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On A Budget in Mountain View by Ian Chamberlain
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© All rights reserved. A low-res, flatbed scan of a 6x7 (2 ¼ x 2 ¾ inch) transparency After a long shoot in San Jose, Ca., we decided to drive up El Camino Real for a while and take in the conominiu–uh, the gentrificat–uh, the view. I was impressed that the Budget Motel was still there and going strong. Thanks for looking!

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How much would you say a shoot's worth of film would cost to develop? I know it was pretty expensive per roll when I tried at a Walgreens and I wondered if there was a more cost effective way of shooting film.

Walgreens doesn’t develop film well and you shouldn’t develop your film there. They have a habit of losing film and returning rolls with low res scans. I go to a professional lab and they’re usually pretty cheap and helpful. Then again I don’t get prints and I get them back in standard res scans

You know when you see a photo and it HITS you and you’re just mesmerised by how nice it is and you really wish there was a bigger/higher res version of it but NO life hates you and the only version you can find is a low-res scan from a Kerrang! magazine?

So you decide the only solution is to draw a high-res version and okay maybe it doesn’t look exactly like them anymore but this is the best I got yo


they turned out even MORE kawaii if that’s possible

Based on this photo

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