Stealing stars (sleeping with thieves)

We’re all liars in cheap suits,
selling emotional retribution for imagined sins.
Just let the darkness in
and learn to love self-loathing.

My lungs are full of sand.
my breath is the desert wind,
dry, choking heat.

My soul has seen better days,
I’m a crumbling tower of darkness and doubt.
You wish on every falling star, but I’m waiting for an asteroid to wipe us all out.

You are the holiest prayer I whisper in the darkest hours.
You were the midnight calling.
I lie awake lost in the ache of my scars, while you sleep with my wishes in the stars.

My fingers falter on the smoothness of your bones.
Fuck, I’m falling in to you again…..

The falling is, as the falling does
as we know the impact kills us.
So kiss your breath upon my sights
and heat seek to bind and thrill us.

By old clichés and written enticements.
We wander by the wayside woe
and hope love doesn’t miss us
as we duck and dodge in avoidance.

The impact straight and true, and wise
it knows the path, and seeks the strike
and when she hits she knows the way
to break apart what’s left remaining.

All the light from dying stars reveries
can’t hold audience within these nebulous nurseries
hung wanton in her eyes for a path across the skies
like a map to a heart she’s seen
as she aims, and scatters and beams.

And yet in brightly lit night array
he both seeks, and rues the day
her path met his against the low
colors of the dancing lights.
Enticements she breathes out life
and that little death excites us.
So we wander the entire universe
to at once both seek, and then to lose us.
And it’s all this distance in between
where we hope, and wish, and falter.
…….And find us.

Collaboration between giraffevader (Italics) and soredemonao