low quality again

inktober 2017 - 17

I got a request for Chef Lexa from @thatonewherelexasachef‘s fic Quality Ingredients which is A+ and everyone should read.


Plato’s Stepchildren is still one of the most ridiculous TOS episodes to me. In a good way. Because at the same time it just further demonstrates the extent to which the triumvirate will go to for one another. 

And Kirk whinnying. Never forget that. Ever.

more roto!!

trying to figure out the exact shape of Cumberbatch’s face, cause even if you’ve kinda figured it out in still images, movement is a WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY xD (animation 101) I think I’ve got a better understanding of how the eyes work now (this is prep for an animation that I wanna do, but shh don’t tell anyone xD)

was playing overwatch in Japanese when I made an important discovery when I wanted to say “how embarassing”

meanwhile the actual voice actor for Jotaro is over there

俺は早いぜ・・・ (ore wa haiya ze)