Omg my mom made loaded cauliflower casserole. I’m a HUGE potato fan (thanks to my Ukrainian grandmother). However, my PCOS is not a huge potato fan. So to help me out, my mom tried this AMAZING recipe (which she’s made with potatoes before) and I didn’t even miss the potatoes at all !!

no but seriously ever since I learnt about my weight gain I’ve been eating several small portions each day of low GI foods and healthy foods that should keep you full for longer like brown rice and daals and nuts and seeds and oatcakes and vegan gluten free bars and crisps but it doesnt fill me up (which has to do with pcos im guessing) and I feel sick or my stomach feels weird after every meal. This should actually be really normal for me since I’ve done it befire and im having absolutely no wheat/normal crisps or cheat days, but it feels horrible and I dont know if this is due to my depression and anxiety making my stomach feel this way or if I’ve changed my eating habits too fast.

STUDY SNACKS AND BRAIN FOOD (by the way, I was trying to make the hair look like a brain ;))

With finals coming up, I thought I’d expand on my previous study strategies post, and talk about some of the wonderful foods that will help power your brain through those exams! The right food is such a critical component to performance (not just physically, but mentally as well) so it deserves a post! These are not listed by level of importance and I try to eat all of them in moderation! These foods are not only good for your beautiful brain, but your overall health as well and you should be incorporating them into your diet all year, not just during finals because it’s good to be healthy and keep up your grades, right?

Think of an exam as a running a race. Eating well is essential for optimal performance. Getting enough sleep is the most important, and don’t try anything new. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

These are mostly low GI foods, meaning they take longer to digest, therefore supplying your body with gradual, beautiful, and sustainable energy!

1. Vegetables! Spinach and Kale are my favorite, but all of them are packed with heaps of beautiful, colorful, and vibrant nutrients for your wonderful body! I like to steam my vegetables or eat them raw, because boiling them strips their nutrients unless you drink the soup!

2. Water! It’s so important to stay hydrated (but not too much near the exam because you can’t use the bathroom) because it maintains your blood volume, which keeps nutrients transport to your brain! Be careful not to drink too much or else your blood will dilute and you’ll end up feeling dizzy. You should aim for the amount of ounces as you weigh in pounds of water to drink a day on top of the rest of the foods you eat. You should drink even more if you sweat. But I personally don’t keep track of how much water I drink, I just drink until I feel satiated and alive.

3. Caffeine. I only drink black tea, and I only do that if I have a big test or a race because I don’t want to get addicted and immune to the effects. Be careful not to drink too much or else you might experience a crash. When I took the ACT, I took a bottle with me to drink during the test.

4. Quality carbs for concentration. your brain’s main source of energy is glucose! Foods I like include bananas, flax/chia seeds, greens, beans (I love black beans), whole grains (oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice).

5. omega 3’s for alertness! Foods high in them include fish (especially salmon) and fortified eggs. Some vegan sources include seeds (flax/chia/hemp), leafy greens, beans, cabbages, and winter squash!

6. Dark fruits and veggies for antioxidants for cognition!

7. Oatmeal is a great breakfast food because it is a complex carb, so it digests slower, giving you a constant supply of energy, and it tastes wonderful! I love to add nut butters, yogurt, seeds, and fruit to my yogurt!

8. Healthy foods to snack on between exams that are long (like the SAT/ACT/APs) include energy bars (I like clif/luna), granola bars (I like kind), almonds, walnuts (they’re also shaped like brains!), protein bars, and fruit, especially bananas, and dried fruit!

9. Eggs are filled with complete proteins and healthy fats and they are extremely filling!

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// Exam season food tip \ Say no to 🍟🍕🍫 during this time and yes to healthy low GI foods and drinks. For breakfast I usually have whole grain cereal w/ soymilk + blueberries or avocado and scrambled eggs. That will keep your brain going for hours 💪💪 You’ll snack less and concentrate on what’s important ➡️ Studying ☺️☺️🔬👊👊