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      “Come with me,” she said. “Stay with me. Be with me See everything with me. I have traveled the world and seen so much, but there is so much more, and no one I would rather see it with than you. I would go everywhere and anywhere with you, Jem Carstairs.”
       His thumb slid along the arch of her cheekbone. She shivered. It had been  so long since someone had looked at her like that, as if she was the world’s greatest marvel, and she knew she was looking at him like that too. “It seems so unreal,” he said huskily. “I have loved you for so long. How can this be true?”
       “It is on one of the greatest truths of my life,” Tessa said. “Will you come with me? For I cannot wait to share the world with you, Jem. There’s so much to see.”
       She was not sure who reached for who first, only a moment later she was in his arms and he was whispering “Yes, of course, yes,” against her hair. 


D.J. Cotrona as Sean Mathers in Windfall

“I just want to show up with the other lottery winners. You know, stop living my life in the shadows.” 


Probably my favorite part of Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life is the cute little son you have in chapter 2.