low quality but whatev

so @littleluciel wrote headcanons about MC working as a mermaid and the members’ reactions to it. And I just HAD TO draw Seven in a shark costume watching MC perform ok

Lit Hoes | 001

Originally posted by seungkvvan

*boonon has added 11 people to the chat*

boonon: hey guys im bored

boonon: โ€ฆ..

boonon: answer me you hoes

vernun: im trying to sleep

boonon: sleep is for the week

vernun: its weak you dumbass

boonon: youโ€™re very no fun

scups: seungkwan just go to sleep

boonon: ur not my mom

scups: yeah but im older than you

*wonwoah has left the chat*

boonon: wtf

vernun: see, even wonwoo isnโ€™t as petty as you

boonon: im not petty

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