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How to Handle a Nico: How to Celebrate a Maki

Primary Pairing: NicoMaki
Words: ~3.8k
Rating: T
Time Frame: Maki may still be working through her residency, elsewise is a doctor. Nico is working as an idol producer. They are living together as a happily married couple.
Story Arc: Stand Alone

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Author’s Note: It’s Midnight in Japan!
Happy Birthday, Maki!  ❤ \(≧▽≦)/ ❤

“Ma~ki~-cha~n~!” A voice sang.

“Mmmmph…” The redhead burrowed deeper into her pillow.

“Ma~ki~-cha~n~!” the voice repeated as weight pressed down on the mattress near the drowsy doctor.

Maki had never been one to love waking up. In years past, it was because she often stayed up too late with homework. She still stayed up too late with paperwork for the hospital, but nowadays, she hated waking up mostly because her favorite reason for being in bed was typically already out of bed. But now that said reason had come back…

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