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Captain Underpants is worth more than its nostalgia factor.

Captain Underpants Spoiler Free Review

Captain Underpants: The Epic First Movie is genuinely funny by being lowbrow and crass, and with its childhood naivety is charming and heartwarming. It does its source material justice without necessitating any prior knowledge or experience of it.

Truth be told, there isn’t very much substance to it, but considering it is about two school children and their imaginary brief-clad super hero come to life, there’s very low expectations to begin with. Due to that what substance there is, is surprisingly and welcomingly deep; like a good puddle you can actually splash in.

This movie is about the human condition and it is about how we connect to each other. It’s about how we treat each other, how we choose to treat each other, and how we even treat ourselves; the overbearing fun killing Principal Krupp serves as a foil to the stalwart George Beard and Harold Hutchins; Professor Poopypants’ and Melvin Sneedly’s inability to make wholesome connections to other people due to their mistreatment by other people. There are lessons to be learned here, but are more or less glossed over which is rather unfortunate. The central focus is moreso on George and Harold’s relationship and the naivety of their everlasting yet fragile friendship.

The animation is top notch with several surprises of mixed media, homages to the source material, and off-key musical numbers make for a delightful viewing experience. One or two (clean) adult jokes add in some poignant and cynical humor that hit just a little too close to home to allow for some decent balance and contrast in the film; not everything can be lowbrow potty humor, but 99% of it can be.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie is worth the watch. 4/5 stars.

Haul Away Bro


Fluffstravaganza commission for @garrulousgibberish! Their prompt was “sea shanties”

Thanks to @thesnadger for providing most of Stan’s jokes :) 

“Well,” said Stan. “That didn’t work.”

Beside him, Ford groaned and rolled over onto his back.

“Brilliant observation, Stanley,” he grumbled. “Truly enlightening.”

Stan shrugged. “Nah, if it was enlightening we’d be able to see better.”

He couldn’t see his brother’s expression in the dark, but the tenor of the groaning beside him changed.

“Besides, you’re the one who’s always going on about the importance of negative results.”

“Ah, yes,” said Ford. “Scientific query: Can we get out of this hole? Preliminary results: No. I’m sure all the big journals are just dying to read the abstract.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” said Stan, grinning preemptively. “A research paper about holes sounds pretty … deep to me!”

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sealcontent  asked:

just want you to know that i was in a perfectly normal mood and then that No Mercy Run sans painting of yours came up on my dash and i was like, pretty much instantly in tears over it. what a beautiful and well done and heart-wrenching piece of art. thanks for creating it <3

Thank you so much for your kind comment! ;_; It’s been so fun to see everyone’s reactions to that one.

Don’t worry Sans is fine. Just being dramatic.

My favorite thing right now is the people who haven’t seen sausage party who are complaining about it being well reviewed. 

Listen: Humor does not exist to fit into your notions of what is good or bad or okay and not okay. Humor is meant to push boundaries and to be out there. It doesn’t hit for some people and that’s okay. But what’s not okay is to tell others what is and is not funny. 

Also, you hear the words “uses racial stereotypes” and you think it’s just base level racist jokes and it’s really not. If you watch it you’ll see it’s actually pretty smart. We, for years have put racial stereotypes into branding of food. From Cigar Store Indians to the Frito Bandito… Of course if you made your food come to life it would be those stereotypes. But it’s not wasted. They make jokes where the Native American whiskey is talking about how he had a majestic aisle until “a bunch of goddamn fucking crackers” came and pushed him out. The bagel and the lavash (a kosher and halal food from the same aisle) are used to do a lot of Israel-Palestine jokes and commentary that’s actually well done.

It’s like the best parts of the best years of South Park, stupid lowbrow humor to balance out actual real satire. Plus the religious satire in the movie that is central to the whole plot is very well done.