low quality videos are the devil


You have seen me posting funny Markiplier faces. Now, here’s my most favourite video game character, Dante, with his funny derp faces from Devil May Cry 3. As you can see, I have way~ too much fun with the pause button >w<
I apologize for the low quality on quite a bit of them. Some were taken around the time before the 1080p feature was added on Youtube. Others either looked like that (No matter which HD/HQ video I watch), or turned out really blurry when blown up in size.
If you’d like a better view of them, you can either click on them or download them.

Sorry for the low quality of the pic. That was the clearest I could get around the time I made this trivia image. If you’re wondering where this screenshot is from, you can check the source link between the 1:23 and 1:26 marks. Although this screenshot wasn’t taken from the video in the source link, it was a different one from longer ago.