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17th April ~ 12:15

English essay planning & finishing off holiday homework this morning. I’ve started doing that thing where you plan each day on post-its? We’ll see how it goes. Also I’m running low on post-its.

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May I ask a sigil for rapid weight loss.

I am going to tell you this now, you must NOT and I mean NEVER only use this sigil for weight loss. The secret is drinking lots of water and low level exercise. Do not just rely on this sigil. It will not work if you don’t change something about your life style. And with that I wish you luck.

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Creepypasta #1136: A Warning For Backpackers Coming To Thailand

Length: Medium

I live in Thailand. But not as an English teacher, NGO worker, or professional expat of any kind. I’m a local Thai. So if you’re expecting some ladyboy joke from the title, I’m sorry to disappoint you. But I feel like I should let you foreigners know about what I’ve encountered last weekend. So please listen to my story. This knowledge might save your life when you visit Thailand.

I’m just an office worker living in the capital city of Bangkok. I wear a tie, work on excel, and is always being scolded by my American boss. My home is in the rural countryside, with lots of green paddy fields and sugar palms in the distance with the backdrop of grey hills. It is the soothing sight of my childhood. I was raised there by my parents who are rice farmers. I used to bring their buffaloes to graze in the fields. It is a place of my nostalgia.

As an office worker, I try to visit my parents as often as I can because they’re old now and are much too old for farm work. I visit just so I can bring some joy to their hearts and hand them a little souvenir from the city. Usually it’s a little bit of money I can spare after paying for my rent. But when I’m running short, I would buy them some American sweets or cookies that I’m sure they’ve never tasted before.

Sorry for the diversion, back on topic. So it is the past weekend that things had become strange. I would barely believe it if it hadn’t happened to myself. If my uncle or auntie from the village had told me that they’d seen what I’d seen, I would nod politely and secretly deride them for their superstition.

Last Saturday, I planned to visit my parents early in the morning, but my boss told me that he needed to have his Powerpoint done by 3PM. Just perfect. It would take me 5 hours to travel from Bangkok to my hometown by train, and the last one leaves at 2PM. So I went into the office and worked like I never did before. I skipped lunch and churned out the Powerpoint and immediately rushed to the train station. I barely made it in time to board the train. However, that means that I will have to walk to my parents’ home when it is dark. And that makes me nervous. It is known that no one should walk around after dark in my village.

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Weekend Diversion: The Living Bridges Of India

“This is all possible thanks to the unique way these particular rubber trees grow: often high on a cliff or boulder, with their roots extending far down to the low water level below. By shaping these malleable roots carefully over long stretches of time — particularly if there are two good trees on opposite banks — spans in excess of 30 meters (100 feet) can easily be crossed.”

The self-strengthening root bridges of India have lasted for hundreds of years, and only get stronger with time. Forget steel, concrete and modern alloys; the rubber tree Ficus Elastica seems to be the greatest architectural material of all!

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what's actually wrong with the 90gal? :o

It’s a strange filtration system where it’s like an under gravel sump thing, but several of the species are sand burrowers but can’t because you have to have gravel with the filter. And then it also has this pipe that is the outtake that comes out this awkward spot in the tank and rains down on the rest of the tank but at a low water level and is just UGLY
And then the stand and the hood are so bulky that I can’t press it against the wall so it just sits awkwardly in my hallway taking up way more space than it should
Then the glass is double paned which means I CANNOT get the between layer clean
It has:
A south American lungfish
A black ghost knife fish
A pictus cat fish
A Raphael cat fish
A pair of clown loaches
A bristlenose pleco
A glass catfish
A pair of cardinal tetra
A peacock eel
A rosy fin tetra
And some nerite snails.

I think that’s it but honestly I’m not sure.
It’s like someone just barfed bad ideas in one glass box lmao help

Snakehead Care (Channa bleheri)

Due to popular request I’m going to do a care guide on Rainbow Snakehead based on my own research and experience. I will also give a quick rundown on other species. Note though if Snakehead are illegal where you are don’t try to obtain one. They’re also not easy fish to care for and do not fit most keepers wow factor after a while.

General Information: 

Snakehead are described as perch like fish. Since though they’ve been studied more closely and have much closer structures and dna to that of labyrinth fish as well as fresh water eels. 

These fish are naturally distributed from south-eastern Iran and eastern Afghanistan eastwards to China, northwards to Siberia and southwards to Java, and from the White Nile westwards to the Senegal and Chad river drainages and southwards to the Congo river drainage in Africa. Due to invasivness brought on by the food, medicine and pet trades are now found all over the world.  

There are 34+ species of channa and parachanna (3) that are doccumented with more being recorded yearly. They often find their way into the pet and food trades shortly after discovery.

Oxygen tolerance: 

This I’ve found is a big draw and misunderstanding for people in the pet trade. Like labyrinth fish snakeheads can breath atmosphere air as sub adults and adults. In fact they are obligatory air breathers that will drown without access to humid oxygen. Because of this though, many keepers will keep them in stagnate or dirty water figuring that’s what they have in the wild. This is false and though snakehead can tolerate poor condition for a long period and in the wild survive some very poor seasons, their health is at risk if kept long term like any other fish. 


Rainbow snake head require 20 gallons per animal 30″x12″ and at least an additional 12″ for each additional animal. The tank must be well planted with cave like structures and leaf cover. A canopy of some sort will reduce stress. A strong ventilated lid is necessary. Snakehead do not hesitate to jump and are strong enough to shift glass lids or get past rubber seals. A heater is not needed and I don’t recommend them unless your room gets freakishly cold. Rainbow snakehead are fine in the low 60′s in the winter. Filters are needed, I use sponge filters as do many others. They don’t like a lot of current and they’re able to be setup with no openings in the lid. You want a fine sand substrate or some people use peat. This is because of their digging and eating habits to prevent impaction.


Very few options. I mean pretty much none. This will be up to you in the end but any tank mates must follow the following rules.

  • Must be able to go between 60 and 77 degrees throughout the year
  • Be a carnivore that is fine getting leftovers
  • Grow 5-10″
  • Be non-aggressive and non-territorial
  • Be able to survive a good bite if they’re fought.
  • Best if they have a night schedule
  • Able to live comfortably in the same sized tank
  • Have no defenses that involve barbs, or poison 

Basically this leaves a few larger catfish, giant danio, and other rainbow snakehead. All other fish are either toxic, seen as food, or get too large and actually intimidate the snakehead. Best thing you can do is have a species tank. You can have males together, females, or mixed pairs. They’re perfectly fine alone too. 


Feeding habits are odd and at times frustrating. Snakehead require a varied diet, but like snake don’t eat all the time… I offer mine mussel his absolute favorite, earthworms, bloodworms, like 5 different types of shrimp, a gel food made of fish, squid, and on occasion feeder insects. They pick favorites, they make a mess, they go on hunger strikes… Spring and summer they eat 3 times a week and in the winter might only eat once every week or two. Try to get something in them though.

They should not eat dry foods. These don’t digest well and they don’t really like it. Also don’t feed b!rd meat, feeder m!ce or mammal this will lead to malnutrition and illness. 

Snakehead are lazy hunters, during the winter they casually eat stuff on the ground. In the warm months they ambush very fast and take their food to a cave to eat. They’re messy. Just leave it they’ll eventually clean it up.


Easy to do really. First you have to get a male and female pair. They’re hard to sex unless side by side and the differences are small. Female tend to be bigger and a bit bulkier. Males during the spring will have brighter colors. Basically once you have a pair that likes eachother just leave them alone in good conditions (Make sure they have enough territory). They embrace and seem to fight. The female may look a little rough after but they’re fine. These guys don’t bubble nest or mouth brood like most snakehead. Instead the good eggs simply float up to the surface. Both parents care for and raise the fry up until a little over an inch. Breeding can be dangerous though. Sudden changes or stress can make them turn on eachother. A well planted tank is an absolute must as well. Avoid large water changes or temperature shifts while breeding. 


Rainbow Snakehead cannot have year round warm temperatures and need to have a cooling period. Some keepers just do that and reduce feeding. Others simulate full winter conditions. This involves adding more leaves to the water, letting the ph drop fairly low and letting the water level drop. The air becomes more humid during this. Come spring or once things warm up do daily water changes for a couple of weeks to simulate rainfall. You can continue a regular routine then. During the winter they may hide more, not accept food or interact. Just watch for signs of illness and encourage eating or add a vitamin supplement so that they remain healthy, 

Other considerations:

Snakehead are scaleless fish that are as sensitive as knives or even amphibians. Keep this in mind when medicating and avoid fertilizers. If your snakehead does get out they can sort of walk so search a fair distance from the tank. They can survive out of the water for 3 days and have been known to go several km in that time. Put them back in the water. They may bite, it hurts an bit but don’t freak out. Lift your hand slowly out of the water, if they don’t let go gently pinch the sides of their mouth and pull. Don’t be rough, it won’t help. Don’t just pull them off either, the dragging teeth will hurt more. 


Size: 5-10″ It varies with 6 or 7 being avarage.
Tank size: 20 gallon long for 1 (+20 gallons and at least 1 square foot for each additional)
Ph: 6.0-7.5
GH: 5-19
Temp: 57-77′f (seasonal variation required)
Lifespan: 8-15 years
Country: India

Other common Snakehead:

Channa aurantimaculata (Golden Cobra)

Size: 14-20″
Tank size: 120 gallon absolute minimum. 
Ph: 6.0-7.5
GH: 5-20
Temp: 60-82′f (seasonal variation required)
Lifespan: 8-12 years
Country: India

They’re primarily insectivores and do best on a live feeder insect diet. Very aggressive, best kept alone and one to a tank unless breeding. 

Red Snakehead (Channa micropeltes)

Size: 38-50″
Tank size: 300 gallons for the smallest specimens and as a grow out but really require 1000 to be housed comfortably
Ph: 6.0-7.5
GH: 8-12
Temp: 70-82′f (seasonal variation required)
Lifespan: 5-10 years
Country:  Malay

Need to be weened on a killed diet as soon as possible. They eat a lot. These guys will bite . Require massive strong tanks. Can break glass. 

Dwarf snakehead (Channa gachua)

Size: 6-8″
Tank size: 20-30 gallons for the first first and 15 gallons for each additional. 
Ph: 6.0-7.0
GH: 12-15
Temp: 71-78′f (seasonal variation required)
Lifespan: 8-12 years
Country:  Indonesia.

Probably one of the calmest varieties. They do fine in groups and can put up with some other tankmates well. Best beginner species.

Riverbank Warbler (Myiothlypis rivularis)

Sometimes known as the Neotropical River Warbler to avoid confusion with the Old-World Locustella fluviatilis. The Riverbank Warbler is a species of New World warbler (Parulidae) that occurs at low levels near water in forests and woodlands. Its range consists of three disjunct (fragmented) populations, one (M. r. mesoleuca) occurring in the eastern Amazon of Brazil, the Guianas, and southern and eastern Venezuela, the second (M. r. rivularis) occurring in the Atlantic Forest of south-eastern Brazil, eastern Paraguay, and far north-eastern Paraguay, and far north-eastern Argentina, the third (M. r. bolivianus) in the Yungas of Bolivia. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Passeriformes-Parulidae-Myiothlypis-M. rivularis

Image: Dario Sanches


It’s Not Just California: The Whole Southwest Is Experiencing a Drought

Notice California, where a lack of rainfall and record heat have pushed many reservoirs below 50 percent capacity. Farmers in California’s Central Valley have already seen cuts to water deliveries, and the governor has ordered cities to pare back water use.

But then there are those two huge red circles near Arizona: Lake Mead and Lake Powell. These gigantic reservoirs, which help supply water from the Colorado River to farms and cities throughout the Southwest, are also reaching historically low levels.

That’s a huge deal, as Eric Holthaus nicely explains at Slate. If water levels at Lake Mead keep dropping in the months ahead, Arizona could soon face a water crunch of its own.

Most notably, Lake Mead - the lake that provides over 90% of Las Vegas’ water - is reaching record lows. 

Water levels at Lake Mead had already been dropping for years, as more and more users have been overdrawing its water. More recently, drought and extreme heat have been adding to the pressure. With less snow in the mountains, there’s less water flowing into Lake Powell, which in turn is delivering less water downstream to Lake Mead. Read more

Fish Tale (Jongin Scenario)

Jongin stuffed his hands into the pockets of his dark wash jeans as he walked alone along the beach. The sky was splattered with pink, orange, yellow, and light blue as the Sun was setting on the ocean. A gentle breeze blew on his face and he could smell the salt of the ocean. The sand felt nice on his feet and Jongin liked the fact that the sand didn’t cause his feet to sink as he walked on the beach.

There weren’t many people around, which made the walk more enjoyable for Jongin. After a long day of school that consisted of lots of work to do with students and teachers bothering him, Jongin was happy to finally have some time for himself. He didn’t have to worry about a group of giggling schoolgirls following him around or teachers nagging him and telling him to straighten out his school uniform. This was the first time in quite a while that Jongin felt at peace.

His walk would have continued on quietly without a hitch if something had not caught his eye. At the time Jongin didn’t want to be bothered by anything, but when he would look back on this moment, he’d be happy that he let his curiosity get the best of him. Jongin paused for a few moments and just a few meters away; he saw something big and shiny. Faint sunlight reflected off of whatever this thing was and it caught Jongin’s attention.

With mild curiosity, he walked to what this mysterious thing was. From where he was walking he could see that this thing had scales and he as got closer he was sure that this thing was some sort of fish, but Jongin could not be anymore more wrong or anymore right.

Her skin was not pale, as one would expect for a mermaid. Instead her skin was rather dark and Jongin could see the grains of sand that clung onto the top half of her bare upper body. Her breasts were covered by her long black hair and with the help of the sunlight; Jongin could see that her hair had a little bit of blue in it. Finally Jongin looked down to the lower half her body and to say that he was shocked would be an understatement. He saw clear waves of water crashing against her tail. For a moment Jongin thought that he was dreaming, but the cool harsh wind blowing against him and the scent of the salty ocean was all to vivid for it to be a dream. This was reality and in this reality, a panic stricken mermaid was laying on the beach in front of Jongin.

The mermaid’s tail was long and elegant. The scales at the top of the tail were cream colored with deep red colored scales that ran down the sides of her tail. From what he could see, the mermaid’s tail was caught in some sort of net and prevented her from moving. The mermaid’s breathing was labored and he could see the panic that was etched all over her face. She struggled to move her tail that was caught in the fishnet, but no matter how much she thrashed, she could not set herself free. Jongin took a step closer to her tail to help remove the net and she thrashed even more. He looked back at her and saw the mermaid’s wide brown eyes staring at him in fear.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you,” he said gently. “I’m just going to help take off the net, okay?” The mermaid stopped moving around and seemed to ponder over his words. She blinked her eyes a few times and after staring at him for a few moments, the mermaid nodded her head.

Jongin rolled up his jeans so that they couldn’t get wet and walked into the low level of water to inspect her tail.

“I can’t see the net with all the waves crashing against you,” he said after a few moments. The mermaid seemed to understand where he was getting at, and Jongin continued. “Is it okay if I move you somewhere more private so that I can take this off?” Jongin looked back at the mermaid and could see the panic and fear in her eyes. He wasn’t sure if she was afraid of him or her current predicament, though Jongin suspected that it was both things.

He lifted up the mermaid and carried her bridal style in his arms. Though her upper body felt light, her tail was really heavy. Jongin didn’t let it show that her tail was really heavy and walked to a secluded and private part of the beach. The mermaid’s arm laid flat and awkwardly on top of her body and Jongin realized that she had probably never been carried like this or seen anyone carried like this.

“You know, you can wrap your arms around my neck if you want to make you feel more comfortable,” he said after clearing his throat. She looked up at him in confusion, not understanding why he would make such an offer or why it mattered. She awkwardly moved up her arms and wrapped them around his neck. She was surprised at how less awkward it felt for her arms to be laying there, but at the same time she was unsure of how she felt about having such close skin to skin contact with this strange human.

It didn’t take long for Jongin to find a secluded spot and once he did, he slowly and carefully set the mermaid down on the sand. Her back was resting against a rock and though she felt slightly uncomfortable, she knew that it could’ve been worse. Her savior could’ve just left her at the coast to die, but he didn’t.

The mermaid winced as Jongin started to unravel the net that constricted her fish tail. Much to his relief and hers, it wasn’t complicated nor did it take too long to remove the net. When he was finished, Jongin threw the net away.

“Are you hurt anywhere,” Jongin asked the mermaid as he looked at her from the bottom of her tail to her head. As his gazed wandered along her body, he realized that how beautiful the mermaid was. He averted his gaze from her body and looked at her face. She shook her head left to right, indicating that she wasn’t hurt anywhere else. Her tail felt sore, but it would get better once she got back into the ocean and returned home.

“What’s your name?” he asked in an attempt to break the silence. The mermaid blinked her eyes a few times and tilted her head to the side in confusion. She had no name; mermaids had no names since there wasn’t any need for them. “My name is Jongin, though most of my friends call me Kai.”

“Jongin,” the mermaid replied. His name sounded strange to the mermaid, so she repeated his name to see if that would change anything. “Jongin.” He smiled down at the mermaid and nodded his head.

“Yes, Jongin,” he said.

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European Valve Snail (Valvata piscinalis)

…also known as the European Stream Valvata, the European valve snail is a small species of freshwater valvatid snail that occurs naturally from the British Isles an throughout Europe, to Asia Minor all the way east to Tibet. However, it has been introduced into the United States where it occurs in Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, the Saint Lawrence River, the Hudson River and others. European valve snails typically occur in freshwater streams, rivers, and lake where they prefer running water and can tolerate water with low calcium levels. Like other freshwater snails, V. piscinalis is a grazer feeding on a range of algae and detritus. 


Animalia-Mollusca-Gastropoda-Heterobranchia-”Lower Heterobranchia”-Valvatoidea-Valvatidae-Valvata-Cincinna-V. piscinalis

Image: Michal Manas


Skipped work today. We started our day heading into Seattle to get coffee at Milstead. From there, we went to Un Bien in Ballard for delicious Caribbean sandwiches and fire roasted corn on the cob. After lunch, we cruised up I90 and did a little backroad cruising and stopped at stump lake to walk around a bit. It’s crazy how low the water level is.

Garrett and Jake just left to head back to Canada. Was good hanging out! Hope to see you guys again soon.

Also, happy birthday to Henderson today.

This Is Fascinating!!!

“My treasure is buried here … find it who may.” These were the dramatic words shouted out to the crowd gathered around the foot of the gallows on the Isle de Bourbon – known today as Reunion – as the noose tightened around the neck of a notorious French pirate. He was Oliver Levasseur, nick-named La Buzze (the Buzzard), and he died 250 years ago on 17th July, 1730.

Doesn’t that sound familiar to you guys?

I was reading up on this guy after seeing a post on FaceBook about how similar this is to One Piece and I just thought it was fascinating! But that may just be because I’m running on two hours of sleep after working two double shifts. Haha I could be totally wrong about how similar this is but you can be the judge of that.

But check this out!

Legend tells that when he stood on the scaffold he had a necklace around his neck, containing a cryptogram of 17 lines, and threw this in the crowd while exclaiming: “Find my treasure, the one who may understand it!” What became of this necklace is unknown to this day. Many treasure hunters have since tried to decode the cryptogram hoping its solution will lead to this treasure.

In 1923 the widow of a certain Charles Savy named Rose found some carvings in the rocks at Bel Ombre beach near Beau Vallon on the island of Mahé, due to the low water level that year. She found carvings of a dog, snake, turtle, horse, fly, two joined hearts, a keyhole, a staring eye, a ballot box, a figure of a young woman’s body, and the head of a man. A public notary in Victoria heard of this news, and understood those symbols must have been made by pirates. He searched in his archives, and found two possible connections. The first was a map of the Bel Ombre beach, published in Lissabon in 1735.[dubious – discuss] It stated: “owner of the land… la Buse” (Levasseur).[dubious – discuss]
The second discovery was the last will from the pirate[citation needed] Bernardin Nageon de L'Estang, nicknamed le Butin , who died 70[2] years after Levasseur, and claimed to have obtained possession of some of Levasseur’s treasure.[citation needed] It contained 3 cryptograms and 2 letters, one to his nephew:

“I’ve lost a lot of documents during shipwreck.. I’ve already collected several treasures; but there are still four left. You will find them with the key to the combinations and the other papers.”[citation needed]

and one to his brother:

“[..] Our captain got injured. He made sure I was a Freemason and then entrusted me with his papers and secrets before he died. Promise your oldest son will look for the treasure and fulfill my dream of rebuilding our house. [..] The commander will hand over the documents, there are three.”[citation needed]

This is what his code looked like!

External image

Doesn’t that seem awfully familiar to the Poneglyphs??? Well… not too similar but kinda close right???

External image

Am I the only one who thinks this? I’m not crazy am I?