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What are your thoughts on vienna? From what ive seen its the ideal place to live and im thinking of studying there. The socialized housing and low food prices and public transportation seem great but what do u think?

The living standard is quite high it’s clean and calm. Uni is for free, the housing situation could be better but I feel somewhat good here. night life is shit though

Daiya no Ace Radio Ep. 7
Ohsaka Ryota, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Namikawa Daisuke
Daiya no Ace Radio Ep. 7

Polar Opposites

Namikawa: In a restaurant, are you the type that sits next to the girl?Shimazaki: AHHHHH
Ohsaka: Ah, not across
Namikawa: Yeah
Shimazaki: This could lead to a debate… I want to sit next to her, but then I would think, “Wouldn’t this be annoying?” So then I’ll probably not.
Namikawa: If it’s Ohsaka Ryota, he’d go to the restaurant next door, right? Like, “You can eat here.”
Shimazaki: What kind of play is this?! What kind?!
Ohsaka: “You can eat at this restaurant and I’ll pay… I’m going to Yoshinoya*”
Shimazaki: What is this?! (っ・Д・)っ

*note: Yoshinoya is a relatively low price fast food chain store