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Department of Education denied a college access to a low-income program over a text formatting error

  • The entire congressional delegation of Maine has accused Betsy DeVos’ Education Department of denying funds for a crucial program that helps low-income students go to college — all over a formatting error.
  • A letter obtained by Mic and sent by Sens. Angus King (I-Maine), and Susan Collins (R-Maine) as well as both of Maine’s House representatives, claimed that the Department of Education rejected an application by the University of Maine at Presque Isle to participate in the department’s Upward Bound Program in 2017.
  • Upward Bound is part of a package of federal education support program first established in the 1960s. It is designed to help high school students from low-income families complete high school and enroll in postsecondary education.
  • According to the letter, UMPI was denied two Upward Bound grants in 2017 because the school’s 65-page application included two infographics with text “1.5 line spaced instead of double spaced.” Read more (4/26/17)

The West Highlands of Scotland had been experiencing a short spell of glorious spring weather, and Algy had made sure that he experienced it too :)

He flew out to the lighthouse, his favourite spot in the area, and perched on a dry clump of heather to study the view of the islands. The Isle of Eigg was the most prominent (just left of centre on the horizon) with the mountainous Isle of Rum to its left and the low-lying Isle of Muck hugging the sea in front of that. And in the distance, between Rum and Eigg, he could clearly see the peaks of the famous Cuillin on the Isle of Skye. It was indeed a very fine day!

Algy hopes that you will all enjoy some fine weather and beautiful views this weekend :)


So recently friends of mine have been asking how I get so much from ULTA, so rather than repeating my same list of things I do everytime to each of them, here’s a handy dandy masterpost of everything I do B)


continuing on.

**step one. scope the place.**

I prefer to do this a week or so before I come to the store. If you come the exact day before and an employee recognizes you from the day before, that could be a bit sus. Take note of how the SAs act. Are they extremely friendly? Do they bombard you with questions once you enter? Or are they more relaxed, doing nothing much in their section. Scope out the cameras in the store. I lie to do this by pretending to drink from a offee cup, taking a sip and looking u at the ceiling for cameas. Go to any areas you may believe could be blindspots, popular areas I’ve noticed from reading here are the drugstore section and low end hair care isle. When at these ‘blindspots,’ chec in site for cameras. My rule of thumb is if you can see a camera, it can see you, so keep that in mind when scoping out the place. 

**step two. Dressing the part.**

Have some form of makeup on, but try not to overdo it with anything over the top that’llcatch the SAs eyes. Try for a natural look, o a subtle smoky eye. Having some makeup on shows that you probably know wat you’re talking about, so it’s good to go in looking like that. Don’t dress in your lazy day clothes, but also don’t dress in your highest fashion. Wear something ashionable, but preferably more neutral colors. Try not to wear bold prints or anything eyecatching. For your purse, choosing something simple and medium sized is your best bet. Try getting something that looks small but can hold a lot. My purse for example is a neutral pink and looks like a smaller handbag, but can hol a multitude of palettes on the inside even though it doesn’t look like it, 

**step three. doing the deed*

Here’s where things get fun. When first arriving to the store, if greeted smile and respond bac. Don’t be a dic, it ain’t cute and they’ll prob watch your more just to catch you if you do something.  I like to do the ‘cottonball trick’ which I read about somewhere here (someone please link me the creditor) Put those in the bag and try to put other ‘fake items’ in to take up space. Now it’s action time. Go to anywhere in the store you like or would like something. Before I go I like to make a checlist on my phone with the ulta app, this is just so I have a gameplan but it’s not necessary. Don’t get greedy. Get whatever you can stuff in your purse in under 20 minutes, because taking longer than that much time is probably gonna be hella sus. Aim for under 10 min if you don’t want to buy anything. Alright, no I’m assuming you got everything you needed. Cool, time for concealing. Go to your blindspot which you staked out the other day, and start concealing . Assume every customer around is LP or a snitch, so don’t stuff or anything with them aroun. Put shit in your bag as fast as you can and as quietly. REMOVING TAGS. Th only tags I’ve noticed are the sticker type, which you can easily peel off. It will make a noise, so try to do soin a timely manner or when noise is going on through the store. Put the sticckers on other items you may see in the blindspot. Items I’ve noticed tagged in stores are naked palettes and contour kits. Keep in mind it may be different with every store with what is tagged and what isn’t, so always double chec. Now’s m favorite part: ‘the speed round.’ I always bring a coffee cup to the ULTA I go to in order to do a trick I learned from here (again someone link the creditor pls). What you do is cut a slit in the the bottom of the cup and cover the sides with napkins, and then shove shit up there that you want. I usually do this is with NYX or buxom lipglosses and lipsticks, as it’s easy and a quick way to get extra oitems you want.

Npow that you have everything, get the fuck out. I you took over 20 minutes, buy cotton balls and maybe some cheep ulta brand shit. If you took under 10 minutes, just leave. 

**step four. LP and avoiding getting arrested**

Assume every customer is lp. Be kind to all sa. Ulta has no chase policy. They can’t do much since they’re strict on staff harming customers, so use this to your advantage. The most they’ll do is write your license plate or call the police. Don’t show whatever’s in your bag to anyone unless they identify that they have warrant to do so. And ofc, if you ever feel even slightly nervous drop whatever you have and leave. Always trust your gut. Love y'all and stay safe, happy lifting! -clyde

Austin Carlile!!!

wishing wells and magic spells ⋆ 

sometimes the only things that understands you is music and bruised knuckles 

how’s it going to be / gerard way therapy / all time low isle of flightless birds / twenty one pilots disenchanted / my chemical romance far too young to die / panic! at the disco golden / fall out boy tragician / frnkiero and the celebration the end. / my chemical romance all alright / fun. always / panic! at the disco guns for hands / twenty one pilots jesus christ / brand new i’ve got a dark alley and a bad idea that says you should shut your mouth (summer song) / fall out boy twin sized mattress / the front bottoms trade mistakes / panic! at the disco missing you / all time low goner / twenty one pilots mad at nothing / patrick stump

listen here 

Of course I do

Request: #7 with mingyu pls.

7) You and your bias haven’t made your relationship public. There is a fan who’s getting attention because she claims to be your bias’s girlfriend.

Member: Seventeen’s Mingyu x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“Y/N,” Mingyu’s hushed, but panicked whisper filled the isle of the market. “Y/N!”

I stood on my tip toes so my eyes could barely skim above the isles. Mingyu was crouched low, walking through the isles as if he was stalking some sort of prey. 

“What in the hell are you doing?” I called over the snack isle to him. 

He popped up immediately, pulling himself to his full height to look over the isle at me. “I couldn’t see you,” he pouted. 

“With all that height?” I chuckled, looking up at him. 

“You’re too small, you blend in,” he grumbled. 

“To the ground?” I asked, lifting my eyebrows. 

“Shhh,” he hushed, hurrying around the corner of the isle to meet me. “Stop picking on me.”

“Says the man who reminds me on a daily basis of my height inadequacies,” I muttered. 

“Stop being so short,” he chuckled. 

“Stop being so dumb,” I hissed, giving him a light smack in the stomach. 

“Oppa!” a voice called from the front of the market. I didn’t think much of it as we continued down the row, picking out snacks. 

“Oppa!” the voice called again. I looked up to Mingyu in confusion before turning behind us to analyze the situation. 

A girl who couldn’t have been any older than fifteen came sprinting towards us without breaking speed. She skidded to a halt only a foot or two away from us. 

“Oppa,” she repeated breathlessly looking up at Mingyu. 

“Ahhh…” he breathed, confusion covering his handsome face. “Yeah?”

Two of what I could only imagine as the girls friends trailed reluctantly behind her. 

“You’re such a liar Min,” one of the girls grumbled. “Why would Mingyu date her?”

At first I took offense to the statement, thinking the high school student was speaking about me. I quickly realized that she was referring to her friend. 

Her friend shot her a look before turning back to Mingyu. “Oppa, why haven’t you called?”

“I…uh…what?” Mingyu choked, looking with wide eyes from me to the strange girl. 

I took two steps back, completely amused by the situation. This would be good. 

“You didn’t call me today, didn’t your manager noona tell you I called?” she asked, shooting a look in my direction. 

“I…don’t know who you are…” Mingyu said slowly, looking at me nervously. “This is my…”

“Manager noona,” I finished with a nod. “Yeah, I forget to tell him that you called. I’m very sorry. I knew he missed you.”

Mingyu shot me a death glare before turning back to the girl. 

“See, he knows who I am,” the girl said with a nervous laugh, looking back at her friends. “Told you guys!”

“He just said that he didn’t know who you were,” one of her friend’s deadpanned, crossing her arms. “You think he would know his own girlfriend?”

“That’s…uh..” Mingyu began, quickly catching on to the stench of desperation radiating from the girl. “That’s how we just joke…hahah, I’ll call you later though…um…”

“Soyun,” the girl whispered. 

“Soyun!” Mingyu chirped. “We have to finish some shopping for dinner. Bye girls!” 

He turned quickly on his heel and took me by my waist, speeding down the isle. 

“You are awful,” he hissed, not breaking stride. I was having a hard time keeping up with his long legs as he pulled me along. I stopped briefly for a moment, shooting him an award winning smile. 

“Your smile is perfect,” he sighed. “But not as good as mine. You aren’t cute-ing your way out of this one kid. We’re not even public yet and this girl is going to tell the world she’s dating me.”

“She’s twelve,” I grumbled, kicking at an imaginary rock on the ground. 

Mingyu lifted his eyebrows. “Like that matters.”

“Then let’s make our relationship known,” I sighed, crossing my arms. “Then you don’t have to make excuses about holding my hand in public.”

He sighed, taking a few steps to wrap me in his arms. He placed his chin on the top of my head and took a deep breath in. “Jagi,” he cooed. “I will let the world know you are mine as soon as I can, scout’s honor.”

“I know,” I grumbled. I knew life for him wasn’t as easy as it would be to date a “normal” guy. 

“I make you happy…right?” he sighed, pulling me in tighter. Before I could answer, he replied to his own question. “Of course I do.”

I leaned back, trying to get a good look of his face at the angle I was at. “You’re such a turd,” I grumbled. 

“Maybe, but I’m a turd with the best manager noona in all the world,” Mingyu giggled, shooting me a wink. 

“Yah!” I shouted, trying to smack him in the stomach as he eased out of my grip and began sprinting down the isle. 

“See if your short little legs can keep up!” He called behind him, that handsome smile disappearing around an isle. 

That was my life, always chasing after Kim Mingyu.

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The signs as songs
  • Aries: Cemetery Weather - Isles and Glaciers
  • Taurus: The Memory is Cruel - Russian Red
  • Gemini: Perfect - Marianas Trench
  • Cancer: The Light and the Glass - Coheed and Cambria
  • Leo: Why It Scares Me - La Dispute
  • Virgo: Stay Happy There - La Dispute
  • Libra: Poses - Rufus Wainwright
  • Scorpio: Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria
  • Sagittarius: Weightless - All Time Low
  • Capricorn: The Perfect Fit - The Dresden Dolls
  • Aquarius: Say Anything - Marianas Trench
  • Pisces: Hammers and Strings - Jack's Mannequin
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I used to be excited because maybe Maura’s continuous comments and gestures of (friendly) love toward Jane throughout the entire series were part of a story arc where eventually Jane was going to come out of her assholish shell and do something nice back to her or save her life or at least say something kind or be an okay friend for just one 10 second scene but I guess it’s about time to admit I was wrong and Jane is just an asshole inside another, more poorly written asshole and nothing is going to happen and the show’s just gonna be over