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Physical Appearance and Astrology
  • I decided to make this so it's an ~actual~ post and it might make it easier for you to understand your chart. Before I start listing placements I want to make clear that our dominant sign and planet has a strong influence no matter what. As well as the 1st house, Sun and Moon; as they all have an affect on our looks in an overall way - especially Sun. It is also important to remember that astrology and rulership isn't something that is stilted or 100% clearly defined, it all works together and flows together - like how Leo rules the heart but Aquarius rules the circulatory system (therefore veins). Another important thing to note is that you do have to take genetics into account. For example, if you realise your chart says you're supposed to have thick hair and yours isn't, it's probably just thicker in relation to your other family members:
  • What The Houses and Signs Represent:
  • First House/Aries/Mars: Head, whole face
  • Second House/Taurus/Venus: Neck, collarbones, also influences some facial features such as: mouth, ears and chin. Weight.
  • Third House/Gemini/Mercury: Shoulders, Arms, hands
  • Fourth House/Cancer/Moon: Chest, stomach (secondary ruler)
  • Fifth House/Leo/Sun: Upper back, shoulders, nails and hair (primary ruler)
  • Sixth House/Virgo/Mercury: Stomach (primary ruler)
  • Seventh House/Libra/Venus: Lower back (dimples of Venus), skin, bum (secondary ruler)
  • Eight House/Scorpio/Pluto: Genitalia
  • Ninth House/Sagittarius/Jupiter: Hips, thighs; since they rule height also it can be legs in general, bum (primary ruler)
  • Tenth House/Capricorn/Saturn: Bones,knees, teeth, hair and nails (secondary ruler)
  • Eleventh House/Aquarius/Uranus: Calves, ankles, veins. Also note that Aquarius rules genetic mutations such as blue eyes, dimples, heterochromia iridum etc.
  • Twelfth House/Pisces/Neptune: Feet
  • What the Planets and Signs Do:
  • Aries/Mars: makes it masculine, makes it prominent. Made to "stand out"
  • Taurus/Venus: Makes it attractive/aesthetically pleasing
  • Gemini: Makes it smaller but soft/round
  • Cancer/Moon: Makes it more feminine, round
  • Leo: Makes it "shine"
  • Virgo: Makes it smaller but pointer/angular
  • Libra: Makes things conventional,
  • Made to "fit in", makes it symmetrical
  • Scorpio/Pluto: Makes things more harsh, piercing, "scary/mysterious", usually represented by making things more square in shape
  • Sagittarius/Jupiter: Makes it larger
  • Capricorn/Saturn: Makes it smaller
  • Aquarius/Uranus: Makes it unconventional, asymmetrical or androgynous-esque, also can be made to "stand out"
  • Pisces/Neptune: Adds illusion and delusion. Makes things appear not as how they may actually be.
  • Mercury: A cross between both Gemini and Virgo, makes things more defined but also knobbly, makes things finer
  • Sun: Affects us overall, look to the sign
  • The Archetypal Looks:
  • Aries: Similar to that of a ram, large eyebrows, eyebrows seem furrowed even when not angry.
  • Taurus: Similar to that of a bull, eyes kind of wide set, strong eyebrows, long eyelashes, flat foreheads
  • Gemini: The twins, mischievous, mouth corner naturally turned up, rounder foreheads
  • Cancer: Rounder; big eyes, full lips etc. soft but strong (crab)
  • Leo: Leo is the lion so the archetype is looking cat like and with great hair
  • Virgo: The virgin, the look is innocent and youthful, flat foreheads.
  • Libra: The scales, there isn't really an archetypal look for this sign except making things balanced and symmetrical
  • Scorpio: The scorpion, archetypically intimidating looking. Piercing gaze, square face, strong shoulders etc.
  • Sagittarius: The centaur/archer, long face and tall body. Also being pear shaped (carry most of your weight on your hips, thighs and bum) to give the "appearance of a horse"
  • Capricorn: the goat, flat foreheads but can have prominent temples, small features, even teeth and prominent bone structure; especially cheekbones
  • Aquarius: Water bearer (representing that they're hear to bring water (knowledge) to the world), large foreheads, noticeable eyes, the water bearer also has no assigned gender to the archetypal look is androgynous
  • Pisces: The fish, full lips, big eyes, full cheeks
A little possessive-m

Here you go babe, a mature imagine where Y/N returns after smoking with her friends. warnings include blowjobs lol. Enjoy.

You feel as if the world around you was spinning at the fast pace. It makes you dizzy. You clutch onto Sam. 

“Is anyone home?” He asks. 

“Yeah, i think so.” you mumble back as you feel your head ache even more. 

You felt like your the veins and arteries were popping inside your brain. After school today you and a group of small friends gathered at sam’s house to ‘relax’ if you knew what i meant. You haven’t even spoken to Justin today and you sure didnt tell him where you were for the evening. It was probably around 11 pm right now. You were gonna go home earlier but the high was so amazing, you almost couldn’t handle it as you sat there on the living room rug, inhaling the substance. We even played a game to see who could stand on one leg for the longest. You didnt last very long. You had bad balance in general. 


You raise your limp head up to see Justin standing at the door. 

Before you could speak, Sam begins. “She took more than she could handle today.” 

“Get in Y/N.” He speaks not looking at you, “I’ll take it from here. Thanks for looking after her.” 

Justin blankly thanks your friend before shutting the door. You feel as if you were gonna pass out as your body was so weak after getting high. You first felt so much energy but now you felt as if your soul was sucked out, leaving only dead body. You make your way to his bedroom. You spot Justin standing at the door. 

“Where were you today?” 

“I hung out with sam and some others.” 

Justin doesn’t say a word. 

“Thanks for letting me stay here by the way. I couldn’t go home like this, I don’t think my parents would approve.” you joke.

“I don’t want you seeing that guy again.” Justin says, ignoring your previous joke. 

You twist your eyebrows in confusion. He sounded.. mad.


You were not understanding the words coming from Justin’s mouth right now. He steps closer till you could feel his body heat in front of you. You stare back justin. Justin has a evident smirk on his face. He grips your chin, forcing you to look him in the eye. You were sure your eyes were shaking but neither less you keep your face still, not showing him any signs for weakness. He leans closer. You could feel his soft lips brushing against your earlobe. 

“Dont smoke with that guy again.” Justin whispers smoothly in your ear, his voice frightening you because of such a casual tone that he used. 

You knew you could sense yourself get in trouble. 

“Sam?” You barely whisper out. 

Suddenly you forgot how to speak properly. Suddenly you lost your voice. You weren’t sure if Justin had heard it but he had as he chuckles deeply. 

You could feel his grip get tighter, his fingers pushing themselves against your cheek. You were sure it’ll leave red finger prints. Justin suddenly pushes his lips against yours. You feel the possessiveness in the kiss. He bites gently on your bottom lip, slipping it against his teeth before letting it go. You feel the pain from the lip bite and the harsh grip he had on your face. But you couldn’t help but secretly feel turned on by his possessive actions. 

You didn’t even notice yourself walking back but you feel the end of the bed against your back knee. You look back at Justin with hungry as you take a seat on his bed. Justin narrows his eyes down at you, watching you with a furious glare. You were faced directly with his manhood right in front of you. You couldn’t help but stare at the large bulge in front of you, making your lower stomach tingle as you knew exactly what was under those grey sweatpants. 

Justin glares down at you, awaiting your next move. You batter your eyelashes up at him, before reaching your hand up his white t shirt. You felt his amazing structured abs and danced your dainty fingers around his lower waist. You lift up his shirt a little, exposing his bare hips. You slowly lean down, focusing your eyes on his expression as your gently suck on his little bird tattoo. Justin sucks his breath in. 

“You’re enjoying this too much babygirl.” 

Justin lift his shirt off, his muscles flexing as he does. Your mouth waters at the sight as your run your fingers across his lower back, feeling his back dimples. Before you could appreciate and kiss his body a bit more, Justin’s fingers travel to your hair, gripping it between his fingers. He yanks down harshly, forcing you to look up at him. He grins. 

“I love the way you look right now Y/N. How about you suck my dick?”

You take your bottom lip between your teeth, feeling yourself get wet at his dirty words. Justin never was the type to be vocal during the intimate moments you two have but you weren’t minding it at all, loving that he was making you wet without evening touching you. 

Justin yanks his bottoms off, resting them until he could free his shaft. You watch as he grips his fingers over his growing erection. You feel your stomach tighten at the sight. Justin swipes his thumb over his tip. You watch as he begins to slowly stroke himself. Justin’s other hand gripping your hair tighter, you could feel your hair being pulled hard as the roots of your hair tingled. You couldn’t help but get turned on by Justin pleasuring himself right in front of you. You reach your hand over his gently, wandering if he was going to scold you. Justin lets go of his erection. You take him in your hand. You gently wrap your fingers around his erection, you loved the way his heated skin felt against your cold hands. 


You glance up to see Justin’s eyes shut. You feel the rigidness of his shaft. You could feel the size grow stiff. You glance back down to see precum leaking out from his red tip. You gulp, feeling wetter by the second. You were debating whether to take him now or tease him a bit more. 

“B-baby I want to feel your mouth on me please.” 

Justin’s deep whine made you instantly wet your panties as you were surprised to suddenly hear him beg for you. You slowly lean down and take him in your mouth. You open wide as you wrap your lips around his shaft. You could feel how hard and big he was. You were already struggling. Suddenly Justin begins moving your head closer by the upper control he had as he forced you down by your hair. He hits so deeply until you feel him touch your throat, causing you to gag with his shaft down your throat. You feel the uncomfortable pain as he keeps your mouth there. 

“Fffcuk. Your fucking mouth is making me crazy,” Justin curses above you. 

You feel the sudden tears cover your sight. You were unable to see clearly anymore. You gag, the vibrations and humming coming from your mouth uncontrollably. Justin pulls you away. You feel the pain go away. Justin holds you still. 

“That felt so good Y/N. God your lips feel good.” 

You mentally smile at Justin as he praises you but that didn’t last long before he yanks your mouth back onto him. You hold place your palms against his thighs, holding his pants as you steady yourself, trying to push slightly because he was being too rough. 

Justin feels your hesitation as he says, “c’mon babygirl, dont tell me you can’t handle it.” 

Despite you feeling unsure about it, Justin shoves himself into your mouth, pulling halfway out before plunging back in. 

“this feels so good. You’re so good to me Y/N.” 

You hear Justin constant groans and it makes you feel confident that you could make him feel this way. You begin to swirl your tongue around his sensitive tip, the saltiness coating your taste buds. 

“You’re a bad girl Y/N. I even forgot that i’m suppose to punish you.” 

You smirk at him, loving how he was shaking above you. He keeps his thrusts steady. 

“Y/N. Don’t go fucking around with him. I don’t want him to take advantage of you,” Justin breathes out. 

You couldn’t take his word seriously as you were too focused on bringing him to his high. Justin yanks your mouth off him, along with a string liquid which was mixed with Justin’s arousal and your saliva. 

“You hear me babygirl? I don’t want him to ever get to see you like this.” 

Justin looks down at you. He takes in your beauty. Your eye makeup smudged, dark patches around your eye bags, probably due to justin forcing your head down too hard, your hair was a mess, due to his constant tugging and your swollen soft lips, all wet and covered with his arousal. Justin groans out at the sight, sweeped away from your beauty. You were still fully dressed but that didn’t turn him off. He could stare at your face all day if he could. 

“Justin,” you say softly, “are you ok.” 

You see justin staring a bit too still for your liking. You lean down kissing his smooth structured hip. 

“You’re mine Y/N.” 

You stare up in confusion as you did not fully understand what he meant. 

“Dont worry, i haven’t sucked sam off if that’s what you’re implying. I’m not like that.” 

“Of course you won’t.” 

Justin’s voice sounded threatening and promising. You brush it off as you wrap your hand around his shaft, yanking him back to your mouth. You suck your swollen lips around his swollen tip. 

You glance up to see Justin’s bottom pink lip taken between his teeth. You feel his shaft twitch inside your mouth, indicating he was there. You feel his heavy pants become erict and unsteady. You see his lower abs clench as he releases his salty warm arousal in your throat. Justin hold you still by the hair. Justin knew you didn’t like the taste due to the last couple of times you’ve had sex together. You could feel his grip on your hair. To be honest, now you didn’t mind the taste of Justin. You quickly shallow. Justin pulls you off gently. He stuffs himself back in. 

“I was surprised you swallowed Y/N. what happened to ‘ew it’s disgusting, i hate tasting cum’,” Justin says in a high pitched teasing voice, mimicking you from when got angry when Justin forced his dripping fingers into your mouth. 

You fall back on his bouncy bed, feeling your head rebound. You feel the soft blankets as you spread your arms up, almost as if you were making a snow angel. You feel your hair slightly covering your sight. You swipe it away from your eyes. 

“That was different. I don’t want to taste myself, that’s disgusting.” 

You remember when Justin shoved his fingers into your mouth that one time, immediately after you had exploded around them. 

Justin quickly hovers over your, his bare chest pressing against your small body. He envelops his fingers between yours. He leans down, pressing his lips against your swollen ones. 

“I can taste my cum on your lips.” 

You groan in disgust as you swing your head to the right, avoiding his face. He leans down and pepper kisses your face all over.

“How about I return the favour baby?” 

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Appearance! (What the signs look like)

okay so here is my post about how the rising signs look and here’s my post on the moon signs (bc the moon would only have to do with the eyes and shit unless you have it in the 1st house or smth). Now I’ll do sun signs:

aries: prone to large foreheads, may have a lot of body hair, lean bodies and easily make muscle. 

taurus: usually aesthetically pleasing, they have prominent noses and just their gestures are very sensual and slow.

gemini: prone to being on the smaller side, noticeable hands, also lean bodies.

cancer: rounder bodies and faces, pretty eyes, usually have clear skin.

leo: feline eyes, prominent hair, can have big bodies. Broad shoulders.

virgo: also on the smaller side, sharp features, pretty abs, usually lean. Big eyes and innocent looking.

libra: fragile looking, can have lower back dimples, classical features.

scorpio: powerful gazes, wild hair, dark features, seductive expression.

sagittarius: prone to excessive bodies, long legs and arms, big booty.

capricorn: bony appearance, on the small side, stand straight and proud. 

aquarius: assymetrical features, unique faces, strong noses. 

pisces: big eyes and lips, small noses, look lost.

Three Days and a Lemon Curd - Thirty Minutes and a Lemon Curd Part 002

Sequels are always a letdown, aren’t they? But I hope this suffices. 

I had the biggest block on this. Many multiple thanks to @inkedferns​ for listening to me and reading it, reading revisions, and then reading reversions of it and for talking me through the crux of it all. x.

It’s been proofread, but laxly so – I promise to comb it over properly. 

P.S. I’ve never been to London. All information on the club mentioned is gathered from sketchy Yelp! reviews online. I’m sure it’s quite lovely, vibrating rooms and all. 

Thirty Minutes and a Lemon Curd - Part 001

Harry has no idea how late it is, but you’re curled up in your bed next to him sound asleep and he’s looking down at you from where he’s leaning against your wall. His hand is perched just on top of your head and he’s stroking his thumb across your brow. You look so peaceful and vulnerable lying there – so innocent, even, and he’s just taken yours away.

Fuck. What’ve I done?

He’d helped you clean up with a cloth and hot water and he had distracted you with kisses from the blood that streaked your thighs, but there had been nothing to help the sheets. It wasn’t much considering things, but it was noticeable for sure. You hadn’t said anything, but he’d seen your flush, and he’d kissed your forehead reassuringly. “It’s my fault,” he’d told you. “M’sorry.”

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Ryan teasing Bren by getting him hard and then making like he's gonna eat him out and telling Bren to get on his hands and knees but instead licking and sucking hickeys onto his lower back dimples and by the time he's done it's like each dimple is a dark purpley-red color and Bren is whining for Ryan to touch him again and Ryan fucks him hard while he keeps his fingers pressing on the bruises the whole time

Oh my god he’s teasing Brendon so bad and he gets so distracted by the little dimples suddenly that he just decides that’s where he’s gonna focus his attention so Ryan emphasizes them with hickeys and it takes awhile for them to appear but when they do Ryan is so pleased and the pain from Ryan pressing on the bruised hickeys while Ryan fucks him makes Brendon more aroused and he keeps pushing back into the touch and maybe right when Ryan’s about to come he pulls out and finishes over his lower back and over the dimples

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What part of your body would easily turn on seventeen?! Very important

This is adorable and yes, very very important. I read your request wrong, so I did double the work. Omg. So this is, Seventeen’s turn on spots AND they’re favorite body part on you.

S.coups/Seungcheol: His most sensitive spot is probably his neck. Whether you’re trailing soft kisses up his throat or just breathing against him while cuddling, Seungcheol’s probably going to pop one from any contact with that part of his body. (I’m the same way tbh). For you, I think he’s a curvy girl kinda guy. He’d love to be able to run his big hands along your side and hold and pinch at your curves on top of him while you two kiss.

Jeonghan/Junghan: I was going to say hair but that would actually be slightly strange so I’m going to say ears instead. Tugging on his earlobe with your teeth or trailing your tongue along the shell would be sure to get him going. For you, eyes. The way you’d make your eyes when you wanted him to know you were in the mood would just drive him absolutely crazy.

Joshua/Jisoo: I’m also going to say ears for Joshua! Not just because his ears are so freaking cute either.. Like Jeonghan, any type of contact with his ears, even your fingers barely brushing over them, he’d feel the need to drag you to the bedroom. For you, ass. Joshua is an ass man all the god damn way I cannot stress this enough okay like fuck. He’d love it when you’d wear tight jeans that makes your ass just pop so deliciously, he wouldn’t even be able to help his wondering hands. He’d look at you so innocently when you call him out for groping you.

Wonwoo: Wonwoo both fucking ways would be lips. That would be his turn on spot, when you bite his lip and suck it into your mouth when you’re making out, he would just fucking love it. He’d probably growl and push you onto the bed. Plus when you’re playing around with your mouth by yourself, running your fingers across your bottom lip or chewing on it unconsciously, he’d so suddenly want you to come with him and leave the rest of the boys for a little while.

Jun/Junhui: Nipplessssss. Yes oh my god I love it when guys have sensitive nipples and this cute little shit, I can tell you does. Just imagine his sharp little intakes of breath every time you teased the rough pad of your thumb over his pink nipple. He might not be so into you sucking on his chest, might be a little too girly for him, but he’d gladly do it to you. The part of your body that would turn him on would be your hands, bonus points for a cute manicure. He’d love watching your pretty fingers tightly wrapped around his hard member as you work him to orgasm.

Woozi/Jihoon: Woozi’s turn on spot would be his throat. Somewhat like Leader, but not his entire neck, just his throat. You could lick over his Adam’s apple and it’d be enough to make him come right there. His favorite part on you would be your thighs. I don’t know I can see him just being in heaven whenever he’s buried between your legs. You’d watch his pink hair bobble as he has a field day kissing, biting, nibbling and sucking dark marks into the insides of your thighs.

Hoshi/Soonyoung: His sensitive part would be his back. Like, if you walk up from behind and kiss the space between his shoulders, or knead your hands into his muscles during a massage, that would get him going plenty quick. His favorite part on you would be your collarbones, or just that area in general. He’d love running his lips over your skin while he pinned you down and nipping just to hear you whimper.

DK/Seokmin: Seokmin’s turn on spot is behind his ears. Tons, so many guys have this turn on spot, I personally love teasing the fuck out of men with it. All you have to do is barely even scratch just your nails over the spot, and Seokmin would be putty in your hands. You could leave kisses or suck bruises into his skin, whatever, anything against that small patch of sensitivity would get him going. His favorite part on you, that would turn him on would be your hips. Again, lots of guys love girls hips. You can sway them and I’d feel he’d purposely squeeze extra hard there during sex so you guys can look back the next morning and see the bright purple bruises he left.

Mingyu: Last but not least, Mingyu, this big ol scary giant lookin motherfucker, his turn on would be his lower back. Around the back dimples area you know? It’s really sensitive believe it or not and the slightest touch over the dips below his spine would have his cock fattening up in his jeans. His favorite part on you would be your tongue. Honestly I mean like, this has to be everybody’s favorite part but Mingyu would be absolutely obsessed. Obsessed with making out with you, massaging your tongue with his, licking into your mouth and tasting what you ate thirty minutes ago with the deepest moan he could manage. He could suck on your slimy tongue for hours if he wanted to.

Enjoy lovely anon xx.

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imagine after kcon ken and leo wake up married in vegas

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When you have time: (616): Your brother just walked into my room, pissed drunk and butt naked, got into my bed and fell asleep. In knowing I am gay, you have one hour to deal with him before I do.

+ (602): I’m missing my left shoe, and there’s a note on my foot (in my handwriting) that says “HAHA BITCH” Any explanation for this? (anon request)


Derek says, “It’s not so bad,” and Laura makes a muffled noise that sounds suspiciously like she’s trying to tamp down on laughter.

“Are you referring to living with two juniors, or are you referring to living with two juniors one of whom is the guy you’ve been massively, embarrassingly crushing on since high school?” she asks, and Derek can picture her lifted brow.

“I—it’s fine,” he insists, ignores her teasing, because it’s all she’s been doing since Derek moved in with Scott and Stiles. Scott and Stiles, who introduce each other as brothers to everyone, who are awfully overzealous, and loud, and obnoxious; who talked Derek into living with them because they found this great apartment that’s too expensive between the two of them. Derek’s the fool who couldn’t say no; who couldn’t say no to Stiles when he said, “Derek, please. Do it for me?”

He’s hopeless. And a moron.

And Laura is laughing at him, she enjoys this more than is appropriate, but that’s always been the case with her. Derek sighs, resigned.

“Okay, come on, baby bro, lay it on me,” she offers once she stops laughing; Derek can hear her inhale deeply to calm herself down. “You know I’m here to listen.”

Derek pinches the bridge of his nose. “It’s not so bad,” he tries again, because he can’t admit that it’s driving him crazy. It’s not even the living with two juniors, it’s not the noisy video game nights, or the spontaneous showers at three-thirty in the morning; it’s living with Stiles and being around him when he’s—domestic. Homey. It’s getting to see Stiles walking around only in boxers, or seeing him sleep-ruffled and bleary-eyed with the most adorable and sexy bed head Derek’s ever seen; it’s coming home to find the apartment smelling like his favourite casserole, because Stiles made dinner, smiles at Derek when he sees him standing in the doorway; it’s Stiles flopping down next to Derek on the couch on lazy Sundays with a jar of Nutella in one hand and two spoons in the other. It’s walking past Stiles’ room at night sometimes, on the way to the bathroom, hearing him moan and gasp, when Derek knows he’s alone in there.

It’s bad. It’s terrible. Derek’s gonna die.

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So like, my kryptonite when it comes to women is back dimples. Single most attractive thing to me. You got those lower back dimples, I am YOURS. Now that I’m losing weight, I just notice in the mirror that I have back dimples too and holy shit I feel so good about myself now.

Take Your Shirt Off and Join the Party

Pairing: AH OT6 (Mavin-centric)
Word Count: 2795

“ah0t6 from the pic of michael in a rave and hula-hooping shirtless where he went to it like with only one of them but then the person who he went with calls all the others cause michael starts doing stuff like that and theyre like damn son ur hot”

Picture prompt is talking about is this picture!

I also listened to this song as some motivation because it is the ultimate club sex song.

Notes: Due to the wording, I wasn’t completely sure if you wanted it in a universe where they were together before it started or not, so I just went with what I liked better, which was them already being in a relationship

WARNING: handjobs and (slightly) public sex. Also, some biting because who doesn’t like hickies


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the signs as nice things

Aries: the sky during sunsets, dogs that act like you’re best friend, nice anon messages

Pisces: napping on a vacation car ride, smell of fresh paint, compliments from strangers

Taurus: feel-good movies, long weekends, cute candid photos, paint texture

Gemini: bubble baths, not having homework, clothes straight out of the dryer, new music

Cancer: lower back dimples, movie marathons, golden retrievers

Leo:fresh pajamas, cats nudging you, wearing someone else’s hoodie, internet friends

Virgo: T-shirt sayings, taking pictures, art museums, denim jackets

Libra: thunderstorms, the color rose pink, getting your eyeliner perfect the first try

Scorpio: concerts, short skirts, eating take out Chinese food, glitter

Sagittarius: sunshine, finding cute clothes that make you feel good, bottom of an ice cream cone

Capricorn: low-key personalities, cute toddlers, bath bombs, snowy winters

Aquarius: really good coffee, silk sheets, black lipstick, black matte anything

Holding On

5x12 reaction fic. Well sort of. NC-17

Kurt guides Blaine face down onto the bed; shirtless, pants unbuttoned, unzipped and loose around his hips. He shuffles over on his knees and lifts one to straddle Blaine’s waist.  Uses the plump roundness of Blaine’s ass as a seat, puts Blaine’s arms comfortably over his head, pinches his own bottom lip between his teeth and sets to work.

“I think you’re carrying all of your tension in this knot right here,” Kurt says, switching from kneading with his fingers to digging into the ball of muscle with his elbow instead.

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I have a "muffin top" or "love handles" whatever it's called. How to I trim fat there?

You need to burn off your fat stores by doing something known as Interval Training and Marathon Cardio, or steady cardio for 30 - 45 minutes around 3 - 4 times a week and practicing something known as: Carb Cycling. Couple that with a low sugar/sodium diet, with a calorie deficit good enough to burn about a pound or 2 a week, and drink plenty of water. 

      Daily Water Intake: Weight x 67% = Daily Amount of Water in Oz’s


After you get your diet in order you need to work on your core. Start with:

Medicine Ball Twists = V cut

Side Oblique Extensions = V cut

Lower Back Extensions = Lower Back Dimples, Back V Taper, Stability

Planks = Total Ab, Core, Stability, Endurance

Stomach Vacuums = Brings Balance to the core, Flattens Stomach

Hanging Knee/Leg Raises = Lower Ab Concentration, V cut


Do about 3 - 4 sets of 15 - 20 Reps on each exercise with about 30 Second Rests in between each set. With the Stomach Vacuums and planks try to do 15 - 30 second holds with the same amount of Sets and Rest periods. Good Luck buddy.

Things I Can, Things I Can’t

“But you already have like 5, how many do you need!?” My friend threw her hands in the air, she found my obsession with drawing tattoos unfathomable, and my increasing desire to put them on myself insane.

“Haha, look at it this way, it’s a way of getting references. I wanna be an artist, right?” I threw my owns hands up, “I gotta get some cred.”

“But why tattoos?”

“People wear tats. They WILL be seen by other people. It’s the easiest way to show what you’ve got to a bunch of people.” She shook her head, smiling. She passes me my drawing book off the table, passing it to me gently along with a colored ink pen.

“You’ve always impressed me, now…Impress me. And I’ll get it.” she shrugged carelessly, but the following smirk told me she was being serious.

“Seriously!?” Excitedly I jumped up to hug her, I’d been trying to get her to get one months! Especially one I designed. I sat back, exhaling. Relaxing my fingers, staring at her for a moment. “What do -”

“Na uh,” she wagged her finger at me. “Impress me.”

“Haha, oh no, alright.” I relaxed again, trying to penetrate into my oldest memories of us, trying to pull together an abstract idea of everything that means so much to her. Love. She’d want something relative to love. She’d been dating her boyfriend for 2 years now, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind a symbol, it’s not like they’re breaking up EVER. And time. She was an adamant believer that time was man-made yet she’s very conscious of it. BUT she was also a simple person, so I couldn’t go all out. Hm. I could work with that.

“Harry got another tattoo,” she said trying to distract me. Oh what I’d give to tattoo him, that is after I take his perfect-curly-haired ass and-

“He’s back in London,”

“Okay you can go, haha,” I began my sketch, ”I’ve got an idea.” She left, giving a me don’t-fuck-this-up look and I returned the favor. I pulled my legs into the chair with me, relaxing my drawing pad into my lap. I heard Take Me Home playing faintly in the distance. She must have turned it on while she was washing the dishes. I don’t know why she does that.

The beautiful voices of “Last First Kiss” filled the room. I’d been humming along and hadn’t realized my “sketch” became a full on drawing, that she would never allow to become a tattoo for her. Great. I jogged to the kitchen, finding her ipod and absent-mindedly turned to “Little Things”. She looked up curiously, to find my face buried in my sketches again.

“Finished my tat?”

“…And.. done.” I dragged her to the couch and I hopped on it, patting the seat beside me with a bright smile on my face. “Okay,” I flipped to the first drawing facing it to her direction,
so this was the first-”

“that, no-”

“RIGHT, so I said ‘Hm, simple and small, what should I do, la-lala-la,’ AND SO,” I flipped furiously to the next page jumping to the floor to present it. “TA DA!” She grabbed it from me, bringing it close to her face, analysing. “Uh huh, you like it, you want it, you like it, you can flaunt it,” I chanted dancing around her. She laughed at me, nodding her head.

“I do like it,” she put in in her lap, “quite a lot. You’ve got me all over this AND managed to keep it simple.”

“Need I seduce you further?” I squinted my eyes, trying to achieve a seductive smolder.

“Please, how will I ever make it to the shop?” She covered her eyes, still laughing. “Let’s go.”

“Jade, you’re gonna get it today?!” I clasped my hands together, so excited I didn’t know what to do with myself. “I need to kiss you!”

“Maybe once,” she held out her hand sophisticatedly.

“Madame,” I pecked the back of her palm, “I dost thank thee, profusely.”

“Ta ta, think nothing of it, my dear.”

We drove to Tyson’s Tattoos where I’d been hanging out for the past few months and “showing my stuff”. I still don’t know who Tyson is; the guy’s name is Jerry.

“Hey Jer, I got you a new client,” I sang, skipping to the counter.

“Hey, I got a new client, too, I’ll tell you about it later, after you fill out the application.” He winked at me. I was confused. What app-

My face lifted as far as possible. “JERRY! Are you offering me, thine humble servant, a job? Here? OH MY GOSH.” I raced around the counter to and wrapped my arms around him tightly. “Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!”

“3 seconds ago I was still breathing..” I let him go.

“Sorry, I can’t wait, omg I-” my eyes widened and I turned to Jade, “Can I-”



“NO.” It was a long shot that she’d let me do her first tat, but whatever. I CAN FINALLY- .I gasped mid thought. I’m a tattoo artist. Oh. My. Gosh.

“Jade, what’d you have in mind for your first one,” Jerry turned to her, his new client.

“WELL, [Y/N] made this for me, Not sure where I shou-”

“On the back of your neck, or your lower back.” I said mechanically. “Both those would be so hot on you, pleaseeeee.”

“Fine, I’ll get it on my neck.”

“No, no, okay the inside of your wrist, that’s where it should go.”

“Alright then. Come on, Jade, I’ll get you done in no time,” they began walking towards the tattooing seats.

“I’ll be there in a minute, gonna add to my portfolio and fill out the app,” I smiled genuinely at Jerry, “Thank you so much, Jer. This is… amazing.”

“Kid, it’s no problem, you’re basically here all the time like an employee anyway.” He smiles back, ”You’re welcome, make me proud.”

“Oh, Jade!” I took out my ipod and its stand, holding it out to her, ”Will you set up my iPod, please?” She took it and walked with Jerry. “Thanks.”

I’d just finished stuffing my portfolio when they reemerged. Jade was smiling from ear to ear as she shoved her wrist in my face. “I LOVE IT.” I jumped, clapping my hands. She hugged me to keep me still.

“Could this day get any more perfect?” I sighed going back to add finishing remarks to my application.

“Kid, you could do our other new client.”

I continued writing as I responded, “Okay, I’m ready, when? Who is it?” At that moment, the bells hanging from the door rang as it opened.

“Hello,” I knew that deep, dripping British voice anywhere. I whipped my head around, eyes wide open, and surely enough I took in the full view of Harry Styles. I’d never seen him in person. Never thought I would, even if I was studying for the year in London. OH. MY. GOSH.

Jerry approached him, arm extended “Hey, welcome back, know what you want this time?” HE’S BEEN HERE BEFORE? WHERE THE HELL WAS I?

“You know, I still don’t know. Could I perhaps look through your archives again?” He questioned.

“Sure, I’ve got a new one here,” he picked up my portfolio handing it over to Harry and I nearly squealed. I held my breath, as he gazed at my drawings, my sketches, part of me.

“These are nice,” he said widening his eyes, nodding. “Can I get this artist, or what?” Oh, you, sir, can get-

“She’s right here!” Jade chimed in raising my arm. I almost died.

“You did these?” he gestured at the book, smiling at me as he extended his hand to me. “I’m Harry,”

“Hey, I’m [YN]. I just worked, I mean I just started working here like five minutes ago.”

“Technically she doesn’t start until tomorrow,” Jerry chimed in.

“These are amazing,” he closed the book, looking at me, quite closely. I swallowed, I almost felt like he was peering a little further into me than I allow people. “Can I have her?” he asked Jerry. What. Can you what. WHAT.

“Yup, once she turns in her application,” he turned to my hand already holding out the application. “Alright then, he’s all yours.” The terminology of today sure does leave much up to interpretation.

“Okay, follow me,” I led him to the back to the tattooing area.

“Thanks, Jerry,” Harry waved at my new boss, smiling. God, that smile.

He popped into one of the seats, crossing his legs, and opening the book again.”[Y/N], you’re not from here or you have an excellent American accent.” He didn’t blink once as he looked up at me.

“Haha, no I’m from the US. Georgia.”

“Great weather down there, why’d you move to rainy old London,” he laughed.

I began preparing needles and what not, “Studying art and English literature.” I set one needle down, “I heard London’s the place to be for that kind of stuff.” I shrugged.

“I wouldn’t know I just sing every once in awhile,” he mocked my shrug.

“Very funny,” I sat the next needle down but managed to knock over my iPod in the process, which turned it on playing “She’s Not Afraid” quite loudly. “oh my gosh..” I mumbled. Harry got up to rescue it, pausing the music. “Thanks,” I said, face burning.

“Sure.. so you’re a fan of One Direction, perhaps?” he said smiling shyly.

“Directioner,” I corrected him, taking my iPod. It was a habit.

He put his hands up in surrender, “I’m sorry,” he said quietly, a smile in his voice. I looked up from my iPod to find him literally less than a foot from me. His emeralds piercing into my own brown eyes.

I went towards the book, for a reason to move away. I couldn’t possibly stand that close to him for another second without jumping on him. “So, uh, something you want from me, er here. In this book.” I pointed to the book.

“I want words this time, but I don’t know of what,” His gaze shifted to my exposed hip bone. “You’ve got tattoos? How many?”

“Uhm..6” I usually say 5 so that I don’t end up discussing where/what my first one is.. but I think I don’t have to go there.

“I’ve quite a bit, as well,”

“That’s the understatement of the year,” I laughed

“Well, maybe,” he smirked scrunching his eyebrows togethers, “Can I see yours?”

“Hm.. I don’t know,” I smiled

“C’mon! Show me yours, I’ll show you mine? Please?” It’s funny how he thinks ‘I don’t know’ is closer to ‘no’ than ‘yes’. But I’ll play along.

“Oh, alright. This one,” I turned and lifted my shirt my shirt to show my tattoo on my lower back.

“Cute dimples,”

“Okay, Harry.”

“I love them endlessly,” he sang, and didn’t even seem to realize he did, or chose to ignore that he did, so I also didn’t mention it. No one else will ever hear him sing that part of Liam’s verse, oh my gosh.

“So basically, it’s one of those things that show your heartbeat at the hospital, don’t know that they’re called. At first it’s flat where it says in the beginning, but then there’s a heartbeat and it comes to life persay, and in the end it forms a heart where it says in the end. So yeah.. and the arrow, kinda like the heart goes on or whatever.”

“That’s ..brilliant,” he said quietly, I heard him step closer as I felt his fingertips brush over my tattoo. “Did you make this one?”

“Yeah,” I abruptly turned around, pulling my shirt down. “So,” kicked off my right boot, “I got light written on my feet..because I play soccer and I’m well light on my feet, right foot, cause I play right defense.” It sounds weirder when you explain your tattoos.

“That’s right quirky,” he laughed before looking back up to my eyes. Yeah, okay, whatever quirky means.

“And.. I’ve got..” I turned my back towards him again, peeling my shirt off left shoulder. “a cup of tea and the steam is shaped as a musical note because-”

“You love singing,”

“…Yes.” He looked as if he wanted to ask me something else, but he just waved his hand as if to wave away the question.

“That’s for another day. Carry on,” he focused again on my face, holding his hands in front of him, head cocked to one side. Damn, I understood what that lady from Bridesmaid meant when she coined the phrase “climb that like a tree”. I showed my stomach on the left side and he read it out loud. “‘Be Kind. Stay Gold.’ Good words to live by.”

“Okay, I promise this is a coincidence. Don’t freak out,”

“Oh, no, should I be worried?” he laughed, which turned into a silent smile when I showed him my ‘I Can’t Change’. Mine was on the inside of my wrist though.

“Same font and everything.” he took my hand, examining the lettering. “Great minds think alike?”

“They do, don’t they?” I took my hand away slowly, moving back towards the seats. I gestured for him to come sit down as I picked up my sketchpad again, pencil in hand. I inhaled, waiting for him to ask about that last one. He walked towards me, a questioning look on his face, but he let me get away with it and I exhaled as he slunk into the chair.

“Tell me what’s on your mind, Styles?” I’d just have to pull an idea from his mind.

He lowered his eyebrows as his lips stretched into a smile, “is this a therapy session?”

Not unless it’s sex therapy.


“What,” I cannot believe I said that out loud.

“I thought you said something..well, what’s on my mind.” Such a close one. “I’ve been on the media’s bad side for quite some time now.” he shrugged, “I wish I could just say it’s not true, and have people believe me, but I don’t know. I don’t mind that much. I mean it’s difficult sometimes, but it comes in the job description.” He gave me a weak smile. My heart broke.

I put my hand on his forearm cautiously, “It’s a shame. Only 18 and it’s okay for these grown men and women to try and rip you apart.” I kind of went to blogger mode, as if I was ranting on my blog at home, “But you never get angry about it..you don’t take it out on the fans. And you don’t stop, Harry. You’re so strong, I mean there’s only so things you can do and there’s so many more things you can’t control. But you don’t complain.. you don’t stop.. You’re amazing.” I sank slowly back into reality and realized we’d just spent the last 2 minutes listening intently and searching each others’ faces, holding our breath. I turned away, breathing in and removing my hand.

I could still feel his eyes on me, as I felt myself burst into flames. “I don’t know about amazing,” he chuckled lowly, “But.. thank you,”

“Mhhm,” was all I could manage to escape my lips.

“I know what I want,” he said sitting back in the chair, pushing his sleeves past his elbows, on both arms.

“Oh, okay, spill,” I relaxed again, as we turned back to familiar ground. I knew all about tattooing, I didn’t know what that was back there.

He folded one more cuff on both arms. “I liked that phrase you said… ‘things you can, things you can’t’.” he looked up at me, “I want ‘Things I Can’ on this arm,” he pointed to his right forearm, “and ‘Things I Can’t’ on the left.” He’s putting words, that came from my mouth. ON HIS ARMS. “..in this font, on page 5 in your book,” he flipped through, pointing out the font.

I closed my eyes and inhaled, I needed to focus. “That’s your final request?”

“I am sure; this is what I want.” He put his arms on the rests, waiting as I took the instrument into my hands.

“Alright then, no sudden movements, you’re my first.”

“Ah, really,” he raised his eyebrows, a subtle smirk played on his lips.

“Client, haha. Geez. What is it y’all say? Cheeky? Very cheeky, Harry.”

“‘Y’all’,” he mocked me playfully.

“Yeah, yeah, keep still,” statuesquely he moved no more. But I couldn’t help laughing at his “serious” expression. We sat in silence for a few minutes as I worked on the first arm. I could feel his eyes moving from my work to my face, but it didn’t bother me as before. My face still heated up, but I wasn’t on fire. “How’s that,” I asked as I wiped away the excess ink and blood. I turned away to get more ink. But I froze at his next words.

“You’re gonna tell me about that last tattoo,” he said matter-of-factly, sitting up to examine the new work.

“We’ll see,” I said nonchalantly, but truth was my heart began to race.

“Right,” he settled back into the chair, looking at me from under his lids. I turn to his other arm and began. “Why don’t you like it?”

“Well, I did.. at the time. It was my first tattoo, now it’s just stupid and meaningless.. and I hate it.”

“Hate is a strong word,”

“Yet it’s still an understatement.” I sighed, working on the ‘n’ in ‘Things’.

“..is it someone’s name?”

“Might as well be,” I continued working.

“But it’s not, so maybe you could find it a new meaning?”

“Maybe,” I started on the ‘g’, but went a little too deep.


“I’m sorry,” I wiped away the blood, “Want something to bite on or,”

“Are you offering?” Cheeky.

“I keep muzzles in the back,”

“Quirky and kinky, as well,” he laughed. I squinted my eyes, hitting his shoulder. “Isn’t there a rule about hitting clients or something.”

“There’s no rule against tying them up or gagging them,” I responded smartly.

“So you’re into bondage,” he raised his eyebrows in utter shock.

I threw my head back,“I can’t say anything right today!” I laughed.

“It sounds to me you’re saying all the right things,” he shielded himself playfully with his unoccupied arm, “please don’t hit me again.”

I shook my head, “I will never finish,”

“That’s what I always say,” he winked.

“I am so done with you,”

“Is it words?” he asked, I must’ve looked confused because he went on to explain, “your mystery tattoo, I mean?”

“Oh, yeah. Partly.” I focused again onto finishing his tattoo. But the memories I tried to bury came flooding to the forefront of my mind. I swallowed, trying to hold back the tears I felt stinging the backs of my eyes.

“He was an idiot to let you go,” he announced quietly after a few moments. I looked up to find his eyes already locked on mine.

“That’s what I always say,” I sniffled, weakly smiling. “I’m done now,” I said cleaning his arm. His huge hand covered mine, stopping me.

“Hey.. stop. Remember? There’s so much you can do, and so many things out of your control.. You’re amazing.” Hearing quote me back to myself was already too much, but then he stood up and hugged me to him. My arms were folded against his chest, so I just laid my head on his shoulder.

“Thank you,” I whispered. No, I did not end up crying. He held me for a few minutes, and I didn’t get anxious or feel uncomfortable like before. It felt.. nice. He let me go, and I went to get bandages for his arms.

I’d finished taping him up, and he had that look on his face again, like he wanted to ask me something, but wasn’t sure how I’d respond.

I sighed with a small sigh, “You wanna see it, don’t you?”

“Can I?” I didn’t answer, I just turned around and lifted my shirt passed the clasps of my bra. I heard him move towards me and felt his warm hand maneuver the clasps out of the way of his view of my tat. It was in the upper center of my back. It read in cursive ‘we were’ and in bold print ‘strangers’ followed by an arrow that pointed to a solid black heart. Underneath, a ‘-’ followed by a script “H”.


“Hunter.” I heard him breathe out quietly, as he positioned my clasps and shirt back.

“We could find new meaning for this tattoo,” he said shyly, with the trace of a smile on his lips. He looked at his watch.

“We?” I repeated dumbfoundedly.

“Will you have lunch with me?”

“I can do lunch,” I checked my own watch, smiling.

He took my hand, the one that said ‘Can’t Change’. “Great, I’ll wait outside,” he said, kissing my palm as he looked up at me. He walked back towards the front of the shop. I heard him and Jerry discussing his new tats. I heard the bells of the door as he opened it.

“Glad you came, will you be coming back?” Jerry asked.

“As long as she’ll do my tats,” he replied. I heard the smile in his voice as he said those words. The day just got even more perfect.


#bodposfeb 3: Write three nice things about your body

We spend so much time being critical of our bodies and those of others. Let’s shift the perspective and celebrate what we love about our unique bodies.

1. I love my legs. They’re long and strong, and never let me down (ba-da-bing!).

2. I have really cute lower back dimples. Seriously, they’re adorable.

3. I love my feet, because they had the potential to be dainty and elegant, but instead they are covered in calluses and scars that remind me of past adventures. 

Can’t wait to read about all the things you love about your bodies! Share with #bodposfeb! :)

I want to see a fic that focuses on Regina's seamstress.

“I beg pardon, your Majesty, but how low would you like the collar line? What? No! No… that’s… of course, right away, your highness.”

“Yes, your Majesty, I understand. You don’t want a back at all in this dress, but you do want everything from just about your… your, um, lower back dimples and down well covered yet well fitted.”

“You’d like see through material going down the center of this dress, stopping at your waist. You’re certain you don’t want it to go further down than… No, your Majesty, I am not mocking you. It just seems that… Yes, I would like to live to see five minutes from now. As you please, you Majesty. Right away.”