‘Getting a reading’ 

Daily Drawing Challenge 42 - Red Rising Trilogy -

I got kinda impatient with the lighting, but I kinda feels like it adds to the chaos of molten rock and superheated drill. Next i’ll draw Darrow and Eo, but I had to draw the frySuit in action. 

Moreover, I’m in need of a re-read of the first book, can’t remember how Darrow burns his boot and hand. 

Playlist for: @daughterofthesea7

I’m Seeing Color 

If You Say So  //  Vinyl Theater

Young Hearts  //  Strange Talk

OutRight  //  Wild Party

Kids In The Dark  //  All Time Low

Color  //  Finish Ticket

Kids In Love  //  The Mowgli’s

Unavoidable  //  Neon Trees

When The Day Met The Night  //  Panic! At The Disco

Satellite  //  All Time Day

Sun Shy  //  Dresses

Dead Oaks  //  Now, Now