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ヤな奴。~同僚・灰島編~ (Ya na yatsu ~Douryou • Haijima Tadatoshi~)

A new label, Venerdi, has announced their first drama CD! The premise of this CD revolves around the situation of if you happened to fall into a physical relationship with a guy that’s never been particularly friendly with you…

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

You are currently an employee at a design company, prioritizing work over love as a career-oriented woman.

At the same company, there exists a man that you definitely do not want to lose to—灰島忠俊 (Hajima Tadatoshi), who joined the company at the same time you did. You find him rather annoying because of his confidence and his ambitiousness, but nonetheless acknowledge his capabilities.

One day, after a series of impulsive and unexpected events, you end up in an intimate relationship with him…?

As a pair in constant opposition, you and Hajima quickly begin to close the distance between the two of you. One thing is certain—you never want to lose to each other.

And so, the stubborn rivalry between you two gradually escalates…

*A sample voice for this has already been released and is available here!

CV: ヘルシー太郎 (Itou Kentarou)

Release Date: February 24th, 2016.

What Kind of Tidy Whites do the FO4 Companions Wear?

Yes I literally am that bored. No I’m not talking about the vanilla game underwear.

MacCready: short boxers with little rocketship prints that he hasn’t changed in a few days. No one will notice.

Strong: Big ass fuck granny panties. Like dayum.

Curie: a teeny little lacy thong that pushes up her buttcheeks. Cutie in the streets, synthy in the sheets.

Nick Valentine: Trunks, classy, grey, synthy, oooh, aaah, fits nicely over those gen-2.5 parts.

Deacon: Black briefs. Tootally checks out his bootay in the mirror on Sundays. Bikini briefs to get freaky.

Preston Garvey: mid-thigh solid color cotton boxers. They’re his lucky pair. They make it not rain.

X6-88: Compression shorts/boxer briefs. So nice. So slick. So fitting on them courser muscles. Like a smooth ass seal.

Dogmeat: why would you put underwear on a dog you sick fuck?

Piper: Standard bikini, looks good on everyone, supportive, practical, always around. Has cute little bows on the front.

Hancock: Jock strap. Don’t even mess with me, you know he does. Helps him get in touch with his “feral” side. He wears the freaky stuff.

Codsworth: Don’t know how you can fit them on but if he were a synth he would be wearing some grandpa, crusty-ass white tidy whities.

Cait: You would think she wears a thong but NO! She wears boy-shorts. Tomboy at heart, still looks sexy af when she be walking around with them.

Danse: Mmm he wears them low-rise briefs enough for those little sculpted bootay cheeks to be hanging out the back. Maxson likes that.