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tentakel  asked:

im afraid one of your readers from tapastic have printed themselves three tshirts with your artwork without your permission. theyre pretty much some 13 yo telling everyone to "fuck off" while theyre getting called out on stealing artwork

Hi! Yes thankyou I saw, It sucks but like you say I assumed they were pretty young and uninformed from the way they behaved. Tapas have taken some action and I’ve made a general warning post about it. Just everyone please don’t try to make t shirts etc from the posted comics. 1. Its theft and 2. the quality will come out so bad from low res file rips x)

headbangme  asked:

Can you do an imagine for the RFA+Saeran about how they would react to MC being the lead actress for the theatre company that rivals Zen's, please? Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to your blog growing!

Thank you for the encouragement!! I hope these are good enough! This is a very interesting request! *In a good way of course!* Thank you for sending it in!

This was a little bit shorter of a post? I apologize if you were hoping for a little more :( I’m sorryyyY!! I feel like these ones are low quality, oh god..If they weren’t that great, you can let me know! I’ll come back and add things to improve them!

*Apologies for any typos!!!!* 


  • It’s a joint rehearsal. The theater companies are supposed to be competing, but, this time, they’re organizing a huge show. Joining their actors together! Putting on the most spectacular, large, impressive, amazing, absolutely stunning-
  • There’s Zen.
  • You’ve known that Zen was an actor, but didn’t expect to actually run into him like this. So you approach him happily with a “Hi, Zen! It’s so nice to finally meet you!” 
  • He thinks you’re a fan “Oh..have you sent me letters before?~ I may recognize you by your name, sweetheart. What is it, hm?” 
  • Surprise Zenny boy
  • “Oh! No, I’m MC! You remember, right, Zen..?” He can only stare at you.
  • What. You’re an actor/actress. For this company. But why, no, he wants to flirt with you, what’s going on, is this a set up, Jumin I bet you’re up to this-
  • Zen’s mind overthinks it immediately like this is some modern day Romeo-Juliet forbidden romance and treats it like that for the majority of all rehearsals
  • Of course, though, he doesn’t hold this against you. He just…isn’t very friendly with any of your coworkers. (Zen calm down it is not that serious)


  • “Woah isn’t that weird?? Rivaling Zen-hyung??? Isn’t that super awkward because you guys know eachother outside of it?? Do you hate eachother-”
  • Yoosung please
  • You have to explain that he’s being a drama queen, and that you and Zen really don’t interact all that often within the profession. You guys just so happen to be in rivaling companies, and that’s it
  • Yoosung, however, still goes overboard about it and is expecting you guys to end up having the kind of ‘constantly-arguing’ relationship that Jumin and Zen have


  • Jaehee is surprisingly fascinated by the concept, and immediately bombards you with questions *Not rude ones of course, she just is so excited to see your talent??? Do you have DVDs like Zen does??? Can she have them?? Do you have merch??? Why hasn’t she heard of you before???*
  • She is of course, absolutely dazzled by all the talent that you have
  • She actually has Seven surf the net for any DVDs that are up for grabs, any mugs, any posters, any shirts, anything that has you on it because you’re so good and she is so happy to see another talented soul that, even in her heart and mind, is good enough to rival Zen A.K.A Hyun Ryu??????


  • “Good. Do you ever show him up? Put him to shame?” 
  • “Jumin please”
  • Jumin always finds pleasure from aggravating Zen, or just seeing Zen overreact and go ballistic over the littlest things. So seeing him be so crazy about the fact that you’re not with his company, but the one competing with it, makes Jumin smile.
  • Jumin doesn’t see it as a very big deal though? The only thing he’s really interested in is how you are as an actor/actress. He’s entranced by watching you perform, and he doesn’t really think much of your company’s issues with other talent agencies. Jumin’s all about you, so the thing that catches his eye the most is your beauty and passion when he sees how you are on stage. 


  • Seven wants to start drama for the sake of the two companies being rivals
  • He thinks it’s completely reasonable because um if you guys are competing then why wouldn’t you wanna play pranks to screw around with GT Entertainment’s rehearsals but you just kinda have to give him the reason: “Because I’m a good person, Seven”
  • Seven is always trying to playfully initiate arguments between you and Zen *Which of course doesn’t work* by saying things like “wow, he/she’s probably gonna get more famous then you, Zen” “how does it feel to get rekt” “LOLOLOL how does it feel to be Boo? Boo the fool.” 
  • *Zen dismisses this as Seven just being a complete…and utter…imbecile* *I used to always think imbecile was spelled and pronounced ‘invusile’ help me please*


  • Saeran thinks it’s kind of funny, in his own..dark little way
  • Basically roasts Zen for throwing a fit about it. 
    “I can’t believe this!!” 
    “Trust me, we can all tell, you’ve been bitching about it for three weeks” 
    “SEVEN!! Control your rude brother!!”
  • Doesn’t really see what all the craze is. For him it’s just there, I mean, that’s just how life worked out. He does, however, encourage you to always try and surpass Zen
  • “kick his ass”
  • “..thanks..Saeran..for the…encouraging words..”