Resolutions of Respect - In Memory of Anberlin

Photos and lyrics from Anberlin’s final album, Lowborn

  1. We Are Destroyer
  2. Armageddon
  3. Stranger Ways
  4. Velvet Covered Brick
  5. Atonement
  6. Birds of Prey
  7. Dissenter
  8. Losing It All
  9. Hearing Voices
  10. Harbinger

Anberlin. The sharp version of Lowborn’s blurred back-of-the-vinyl photo, I don’t think anyone has seen this yet.  

I love these guys so much. Not much more than 2 weeks and a dozen shows before these guys are done for good.
Seriously, go see them live if you can. I’ll try to unearth some awesome of my archived Anberlin photos from the past decade to celebrate the bittersweet end.
And post some more favorite songs over at http://copasetica.net/tagged/anberlin

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cyclical, stuck inside a never ending ride

but you’re comfortable just another decomposing alibi

sing yourself to sleep

count the days gone by

but outside your walls passes real life

so heres the velvet covered brick

death comes to us all to quick

heres your chance to live but i heard you say

we’re heading nowhere

its my cross to bear

even horizons can change

hope said she’s never estranged

there aren’t wings or even a prayer

if i’m heading nowhere

turbulence, am i causing you to think outside yourself, for once

you’re still comfortable

dissolving years like no one else before

i said lead the way you are  lead your way through this

but fear and fail has made you its passive its captive

so heres the velvet covered brick

death comes to us all to quick

heres your chance to love but i heard you scream

we’re heading nowhere

its my cross to bear

even horizons can fade

hope said she’s never estranged

there aren’t wings or a prayer

if we’re heading nowhere

Painfully, I was an introvert in Middle & High School, in my Senior yearbook I had 5 people sign it because honestly I didn’t have more than 5 friends at any given moment. 

I hated going to school, I dreaded every social encounter. At lunch I go through the line then take my food off the tray then walk to the library where I would sit & eat by myself most days. 

I was so scared of failure that I never tried, It seized up my entire life. I never felt good enough, inferiority was more than a complex it was a way of life. 

A lot changed after that, I found God at 18. I spent two months on a mission trip in the Ukraine. I found friends. I started a band a year later. I found confidence.

It dawned on me one day: Who cares if I fail, I am going to try. I am going to try everything I have ever wanted to do even if I fall flat on my face. The day is too short to spend the night with regrets. 

I applied for college, I started a side project, I wrote a book, I started a non profit, & pursued my MBA. I am not here to boast; the side project never sold many records, the book wasn’t that great, the non profit folded into another one. However, success to me is not measured in numerical algorithms, I think one succeeds the moment they conquer their demons & fears and simply try. 

This song is about how it felt to be held back by insecurities and fear, and a warning to those who live out their days in its grip. Remember, hope said she is never estranged.


Anberlin will release their last album, “Lowborn”, on June 23rd, 2014. This album brings Anberlin full circle as“Lowborn” will be released on Tooth & Nail, the band’s original label. Instead of recording the album together, the musicians did their parts with separate producers they each selected. Drums were recorded with Matt Goldman in Atlanta and later combined with bass and guitar in Lakeland, FL with Copeland’s Aaron Marsh. Vocals were recorded with the band’s longtime collaborator Aaron Sprinkle in Franklin, TN.

Consisting of Stephen Christian (vocals), Joseph Milligan (guitar), Devon Rexroat (bass), Nathan Young (drums), and Christian McAlhaney (guitar), Anberlin have been a band for 12 years. The rock group formed in central Florida in 2002 and have released six innovative and sincere albums that have affected fans in deeply emotional ways.“Lowborn” will be the band’s seventh and final full-length.

“Usually breakups happen quickly and suddenly, an implosion of sorts,” McAlhaney says. “What is unique about the end of Anberlin is that we discussed where people were at in their lives, what that meant for the band, and then made plans for the end on our own terms.” lowborn reflects true artistic freedom for the band, who felt liberated from any sort of expectation or pressure. “I wanted to enjoy the creative process one more time, with no restrictions, no one breathing down my neck for a single,” Christian says. “Just unadulterated creative freedom.”

The musicians started collecting new material at the end of last year. The idea was not to crank out as many songs as possible but to actually focus on crafting solidly good ideas that melded each musician’s individual tastes and influences. “We were really honest with each, probably more so than in the past,” Young says. “You have to come to a point where, with different opinions, there’s no right or wrong. There was a fearlessness which was really freeing and exciting for all of us. To just not have to think about anything else except what’s the best thing for the song.” Some of the album’s lyrics address the band’s end and history. “I know there are going to be a lot of questions as to why we decided to break up and I explain it all in the song ‘Atonement,’” Christian says. “And I want to make sure that the our fans and friends know that we will always remember them, and the moments spent with them were some of the greatest of my entire life. I tried to convey that in the song ‘Harbinger.’” Another track, “Stranger Ways,” first appeared in demo form in the band’s farewell video earlier this year.

Each musician has plans for the future after Anberlin, some concrete and some vague, some musical and some not. Those plans, in various ways, will be revealed in the coming months. For everyone, this is a celebration of what has been achieved rather than the mourning of a loss. “This is the end of an era of my life,” Rexroat says. “A long and great era. It also means a new beginning. It’s overwhelming to think about filling all my time with something new, but it’s also exciting.”

Anberlin will release their final album, “Lowborn”, on June 23rd, 2014 via Tooth & Nail Records, followed by a farewell world tour. Tour dates below with many more to be announced in both the U.S. and additional countries.


locking eyes a waining glance

mistook chance of adding meaning to the words forever

broken silence defiance, misspoke turn

will i see you again if ever

cmon and leave me here on a vagabond throne

wondering the night alone

right now you’re over there in a social club state

pondering the why, why are we alone

a little bit closer to finding the real you

little bit closer to finding the truth

stranger things have happened

stronger men have answered

a little bit closer to loving you

depth defying i’m lying

if I didn’t tell you, you keep me up awake at night

is it alright if I call you lover even though we don’t know

each other, and probly never will

would you stay with me

here in my dreams if I promised you this heaven

would you take a chance

on a make believe dance

close my eyes and were together

stranger things have happened

stronger men have answered

a little bit closer defining the real you

little bit closer defining the truth

a little bit closer to holding you

a little bit closer to knowing you

a little bit closer to touching you

One of the guys in the band didn’t like this song, he wanted me to rewrite the lyrics and melodies, I just couldn’t do it. The song was so subconsciously ideal, I felt it matched the mood of the music that was given to me.

I imagined someone who simply watched someone from afar, never confident enough to approach the person and simply have a conversation. Instead of dreaming with the person, they simply resign to dream of the person. 

The title will only be known to those at AP.NET

‘right now you’re over there in a social club state’ was supposed to be Right now you’re over there in a Pinewood Social Club state (because its one of my favorite places in Nashville) but when I tried to sing it it was way to wordy. 

 The video for this song was done by Daniel Davidson, and is perhaps my favorite video we have ever done. The meaning behind the video is so perfect as a last video. Good job Nathan.