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The "Keys and Locks" Soulmate AU

What if when you’re born, you’re born with either a key or a lock on your lower arm almost like a tattoo. And when you’re 18, you go to a meeting near the end of the year with all the other 18 year olds and get a “keys and locks” talk where pretty much they tell you that when you come into contact with someone who has the opposite symbol of you, and both of your arms begin to glow gold, it’s just another way of saying you’ve met your soulmate.

Can you just IMAGINE:

-The “we were only 5 or 6 and the teacher told us to stand in a circle and hold hands, but when we did, my lock and your key began to glow.” AU (Bonus if the teachers moved us around and call our parents).

-The “I’m a college student who goes to the cafe you work at, and not that I’m looking at you, but rather the person next to you. But today, they seem to be gone so I went to ask you to make it when you reveal you always do. When you finish my coffee, you walk over with your sleeves rolled up and hand it to me. However, I grabbed it weird and now we’re sitting here staring at each other, your lock is glowing gold and I can see my key through my coat doing the same, and now everyone is clapping. Oh god kill me.” AU

The “My partner just broke up with me and you’re my best friend comforting me when my key/lock begins to glow gold and now it’s awkward.” AU (Bonus if my best friend actually wondered if it would happen).

The “I watch your kid while you finish your finals in college, and when they were in the room alone and laughing, I ran into the room to find their arms glowing gold” AU (Bonus if I called you and you offered to keep them together until they’re old enough to understand)

The “I bumped into you and your friends on the way to work, and now I’m sitting in my office with my assistant teasing me about my glowing arm rather than working” AU (Bonus if you come into the office, trying to find me when they call security and now I’m trying to fight back two big guys and hold you back so we don’t mess up your face).

The “We’re trying out for a play and were placed on a team together. However, when we were acting out our scene, you grabbed my arm and we stopped, and everyone began to clap and cheer and I don’t know why– oh my god we’re glowing… LITERALLY” AU. (Bonus: we bow to them by holding my hands in the air and get the leading roles)

The “We’re apart of an assassination group together and oh shit! You’re about to fall off a cliff while everyone is blaming each other for the target getting away, but I swiftly slip over to you before you fall, and wow how your eyes match the gold on your arm.” AU.

The “you’re a hothead who wants to fight this guy who looks double your weight, and I try to pull you away, and end up triggering your lock and shit now he’s making fun of you and we should probably go before you either break into tears of happiness or tears of anger and rip his head off” AU.

The “we met in therapy for when we both were caught cutting and now we became best friends, but you moved away one day and I never heard from you again, but here we are now; happy and alive. You explain to me that your parents wanted you to focus on getting better than making friends which is kinda shitty but your better now. Now we hugging and my lock is glowing next to your key and I’m so happy I could cry” AU (bonus if when we hug, our old scar glow with our key/lock because the keys and locks glow due to blood injection we get when we’re younger).

So many possibilities…

01221030901 replied to your post: We finished “My Boss, My Hero” with a …

I loved that series too! Even if the ending felt a bit rushed. I wasn’t expecting Makio to have tattoos, lol. He looked really cool in them.

Well, he was a yakuza and they always have traditional irezumi tattoos. :’D Making irezumi is done usually with traditional way with a bamboo stick with needled and the ink is hammered into the skin. It’s very slow and very painful progress. When yakuza takes irezumi it’s a symbol for him to be able to endure the pain (aka be manly, strong and unafraid) but the long tattooing progress also symbols the loyalty to the yakuza; it can take 10 years or more to finish full body irezumis. 

Makio’s irezumi was quite classic as it covered his back, chest and upper arms. It’s possible because he is still so young and climbing up the ladders in the yakuza gang that he would continue his irezumi.

Usually body parts which are visible underneath the clothes are left un-tattooed, like around the neck/collar, over the wrists and ankles, and from the chest/just underneath the midsection where the buttoned shirt is open. The lenght how far the tattoos go on arms/legs depends of the tatoos style. Tattooing is done like this so that the yakuza can open up his shirts or roll the sleeves when it’s hot without being exposed as yakuza.

Here’s actually very classic picture of kawa-irezumi (the mid section of the body is left without tattoo, resembling river, Kawa). Note that this man has also unfinished tattoos on his lower arms - the tattooing progress usually take a little life time with this big tattoos. 

Unfortunately I don’t know is there any code for what kind of / how big irezumi the yakuza takes, or is it up to the yakuza himself. I’d imagine the higher your position is the bigger your irezumi is.