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Hope you’re feeling better, babe. You deserve everything 💗💗 I don’t think there’s ever been a straight up dating vamp!Chanyeol headcanons list. Could I request that if it already hasn’t been done?

★fucking hell where do i even start with this puppy

★when you first started dating

★he was so distant

★bc he didn’t want to freak you out

★and bc he was sooo nervous

★his soulmate is right infront of him

★he’s finally found you


★after a few weeks 

★he’ll get warmer

★he takes you to the arcade

★and beats you at every game


★’years and years of practice’

★got baekhyun to teach him how to touch you properly  

★bc he hasn’t been with anybody since he was turned

★he’ll hold your hand so gently

★’is this okay?’

★’it’s wonderful’

★would stress out over telling you what he was

★when he did he’d freak the fuck out

★bc you’d need some time to think

★but son listen

★when you go back to him

★he’ll bawl his eyes out

★’thank you for coming back to me’

★after that he promised he’d never let anything hurt you

★and that you’d never see him drink

★a year in is where things change





★just being in the same room as you has him want to explode with joy

★he’s finally able to hear your heartbeat over others

★he’ll finally start staying over at your place

★leaves his shirts around for you to wear

★’can i have that back?’



★’i like the view’

★never leaves you alone omg

★he’s always with you

★clung to you

★probably will scream if you don’t pay attention to him

★everyone already thinks you’re married

★so does he

★would marry you tomorrow if he could  

★writes songs about you

★is too shy to sing them for you

★tells you his lore

★he wouldn’t be the one to introduce you to the other vampires

★it would be the red velvet coven that gets you all in the same room

★speaking of red velvet

★seungwan watches you two in awe at all times

★smug about her being the one that set you up

★got wedding magazines on standby 

★chanyeol will be on guard when you walk into the room with exo

★but when he sees you and kyungsoo getting along

★he’ll relax

★when you’re comfortable with exo

★he’ll invite you to stay over at the mansion

★his room will have been completely done over

★it’ll be filled with fairy lights

★a huge bed


★and fluffy blankets

★he’ll be sooo nervous about it

★what if you don’t like it?

★what if you wanna go home???

★he’ll be so happy when he sees you grin

★’will you be joining me on the bed?’

★’do you want me to?’


★he’ll take 0 time picking you up and falling onto the bed with you

★has matching pyjamas for you

★and by matching pyjamas

★i mean he bought two of the same shirts for himself

★but you can have one

★so he can stare at you

★has a massive music collection

★so there’s always something playing

★will play his guitar for you if you ask

★just don’t praise him

★he’ll shutdown 

★walking around the city at 3am

★for snacks

★and to see sights

★he pulls you onto his lap when you want to sit

★he’ll rest his hands on your waist

★once introduced you as his wife/husband

★leaves sticky notes around your home for you


★even if he’s just left you

★you’ll get the 

★’i miss you so much’ text