You only get so many second chances
Don’t waste a second second guessing
Not everything’s always your fault
Life’s not always simple
You don’t have to hate yourself.

I can’t believe I’m up here right now. When I was just a kid growing up in Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan, I dreamed about standing right here on this stage.

And when I told people I was hosting SNL, they were all like, well, are you gonna do a song from Hamilton?…

The opening monologue from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Emmy-nominated Saturday Night Live appearance
October 8, 2016 (x)

yo! we’re called bears in trees. we’re a bit like if the jonas brothers went through an emo phase and then listened to way too much folk punk.

we’ve got an album coming out on the 14th of august and a single coming out on the 1st. you can check out our spotify (which has our last two releases) here.

thanks for listening. x


EMILY THE JUST // EMILY THE VENGEFUL - A low chaos // high chaos mix for Emily Kaldwin

THE JUST - spotify // playmoss

“It was not your choice to be the daughter of an Empress, but I believe you’ll rise to the challenge. Stay good-hearted, Emily. Keep drawing and telling stories." 

Emily Kaldwin the Just, first of her name, a daughter of kings and queens. She holds the kingdom in the palm of her hand, but she looks to the horizon, burning for something more, something she cannot have. The sea calls her home.

THE VENGEFUL - spotify // playmoss

"They’ll say that little Emily Kaldwin the First came to power in an age of terror and corruption, and that she did her best in a world that is not kind to little girls, or Empresses." 

Emily Kaldwin the Vengeful, Void-touched, a daughter of shadows and crows. She is an empress, yes, but she sits upon a throne of bones, and rules over all that is broken. Her teeth are bared and she has tasted blood.

Mix descriptions written by the wonderful @vaulthunterexe <3

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