was thankful he’d chosen his most flattering pair of boxer briefs today. He watched as Blaine licked his lips, eyes trailing down Kurt’s chest to his hips, pupils dilating slightly. Kurt reached for the bottom of his underwear and lifted them up slightly so that his mark was visible. Blaine took a few steps closer, bending down slightly so that he could see it better.

“Well, whaddaya know?” Blaine said, his voice raspy. He met Kurt’s gaze again, neither able to come up with anything to say. Kurt hoped that Blaine didn’t notice just how turned on he was right now. It was embarrassing enough to be pantless in front of someone you didn’t even really know – it would be worse for that same person to see your boner.

Not Even Death Will Part Us – an Aida crossover fic. It was one of the first long pieces I wrote and it took over a year, maybe even 2 if I’m remembering correctly. I was inspired by the line “Even if I have to search thousand lifetimes, I will find you” from the musical which references the line in Original Songs that everyone knows and I certainly don’t have to quote here. This scene takes place to set up how Kurt and Blaine are living their lives in both Ancient Egypt where the main story takes place and also current Glee time.  I wanted to use another piece of the story, but it really only works if you read the story. Basically Blaine essentially a prince and Kurt is a slave from the country Blaine invades… it’s the Broadway musical Aida but with Glee characters :)

Blaine knew he had to get to the commons soon or else Wes would have his head, but Blaine didn’t want to let Kurt leave without getting to know him better. “Come on, I know a short cut.” He reached out and pulled Kurt’s hand into his own, pulling him slightly so he’d know to follow behind him.

As soon as Kurt’s fingers touched his own, the world seemed to shift again. Colors faded and a ringing sounded in his ears. His legs became heavy and it was hard to breathe. It felt like all the air had left the room. Blaine glanced back and saw a frightened expression on Kurt’s face and somehow knew that whatever was happening to himself was happening to Kurt too.

Blaine gripped Kurt’s hand tighter in his own. “It’s going to be all right, Kurt. We’re together. We can make it through anything.” Blaine didn’t know why he said those words but they seemed to be pulled straight from his mouth.

As the world around them continued to fade away, there was a light ahead of them that burned brightly. Blaine brought up his free hand to shield his eyes but as he blinked the tears away, he realized he was no longer in Dalton.

The floor beneath Blaine’s feet was made of wood and it rocked back and forth. The air was warm and smelled musky. He felt the grit of sand beneath his clothes. He glanced down at his clothes and was shocked to see something other than his blazer and tie. He’d worn Dalton styled clothes for the last year of his life and…

Dalton? Blaine scratched a hand through his close cropped hair. Where had he come up with that word? There was no such thing as “Dalton” where Blaine came from. And he knew everything there was to know about Egypt. He should, he’d been born and raised here. He pushed away the thoughts of “Dalton” and “Blazer” and instead focused on the Nile that stretched out for miles in front of him. It was going to be a long trip.

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can we get one more blurb for tonight? Where you go into labor and Niall is freaking out about you giving birth? Pleaseee all these babies talk i need niall freaking about you being in labor.

You nervously tapped at your phone screen, watching the stop watch intently. Niall was watching Derby on tv, his feet propped up on the glass coffee table. You focused on your breathing as another wave of pain and tightness spread through your belly.  A few seconds later it subsided and you knew.  You were in labor.  The “stomach ache” you’d had this morning had morphed into contractions every three minutes on the dot.  It was time.

“Hey, Niall?”

You stood up from the kitchen table to waddle into the living room.  Niall looked up from from his spot on the couch just as you pressed your hand to your lower back to stretch a bit.  Suddenly, you felt a warm gush of liquid, almost like you’d peed your pants a little.  Holy Shit.  This was happening.  You gasped and squeezed your legs together, looking to Niall.

“You ok? What happened?”  His eyes clouded with concern.  The past weeks had been one discomfort after another, thanks to the joy of being massively pregnant.

“Well, I was coming in here to tell you we should probably think about heading to the hospital at some point…..but since my water just broke, I’m guessing we should go sooner than later.”

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Here is a tutorial I made on stretching your upper back and shoulders. If you have any questions about contortion please feel free to message me. 

Click here for a tutorial on warming up. 

Click here for a tutorial on stretching your upper back and shoulders.

Side B

He set the needle down gently on the black grooved circle and closed the glass top. A crackling hiss came from the speaker system, followed by Beethoven’s 5th. “Ahhh” he said as he poured a glass of wine and sat in his reclining chair, “my favorite.” For the next hour Side A of the record played as the man sank deeper into his chair, reminiscing about the week’s events, and hoping that Side B was just as warm as he remembered it all those years ago.

Earlier that day he had found himself in a tiny mom-and-pop record shop in North Seattle, just poking around looking for gems, as was his Friday custom. He was looking in the classical section, when he came across the record now playing on his stereo system. Oh how he had LOVED this record as a young boy some 40+ years ago. He carefully took the record out of its sleeve, and examined it, followed by the sleeve, and saw the mark. Yes, this was it! This was the record he had given away by accident all those years ago. He hugged it close to his chest and proceeded to the checkout line, paid the teenage cashier with two crisp 20-dollar bills and went home.

His thoughts broke as Side A ended. He got up slowly, clutching his lower back and stretching as he walked across the now dark room to the record player. With trembling hands full of excitement and fear, he opened the glass on the player, gently removed the record and flipped it to Side B.

The man gently set the record down on the player and lowered the needle to the fourth black groove, closed the glass top and sat back in his chair as that familiar crackling hiss came from the speakers.

Muffled screams emanated from the speakers this time, along with a second voice: “Now, now, calm down. I don’t want to hurt you; I just want to have a little fun,” said the calm, comforting male voice.

A muffled shriek, followed by cries of pain echoed from the speakers and through the house.

“Shhhh, shhh. It’s just a little fire… nothing to worry about…”

As the screams and shrieks continued, the man eased back into his chair, sipped his wine, and smiled…



If you’re also the type who snoozes till kingdom come and doesn’t flinch from your bed before you smell the coffee brewing this might help you out a bit. I am not the one to do 20 sun salutations first thing in the morning - but I’ve found that doing a little goes a long way. Research has shown that how you get out of bed in the morning has a tremendous impact on your entire day. Anyone can do these poses and benefit from them, but they might not all work equally well for you. Try them out in the comfort and safe haven of your bed to see which ones works for you. 

VASISTHASANA: Side plank pose invigorates the entire body, especially the lumbar area and tailbone. This pose boosts the powers of concentration and ability to focus the mind. This is great for doing in the morning because the mind is still here, so move your body before your mind.

BALASANA: Childs pose also known as folded leaf pose is usually used for gathering your thoughts and looking deeper into your “inner self”. It also provides a neutralizing position for the spine after an uneasy night. Some people can actually sleep in this pose, so it’s a good one to start in - just don’t stay for toooo long as it can hinder the bloodflow to the legs.

APANASANA: In knees to chest pose the whole spine, especially the lower back is stretched and relaxed. If you rock around a little in this pose pressure is given to different parts of the lower back - functioning as a massage. If you rock really hard you can rock yourself all the way out of bed. 

JATHARA PARIVARTANASANA: Reclined twist pose is one of the easiest to slump over into while you’re still asleep, but it will waken your entire spine, stretching it from the hips to the shoulders. Remember to do both sides and feel the joy of letting your own body wake you up. 

VIPARITA KARANI: Legs-up-the-wall pose is usually known as a “simmer down” pose, but if you are still asleep “simmering” can be an energy level higher than what you’re already at. It’s also great to do a backwards rolley-polley out of bed afterwards and land on your feet on the ground. It gives a great boost of energy. (plus its fun) 

SUPTA BADDHA KONASANA (VARIATION): Reclining bound angle pose variation provides a small backbend and functions like the traditional stretch we know. The chest is opened as well as the hips and the circulation system is awakened. Also you can slide onto the floor from here where it’s more difficult to continue snoozing. 

URDHA MUKHA SVANASANA VARIATION: Upward facing dog variation is great for getting the entire bak of the body started. By bending your knees the stretch is increased and forces you to activate your legs (which can be demanding in the morning) By letting your head drop back your chest is opened - take a deep breath here before venturing out to the coffee pot. 

Don’t hesitate to ask or feedback. Love & light