low res scan

You know when you see a photo and it HITS you and you’re just mesmerised by how nice it is and you really wish there was a bigger/higher res version of it but NO life hates you and the only version you can find is a low-res scan from a Kerrang! magazine?

So you decide the only solution is to draw a high-res version and okay maybe it doesn’t look exactly like them anymore but this is the best I got yo


they turned out even MORE kawaii if that’s possible

Based on this photo

And available on RedBubble!


(map included again for ease of reference.)

Easy to miss details on a mediocre low-res scan. ^-^ However I’m glad you brought this up, because in fact that scale is wrong, as I have since scaled up the region by about 50%.  The Spindles are approximately 2,000 kilometres from end to end, which gives an easy basis of comparison for other areas.

As far as amount of world covered by this map, the southern edge spans 75 degrees of Longitude, and north to south it covers 45 degrees of latitude, from 30N to 75N.  I’m not exact on how much Longitude the map covers at the north edge, probably about 85-90 degrees due to the projection distortion.

Edit: Tethys is approximately 42,000 kilometres at the waistline, so slightly pudgier than Terra, with slightly (~2-3%) stronger gravity.

Baker Beach is a beautiful stretch of beach just outside of the Golden Gate. Like much of California and the San Francisco Bay Area you never know what you are going to see or get. Today, it was very domestic and homey, straight out of the 1950′s…tomorrow there may be naked people doing things in public that could make you blush. Like a box of chocolates?