Roomates needed! $475 a month, San Diego area

Is there anyone who is looking for an apartment in the San Diego area to move into by June 1st? My current housemate and I are looking for two people (preferably a male and female considering we’re co-ed and would like to room with the same gender) and it’s a catch! $475 per month for a shared room, it’s got a kitchen, balcony, two bedrooms/two baths (with huge closets), and a nice living area. We’re on the second floor. Dogs are not allowed, but cats or any pet in a cage is. You need to sign a one year lease. 

I’m a 21 year old female, and he’s a 27 year old male. We both work full time. 

If interested, send me a message and we’ll go from there! 


One of the things I really dig about this movie is that they went for low-rent Los Angeles, using actual locations far more than sets. You have to remember that LA in 1987 was pulling itself out of a huge recession and its downtown was languishing at best (reflected in a lot of film from the time, notably THE TERMINATOR and TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA, but even THE DRIVER before that). LA was hard and mean for a time, maybe folks like Ridley Scott romanticized it but there were many other directors/cinematographers who refused to, shooting it as it was.)

For an instant, I could see myself living in a small, inexpensive college town someplace. Maybe the Midwest. And I would own a futon, which I would place on the floor. And a desk, or maybe just a folding card table. And a computer. I would get a gym membership and eat rice and beans every night. And I would write. I would write every day, all day. I would get a part-time job, something that paid my low rent and afforded me my rice and beans but not enough of a job to distract me.
—  Augusten Burroughs