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“Stairway To Heaven” - Eva Igo, Larkin Dance Studio, Maplewood MN, 2nd overall junior solo, Hall of Fame Nationals, Las Vegas NV, June 2013
Stairway To Heaven ~ Led Zeppelin

[ Four years ago, Larkin Dance and Eva Igo showed up at Hall of Fame Nationals in Las Vegas, and shook up the predominantly west coast scene. Autumn Miller won 1st place junior solo with Titanium” and Eva took 2nd place with Stairway To Heaven, boldly choosing the original hard rock Led Zeppelin rendition. Alas, the music blocks Eva’s video on YouTube so enjoy it here on the down-low 😸 ] 

Follow Me (Namjoon Smut)

*I’m very tired omfg*

Word Count: 1291 words

You were bored, your best friend still hasn’t come home and it was starting to worry you as it got darker outside.

“Where is he?”

You called him, getting voicemail and you cursed under your breath. Maybe he’s with Suga or Jin, he would forget to tell you he was at the recording studio or at the dorm.

You called Suga first, knowing he couldn’t ignore your calls.

Hello to you too
I was about to fall asleep and you called, did you think I would be walking on motherfucking sunshine?!
Cool it, Grandpa Yoongi. Namjoon isn’t with you either.
Oh, so you were calling about him~
What the fuck is with your change in attitude? Are you high?
No, it’s cute that you worry about your beloved boyfriend. You’re freaking out, aren’t you?
Yoongi, w-we’re not dating
Wondering if he’ll walk through the door, if he’s lost somewhere-
Fuck you.
I would but you’re not my type
Please, go back to dreaming about me. I know you do
I don’t
Really, Tae heard you mumbling my name while you slept once
I gonna fucking murder that kid
Well you don’t have what I want, goodbye.

You ended the call, calling Jin next. If anyone knew where he was, it was Jin.

Hey Jinnie oppa
Oh, Y/N why are you still up?
I should be asking the same to you
Just getting a glass of milk
I’m looking for my tall, clumsy best friend

Thank you, Jin oppa
You’re welcome~

He ended the call and you grabbed your coat. You were still in the outfit you wore out, a simple white shirt, red beanie and blue jeans.

“Wait.. I look like Jungkook?! I need to hang out with that kid less.” You slipped on your red converse, and got in your car. You drove quickly, reaching the building within a few minutes.

“Namjoon.” You walked inside the office, using the spare key you got from the janitor. Never thought you would actually use it.

“Where the fuck is it?” It was dark in the building, the only light coming from the flashlight on your phone. You heard the sound feet moving against the floor and turned off your flashlight.

You could make out his outline, his body moving quickly. The room was dimmed, the light enough for him to see himself in the mirrors.

He wasn’t a dancer but he kept trying. You watched him start over countless times, his figure exhausted but he wouldn’t quit just yet.

“Namjoon-” You slapped your hand over your mouth and he stopped. He walked out into the hall, his body close to yours.

Fuck, what do I do? He obviously heard me and shit- he’s moving.

“Y/N? I know you’re here.”

Maybe you shut your eyes and stay silent, he’ll go back to practicing.

He got in front of you oddly enough and you gulped. He stepped closer, your heart beating loud.

“You’re right in front of me, aren’t you?”

“Goddamn it, Namjoon.”

“Let me touch you…” You reached for his hand, placing it on your face. You were blushing a deep shade of red and you thought your blood vessels were going to burst.

“It is you, your skin is so soft.”

“D-Don’t say stuff like that.”

“Did you just stutter?”

“Shut up.” His hand moved lower, grabbing your hand cautiously and pulling you into the low lit dance studio.

“You should be asleep.”

“You should come home on time, so I don’t have to worry about you.”

“You worry about me?”

“Why would I not, I-I mean we’re friends, right?”

“We were not. I don’t love you like a friend.”


“You drive me insane, I love you so much that I have excuses to come home late to see you curled up on the couch, asleep after waiting for me.”

“That’s…” You wanted to hit him, you’ve spent countless nights waiting for him out of worry.

“But we’re best friends. I shouldn’t feel like this-” You put your finger on his lips, letting yourself process what he just said to you.

“Let me help you with the choreography…”

“Y/N..” You got up, you’ve seen him dance a few times and you began to repeat his steps. You had to show him a few times before he could do it.

“Just one more time.”

“Namjoon.” You stood in front of him, sweat dripping from his face and he had pure determination in his eyes.

You sighed, knowing it was going to take a lot of energy, which you don’t have, to talk him into going home. He was following you, almost mimicking your steps while he tripped.


“I-Uh…Y/N what I said earlier-” You kissed him, he was going to cutely ramble on but you rather feel what he meant.

His hands touched you, slightly brushing against the material of your clothes.

“Y/N..are you sure?”

“Give it to me, Namjoon.” He got off you, stripping off his shirt.

“Isn’t it hot, baby?” His tone changed, becoming more deep and taunting. You slipped off your shirt, the beads of sweat on you skin glistened even in the low light.

He kissed you again, his lips being dominate with you and his hands grabbed your breasts. His thumb ran over your hardened nipples, pushing on then down and pinching them.

You gasped in his mouth, his tongue taking advantage of the chance and explored your mouth. He took off your bra, his hands cupping your bare breasts.

“N-Namjoon.” He kissed your neck, your head thrown back at the nibbling of your skin. He relished in the sweet taste of your skin and the saltiness of your sweat.

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” He mumbled into your skin, his kisses trailing down to your collarbone. His hand played with the button on your shorts, hinting at you to take them off.

“F-Fuck, N-Namjoon.” You gasped, the opening in your shorts was enough for him to slip his hand through your panties. His fingers teased your wet pussy and you moaned at the sensation.

“Wet already, baby?” You blushed, a smirk appearing on his face and he took off his pants. Your shorts followed suit and he licked his lips, your panties were the only thing you still had on.

“Take them off and lean over the bar.” You obliged, your need for his cock pounding you was too overwhelming for you to say no.

He slipped off his boxers, his hard cock on display for you. He pumped himself, grabbing a small bottle and squeezed its content on his thick cock.

“Fuck me already.” You were definitely eager and he enjoyed every second, delaying just to hear you whine his name.

“C-Christ!” You gasped when he entered you, his cock filling you up to the brim. His pace was unforgiving, your hands were gripping the bar tightly as he continues to pound you.

“So fucking tight.”


“You like that, baby?”

“M-More..!” You breathed out, every thrust inside you squeezed the air out of your lungs. You looked in the mirror, your bodies fusing together and the look on his face while he was merciless on your body.

“Do you want to cum, baby?”

“Y-Yes, please make me cum..” You moaned, your voice slowly stretching each word. He moved his hips faster, your body being pushed up against the bar.

“N-Namjoon!” Your body felt like it was hit by a tidal wave, the orgasming being felt through out your body. He pulled out of you, releasing on your back.

“Follow me more, Y/N.”

~Admin Blake