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[Have you ever said “Don’t you know who I am?”] “Only at every meeting I’ve ever had with a casting director. Seriously, though, I’ve never said that and nor would I dream of doing so. My family would disown me and my mates would punch me if I even came close to saying that.”

Rewind to Week 16 - Silhouette Photography

Under the Pier - Been a bit busy with work this week, and the weather’s not great either, so I didn’t get out taking pictures, but I did manage to send some films off to be developed. So this is kind of new for this week.

Shot with a Pentax ‘Zoom 70-S’ (an AF compact zoom from around 1988) found in a charity shop, on 400asa BW film. The intention was to achieve a bold black and white silhouetted image and I think I’ve achieved that here. Attempting all these challenges with a digital camera has given me some knowledge and skills to start playing around with film and cheap second hand cameras. It feels like such a big decision pressing that shutter button, wondering if you’ve thought it all through properly and then not knowing until the postman arrives.

No edit, low res scan from the film developers.

Love the fact that you’ve gone to film @mhplanet, there’s no taking 100 photographs and deleting the ones you don’t like and retaking them as we all do with digital. Love the drama in your photo, the crisscross lines strung through the pier legs stepping out into the sea. It’s very cinematic, very cool. It is amazing what bargains you can find in your local charity shop too!-Mojo.

I am livid.

Apparently it’s just an accepted thing in modern medicine that auties have no theory of mind - not that we’re bad at it, but that we are incapable of attributing beliefs, emotions, or mental states to another person. And this has been a thing for thirty years now. Nearly my entire life.

The “evidence” for this:

  • Social difficulties are one of the key hallmarks of autism.
  • A study using new methodology, a low-res scanning method, and a sample size of six fucking people.
  • Another study, using fMRIs, which showed no social response when looking at a series of moving geometric shapes that NTs apparently assign social interactions to.
  • A third study, back to shitty PET imaging, where we had to guess emotional states based on pictures of eyes and nothing else.
  • A fourth one where we were expected to respond differently based on where a person we watched was looking.
  • And finally, one that showed less activity in a region of the brain that apparently involves social function.

Apparently not sought in any of this:

  • An autistic person’s explanation of how we think about other people.

Gee, why would people with social difficulties for whom eye contact is actually painful have trouble ascribing motive to inanimate objects, or reading intent and emotion from eyes? Must be ‘cause they literally don’t have any ideas whatsoever about how anyone else’s mind works! No, no, why would we ask them how their minds work? That’s just nonsense.

And this has been Accepted Fact for basically all my life. Un-fucking-believable. The sheer lack of self-awareness in professional scholars of the human mind is breathtaking.

(Hey, anti-self-dxers! You know how you’re always saying “psychologists have more knowledge about these issues than you can?” This right here is why we’re laughing at you. This is the sort of thing we’ve come to expect from the establishment.)

Okay, let me clarify: I am autistic. Not only do I have a theory of mind, I use it way more actively than basically any neurotypical I’ve spoken to. I am literally always the one pointing out how people are sure they have reasons for doing what they do, but everyone else is just being a dick. This comes from the fact that I need it to survive on a daily basis. Because I have trouble reading nonverbal social cues, and because people tend to exploit or use disabled people at a breathtaking rate.

 I can’t just glance at someone and size them up; I am constantly, actively thinking about the motives and goals behind literally every social interaction from everybody. Because I’ve had to spend so much time and energy on figuring out how my head works, and how to manage that, which involves learning how I’m different, ie, how normal brains work. I would be unable to interact with people if I weren’t capable of constantly developing theories about their motives, intentions, and emotions. I’m nowhere near perfect at it - my hit rate will be lower than a NT’s in face-to-face communications, but that’s because you have extra data I am lacking. Given the same data set to work from, I’m willing to bet my hit rate would be higher, because I’ve had to actively develop and constantly use this tool.

NTs out of psychology 2kforever.

You know when you see a photo and it HITS you and you’re just mesmerised by how nice it is and you really wish there was a bigger/higher res version of it but NO life hates you and the only version you can find is a low-res scan from a Kerrang! magazine?

So you decide the only solution is to draw a high-res version and okay maybe it doesn’t look exactly like them anymore but this is the best I got yo


they turned out even MORE kawaii if that’s possible

Based on this photo

And available on RedBubble!