• What she says:"I'm fine..."
  • What she means:"Dirty Work is such an underrated album. People don't appreciate it enough. It was All Time Low's first attempt at pushing the boundaries and releasing music that had a different sound than they were used to. It was their first step to creating their own sound. It was literally called dirty work because it dealt with the cons of being in a popular band and how the album was a 'crossroad' in their careers. Alex has said many times that Guts is hiS FAVORITE SONG HE'S EVER WRITTEN. It had such a good sound and meaningful lyrics and IT WAS JUST A REALLY GOOD ALBUM OKAY I AM EMOTIONAL. I WISH IT HAD A SECOND CHANCE TOO JACK, AND MAYBE THEN PEOPLE WOULD APPRECIATE IT AND SEE ITS FULL POTENTIAL."

Splatoon 64: Jelonzo
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I think THAT is why they don’t sell pants: would be a very split market between 2 legs vs 6 “legs”…Still, I want inkling pants…and different hairstyles…

Correction, NOW there is three more Splatoon NPCs: Judd, Crusty Sean, and Captain Cuddlefish. Then they will be free for all!

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