i’m really starting to like this “Barry, hold me” trend where Cisco and Barry are all up in eachother’s space and Caitlin is like a million miles away

I technically started this on the fifth… yep, totally counts for July 5th.

I haven’t touched traditional pen and ink in forever, so I tried it again. It was on the wrong kind of paper and too small a sheet, but it’s what was nearby. So rusty. And of course I smear some wet ink. Oh well, it was fun.

Also, I apologize for the cell phone pic quality. A scanner is low on the priority list of things I need to spend money on.

Welp, rescued the image as best I could from the saved icon. Probably won’t bother trying to re-draw it. Oh well… (Now I’m worried about the other pieces I have saved on my iPad that are still unfinished. I better get those files out of there just in case =\)

And way, enjoy a low quality pic of the Stan twins planning the newest update to their boat. Bonus points to the people that can name all the flags~