low quality i did my best

PSA: If you're looking to buy prints, posters, or merch and come across a site called TeeChip DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM, EVER

They steal artwork from artists without their permission and attempt to resell low quality crap of it, and trick people into buying it by stating “BEST SELLER, NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES, LIMITED TIME ONLY”

And hey, guess what? Someone messaged me earlier and I found out that this “company” is selling MY ART that I definitely did not give permission to use, sell, or distribute.

This “company” literally edited out my work from the original images, rotated a few, and slapped them all onto a poster.

Uh, NO. Not cool at all.

I have already filed a DMCA and hope to have it taken down within a day, but who knows if they’ll even do that seeing as their “DMCA form” is literally an email to “someone who takes care of these matters” 🙃

PLEASE don’t support shitty “companies” like TeeChip who steal the hard work of others! If you ever recognize artwork that you suspect is stolen on any site that sells artwork or merch, please let the original artist know if you’re able to! It’s always greatly appreciated when people let us know this kind of shit is happening and we can take actions to stop it

Having trouble with consistency when drawing your comic?

Want a cool sculpture of your favorite OC??

Want some merch to sell at a convention table???

Hi, I’m Travis and I’m looking for commission work. Speaking of work, look at those pics above again for a second. Not enough? Quality too low? Check out my instagram, or just browse my tumblr archive.

Did you like that? Well, thanks! So, do you think it’d be cool to have your own art made into a sculpture? Well, shoot me an email with some reference images and I’ll give you a quote!


Recommended reference! It’d be best if your reference was orthographic (at least front and side, ¾ wouldn’t be bad either) specific textures you might want, close up drawings of important smaller details, etc.

Whatever reference I get, that’s what the thing will look like (most likely*)!


Process and Pricing:

I sculpt using Castilene, which is a wax. This is NOT the final material of the piece. The sculpt will be molded in silicone and your final piece will be cast in a hard urethane plastic, which means if you’d like to get multiples of your commission then that can happen (note: extras will cost more).

Pricing varies on complexity, size of the piece, etc. As a base sum, expect it to be over $100 USD covering all materials and labor, however it should be noted this price may increase or decrease due to complexity, size of the piece, whether it’s a headsculpt, or a bust, or a full body figure, etc.

Interested at all? Just wanna pick my brain? Shoot me an email at willmctrav@gmail.com

*As I sculpt the figure, I will keep you updated with progress pictures where you may send notes if the pose is looking off, if shapes aren’t quite right, if things aren’t looking perfect for you, etc. However, please be reasonable! There can be some major differences between how something looks two dimensional and how it looks sculpted!

Disclaimers: What you see in my sculpts? That’s what I’m good at. Please don’t commission me for a hyper realistic Hugh Jackman complete with every single pore on his face (or anything in that vein), because it almost definitely won’t turn out good and neither of us will feel good about it.

I’m not gonna make art of licensed properties, unless you own the license. Sorry, I don’t want to be sued!

I retain the right to refuse a commission for any reason whatsoever. Mostly I just don’t want to do lewd art or have to try and interpret bad reference art (or violate copyright laws). If you’re not sure whether your reference fits these categories, just ask.

I’ll likely only be doing one or two of these at a time.

I will charge you after the final sculpt is approved by you and before I cast it. This will ensure that I can cover cost of material and won’t waste time making a mold of something I haven’t been paid for.

Holic | Im Jae Bum | One-Shot

jb (got7) + you (reader)
word count: 2,896
warnings: yeah a curse word here and there, it’s a smut but there’s no intercourse just some good ole dry humping it’s hot when done right okay enjoy and don’t judge
a/n: this is some shit i wrote it in like two hours don’t hate me for putting a fic out that is such low quality haha sometimes i just gotta write some random crap in between all the other crap to make myself feel good lol

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MBTI as shit Seventeen says

ISFJ: [to laptop] “Good to see you again.” 

ISTJ:  “Are you kidding me? Kimbap kidding?”

ESFJ: “Do you have any concerns?” “Yes, should I drink the banana milk or the strawberry milk?” 

ESTJ: “Kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege.” 

INFJ: “Drink water!”

INFP: “Ah, this will be easy.” [2 secs later] “I’ll never be able to finish this.”

ENFJ: “Seventeen has such good teamwork that we can kiss each other.” 

ENFP: “How did you do on your test?” “Let’s move on. I tried my best.” 

INTJ: [points at self] “This is answer.” 

INTP: “A screw got in the food!” “Think of it as extra iron content.”

ENTJ: “I will now begin the cardiopulmonary resuscitation on this kimchi.”

ENTP: [lying detector goes off without a question being asked] “Guess life is a lie then.” 

ISFP: “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” “Yes, I’m still hurting.” 

ISTP: “Let’s go! To the bus to hell!”

ESFP: “LOW QUALITY?! I’m the BEST quality.” 

ESTP: “Let’s eat everything and suffer later.” 

Monsta X Scenario: Meeting you at a fan signing

Hey guys! This is my first Monsta X Reaction/Scenario writing (I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while but was very hesitant about doing it but I did!). It might be very low quality because it is my first time writing but I hope you guys enjoy it anyways because I did try my best. Thank you so much ♡ - Iman 

PS: There are members that have reactions might a bit longer than the others and that might be because I got carried away towards the end (Remember I do love the members equally)… so my apologises in advance. 

Shownu: The second he sees you, he becomes very shy. He turns very hesitant as he’s unsure of what to say to you. However, it changes once you start talking to him as you try to break his shy shell by talking about the things you both love. His dad jokes are passed around the table, giggles and laughs are heard throughout the whole venue because of them. “Thank you so much for coming to the fan meeting today and thank you for sharing such good laughs with me. Hopefully, we can meet again because you are such a sweet and fun girl.”

Originally posted by blackpinkinmyoreo

Wonho: This boy gets really cocky once he sees you. While you’re waiting in line, he tries to make eye contact with you and when you two do make eye contact, he tries to impress you in every way possible. You let out a few giggles here and there when you see Wonho trying you gain your attention (and he definitely gains you attention). He leaves the room for a quick bathroom break and when he returns, you expect him to return back to the stage and continue with the fan signings. However, he had other things on his mind. Instead of making his way to the stage, he makes his way to you. “Since your beauty and light attracted me, you’ve now got my undivided attention, my dear.”

Originally posted by warmwonho

Minhyuk: Minhyuk, the ball of sunshine. Seeing you got him very hyped up. Once you got up to the stage and met up with him for the signing; he asked for your name, tried to be funny with you, sang his songs together, played around with the animal headbands and took pictures from every angle with every filter on Snapchat. He tried to make this meeting something memorable for the both of you, and it definitely did. Once the fan signing came to an end and when you were making your way home, a notification went off on your phone. You see a familiar picture from Minhyuk’s fan cafe, a selfie of you and Minhyuk with a dog filter with a caption; “I would like to thank Y/N for such an amazing time at the fan signing. She made such supportive and sweet comments that made me so motivated and excited for Monsta X’s future. Thank you so much, Y/N. ♡”

Originally posted by monsta-texts

Kihyun: Once he meets your eyes, he calls you up to the stage with a smile: “Ya! You in the back, come and make your way up here.” You look around you just to make sure if he was talking to you or someone else and then you look at him and point to yourself, he nods and gestures to make your way up to the stage. You walk up to the stage hesitantly but he reassures your nerves by sweet talking to you. He asks you about your day, if you’re going to the concert later that night, asks you if he’s your bias and grins when he sees you blushing while looking down at your feet. Cheesy pickup lines are stated by Kihyun which makes you blush and the other members cringe behind his back. The whole fan signing with Kihyun was such a great opportunity, you left the fan signing venue with a big smile on your face. While you were waiting outside of the concert venue, you looked through your album once more and a particular paper fell out. You read it with a smile; “Y/N, thank you for making your way up to fan meeting, it was such a pleasure meeting you. However since you were an hour late, you need to stay one more hour with me after the concert. - Kihyun” (The quote is similar to the ‘Who’s the Best at Dating’ video, I bet you all know what I’m talking about)

Originally posted by strawberry-peach-tae

Hyungwon: Fan signings can get really tiring a while especially if they continue till the evening. You came in a bit late because of your tight schedule in the morning. Starbucks was your first stop before the fan signing venue. You had this feeling that your bias, Hyungwon, was worn out at this time of day so you decided to buy him a coffee to help energise his tiring day. Entering the venue you see a crowd of monbebes and the 7 boys at the top of the stage, on the far right of the stage you see Hyungwon slowly dozing off. You make your way up to the stage and lightly tap Hyungwon out of his unconscious state. He looks up to see you with a bright smile and a coffee in hand. “Here, I thought that you’d be a bit tired at this point of day so I decided to buy you something energising.” you say with a smile. He gladly accepts your kind gesture and asks you to take a seat. You guys talk for a while about various things on your minds, play with the bubbles that Wonho was blowing, drinking coffee, watching the boys trying to make a heart with their arms and so on. Before you leave, you give him another gift to show your love and support for him. He takes your hands and says “Y/N, thank you for the small sweet gestures, they mean a lot to me. The next time we meet, I promise to pay you back the same way to did; returning sweet gestures and supporting you in every way possible.”

Originally posted by hyungwvn

Jooheon: Aegyo, aegyo and aegyo ♡ Did I mention aegyo? You’d expect the boy have that rapper vibe the second you met up with him but you thought wrong. Jooheon showed you the new version of his Kuku Kaka song and it warmed your heart to the point you squealed in front of him (fangirl instincts kicking in). You two decided to go full on aegyo; conversation were now no longer spoken in a normal manner. All the other members and monbebes found the action as something very cute as they got to see Jooheon lighten up from his usual cool, laid back rapper figure. Towards the end after the aegyo meltdown came to an end, Jooheon signs the album you brought to the meeting and adds a little extra information… “To Y/N, thank you so much for bonding with me through aegyo. It was really nice to bond with someone who accepts my aegyo without cringing or leaving the room ㅋㅋㅋ. Maybe next time for my mixtape instead of rapping, I could invite you to the studio show that we can create a new aegyo song! From Jooheon (his phone number)”

Originally posted by gainsbourg17

IM: Changkyun tries to make the fan meeting/signing as professional as possible however when you make your way up to the stage and take a sit right in front of him, he gets really awkward and flustered. However, you had the same feelings/emotions as him which slowly calmed him down. You shyly talk about his new mixtape, Who Am I, and tell him how much you are in love with his skills and talent. The whole fan meeting with Changkyun started off nerve-wrecking however after you two warmed up to each other it basically became a place where you two talked about your favourite rappers and his mixtapes. “It’s nice to know that there is someone who has the same personality as me and has the same musically interests” he thought to himself. Before you left, he made you listen to his new mixtape and asked you for your opinions. In the end, you left the venue a sweet note from Changkyun in your signed album and a link to his mixtape album on SoundCloud. 

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nightfostered  asked:

Hi! I was wondering how you did the animated links for your navigation? I've seen a lot of people doing them lately but I haven't been able to locate a tutorial anywhere. (Your base code is gorgeous, by the way!)

I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly, since I received several questions about this and it looks like many people are interested in this effect.

I’m going to explain to my best ability how to achieve an animation effect like this. ( Please excuse the low quality of the gif, the programme I use to make these isn’t working so well these days, for some reason. )

First and foremost, I insist that you READ THIS TUTORIAL PAGE. I’m sure there are others like this too, but this is the page I used when I first decided that I wanted to learn how to animate objects and symbols. It’s not the fanciest tutorial out there, but it explains everything very well. And in a very simple manner, which is always a good thing for CSS newbies.

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WIP meme

I was tagged by @sixsaltysweets! Thank you! ^-^

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

my original stuff:

1. Chant of Stars (I hate translating titles, it sounds much cooler in German I swear >.<): Emri’s story. It’s a constant construction site. This bloodsucking monster will never be finished. It started out as a classical “Chosen One saves the world from the Big Bad” kinda thing years ago when I was like, thirteen, and by now it’s sort of an attempt to subvert some of those exact fantasy genre clichés. I’m not saying it’s clever or anything, but I’m working on it.

Here are some of the working titles this thing has had throughout the years:

  1. Anxious Mage Is Doing His Best
  2. Trying To Help But Inadvertently Just Making Things Worse: A Character Study
  3. Death And Misfortune. Also At Least One (1) Cute Kitten.
  4. Why Are There No Dragons In This

2. Also, here’s a months old drawing of Emri that I occasionally go back to but have no stamina to actually finish because *gently fingerguns backwards out the door* 

3. Desert Sailor: Gil’s story. I’ve translated some snippets of it into English before, they’re here if anyone’s interested. It’s kind of bad since translations are hard and also this is all from the very first draft still, so… eh. I might go back to working on this one when I’m done with ANLG - though the motivation to work on my own stuff is really super low right now. After this whole fanfic experience where people are actually interested in what I write, it’d just be so goddamn lonely to go back to writing stuff nobody reads or cares about T-T

fandom stuff

1. And Nearly Letting Go: I mean. You know this one. It’s probably the only reason you’re following me ^_^;

It’s on a bit of a hiatus at the moment because *quietly backflips out the window* Don’t worry I’ll finish it, I’ve just been working on it for too long now and I need a break.

2. Prompts: I still have 10 or 11 prompts in my inbox. I promise I have not forgotten about them! They’re really helping me getting over my ANLG writer’s block actually, the last one I did was super fun. I’ve started writing 2 more and taking notes on 3 others already. Some of them are very difficult for me actually, but I’ll do my best!

3. Sneak peak of a silly thing that I may or may not finish:

I wanted to do 2 of those, but it’s way more work than I thought and I draw very slowly, so lets see if I have enough willpower to complete these.

(Yes even low quality shitposts are too time consuming when I do them. Y’all have no idea how long I take to even finish one simple sketch T-T)

4. Sketches: Since we’re on the subject… I have 2 rough sketches lying around that I wanna finish at some point, one of Mob with a cat (because Mob+Cats will always give me feels) and one of - ehhhh terumob kisses? o///o Which. Yeah. I’m no good at drawing stuff like that so I might never ever post it, but I wanted to give it a try ^_^;

Okay you know what I think that’s long enough, I’m not gonna ramble about all the half finished sketches or vague story ideas I never really started, because most of those aren’t WIPs so much as they are just orphans abandoned by the side of the road at this point.

Tagging friends!

@fireflysummers, @auro-cyanide, @sonicsarah1117, @azeher, @thecommonercomet, @keishota, show me what you got! (As always, only if you want! 💙)

@mysimplelifejustme :’))))

side note you guys can hmu if u need translations to some obscure video that’s in korean bc ive slipping into the bilingual life™ - mod kimchi

S. Coups

  • this boy can’t stop smiling
  • would laugh but in a good way
  • does that thing where he holds the fans hand and swings it around and repeats it slowly and if you keep struggling he’ll be like its okay

Originally posted by svtbabies


  • call the ambulance this boy has been SHOT
  • can’t take the cuteness and he’d want to squeeze ur cheeks and hug you
  • would get joshua to translate that it’s okay bc joshua is his personal translator and literally with jeonghan 24/7

Originally posted by jihanlife


  • he’d be such a sweatheart about it and slowly talk you through it and compare pronunciation to words in english like “say ji the way you say je in jesus and soo the way you say soon!”
  • would have a conversation w you afterwards
  • cutie would hold ur hand

Originally posted by jihanlife


  • he find it so endearing how determined you are and how you mumble the pronunciation under your breath afterwards too
  • he would want you to get it right and when you do he’d do a happy dance
  • would go back to dorms that night and brag about you to the boys “a foreigner knows how to say my name!!!” congrats jun now shut up we want to sleep

Originally posted by dxngsichxng


  • gets overexcited
  • might even hit you in the “ohmygosh” way that wonwoo does with his disturbing aegyo sound that goes like “aing” yeah details man details
  • i feel like being the person he is he would probably call you his wife straight after you get it right

Originally posted by mountean


  • he gets sooo flustered when you pronounce it right
  • most say won-woo but you finally got it!! won-oo!! he’s psyched!! but keeps it hidden bc he’s a cool kid. but he’ll be smiley and blushy especially cause u cute 
  • would try to pronounce your name as well :’) considerate Home Boy

Originally posted by kittykatkwon


  • he would almost seem? uninterested?
  • until you frown a little and his breath gets caught in his throat because u r C U T E
  • wouldn’t actually mind if you can’t pronounce he’d actually think it was cuter when you couldn’t

Originally posted by mountean


  • he would be like scoups laughing but 10x harder and would be like jun doing a happy dance but 100x harder
  • actual sunshine that finds everything you do so cute
  • would want you to say his name over and over again regardless of correct pronunciation

Originally posted by changkyu-n


  • lmao what a nerd he’s grinning so hard thughao is concerned/roasting
  • “my name is mingyu. i love my carats. do you know it?”
  • really happy that you can say his name, lowkey doesn’t want you to learn other member’s name hahaha

Originally posted by 12fools


  • myung ho myung ho myung ho myung ho
  • would repeat it a lot with you like as soon as you start “mi - “ “myung ho” “okay so myung -” “- ho, myung ho”
  • but its all good intention he just wants to help you + would be really shy and sorry about cutting you off afterwards

Originally posted by shownusgrl

minghao is so precious he can shoot me and id thank him


  • he’d one up you bye pronouncing your name right first and you know it
  • “my english is best quality” understand he’s gotta keep up the divaboo concept
  • would actually be so touched? that you are trying? in the first place like hhhhh

Originally posted by seungkvvan


  • at first he’d do his ‘help me what’s happening’ fish face
  • and then he’d crack a grin and clap like a seal start barking and flopping
  • turns out he is a sea creature
  • LMAO I’M SORRY I GOT CARRIED AWAY no but he’d be really happy and like seungkwan so touched
  • “seungkwan you’re english is very low quality”

Originally posted by j1nwoo


  • you get it right in one try his name is literally chan (chahn) what did you except
  • doesn’t have the satisfaction that other memebers got so he tries to make you say something else like
  • “chan jjang e yah” “chan saranghae”

Originally posted by swagplusderp

lmao w love

mod kimchi

anonymous asked:

im feeling verkwan af rn and i wanted to know what are some (or all) of your fav verkwan moments? they make me so happy and emotional and ur blog is my drug

Tysm!! :”) Verkwan is my drug too <3

Here are SOME of my fave Verkwan moments:

This was the first moment I shipped them <3 When I watched this episode for the first time, I was intrigued by this. I was like?? Okayyy?? What’s?? going?? on?? here??? They really had great chemistry there.

(I re-watched SVT project tho, and I’m mentally hitting my head on the wall coz there were A LOT of Verkwan moments before that episode and I’m like “why didn’t I see those before??” UGHH SMH)

Then found their predebut era. Honestly, finding their trainee days was one of the best things that ever happened in my life T^T


Then let’s not forget about their ship name that Hansol made

Aaand Seungkwan the big spoon

And their moment in “Where’s My Friend’s Island?”

And one of my Pretty U era faves

Sooo that’s some of my faves. Oh and I made those gifs myself because I can’t find those exact moments in gifs so I tried my best.

Sorry for the low quality gifs for the best quality couple <3 (HA! See what I did there? *laughs at my own inside joke* ….okay, I’ll stop. Sorry)

Hope this helped your craving for Verkwan!

Under the cut, there are #79 RARE gifs of PUCKLEBERRY, but mainly their portrayers LARK (Lea Michele & Mark Salling) together.

It was requested by anonymous to find some rare Puckleberry gifs, so I found some clips and videos of the pair together I see as ‘rare’ or 'ungiffed’ at most and made them myself. Most are of the actors, but a few are from Glee that I don’t see on my dashes usually.

All of these gifs are small sized, usable on Tumblr and were made by me, so please don’t claim as your own or use in gif sets. Feel free to use, reblog if you wish and please like if you found it useful. Please note that gif quality is determined by video quality, and some videos were only low, but I did my best to edit them higher. Because of this, some are made with different PSDs and levels as others through experimenting, so some gifs are repeated.

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I did a little something yesterday ! It’s somewhat loosely Snow White inspired, I guess ? I only used pure white, pure black and the background red and used a bunch of layers. Really fun to make ! (click for a better quality)

Aishwarya Rai Gifs

Aishwarya Rai is a 41 year old, Indian actress and model of Tuluva Indian descent. She is one of Bollywood’s highest paid actresses and is also an ambassador for L'Oreal Paris.

  • There are 30 gifs under the cut.
  • All gifs were made by me.
  • Please ‘like’ this post if you use any.
  • I’m more than happy for people to use these in gif hunts, just please make sure that you credit me.
  • These gifs were requested by one of the players in my roleplay and I apologise for the low quality of some of them - I did my best to sharpen them up!

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