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I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this but I’m going to say this because I had the best time yesterday ever. I worked on the studio yesterday with Camila Cabello. I have to tell you something. She is so talented. She is like honestly..I was floored like one of the Top line writers I worked with. Such an incredible Writer. She just came with everything. I was like why am I here. She’s crushing it, so next level. Such an honor to work with her, so stoked.
—  Charli XCX talking to Zane Lowe about working with Camila.

look I understand both sides of the argument and that magnus is angry and upset and we all say things that we don’t mean when we’re angry but honestly saying alec is “just like the clave”, a society that has shamed him for his identity and who he loves (also a society that has been prejudiced against magnus and has given him hell for way longer) and is the reason that he has had to put up walls and has made him miserable for pretty much all of his life and made him literally FIGHT for the role as head of the new york institute because of how homophobic they are  and how alec is striving every day to change and get those horrible mindsets out of his head and is changing for magnus and for himself was really low and shouldn’t be praised or idolized 

Sibling Rivalry

|| Dean x Reader x Sam || 

Warnings: SMUT. This is basically porn. (No Wincest)

Author’s Note: This is a smutty little thing I thought up randomly… at work. Yeah. It was a slow day. Story is below the cut! We’re starting off heavy, folks.

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Characters- Sam x Reader
Summary- A few drinks can make you brave, and maybe a little horny.
Word Count- 1,203
Warnings- !!! Smut !!! NSFW under the cut, guys.
A/N- This is my first time writing any sort of smut, so be gentle (hehe) Special thanks to @impala-dreamer for her beta work, and tequila for tipsy smut ideas. This was originally going to be a smutty warmup drabble, and yet again I prove I can’t really drabble to save my life.

You giggle relentlessly, the alcohol in your system a nice buzz under your skin. Every cell feels alive and humming, and life is just a series of small joys. You watch as Sam sits on the side of his bed, dimples making a delicious appearance as you excitedly tell him about this lore book you’ve been reading.

You’d shown up at his room earlier, drinks in hand, and asked if he wanted to spend time together since Dean was out for the night. He’d agreed quickly, and it had been one of the nicest nights you’d had in awhile. As the night wore on and you’d had a few drinks in you, you couldn’t help but notice how beautiful he was. You’d always had a thing for him, sure, but tonight? He was gorgeous.

Broad shoulders and a trim waist, all firm muscle beneath his flannel. Yup, judging by the ease in which your mind turned to the gutter, you were tipsy. You watched as Sam spoke about things he liked, face lit in enthusiasm, and you couldn’t help but want to kiss him.

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Imagine a change of plans while sharing the bed with your favorite Winchester

Pairings: This is an attempt of “choose your own brother” x gender neutral! Reader (sorry if it sux)

Warnings: sexy times, smut-ish, not actual intercourse though.

Word count: 511

Tags under the cut.

Imagine a change of plans while sharing a bed with your favorite Winchester

The old mattress gives in under his weight causing your body to roll closer to him, no that it’s a problem. You yawn and stretch your sore tired limbs, drag the soils of your feet against the sheets and on his hairy calf. He complains, wincing when you pull at his hairs.

You ignore him and turn around with a little hop and pulling the sheets with you, making him grunt in annoyance, shaking his head he follows you and moves behind you settling in as the big spoon. You sigh and wiggle your back to his front, teasing him as you finally find the right position and slips an arm below your neck, the other one lands your midsection, resting on the little exposed section of skin between your sleeping shorts and T-shirt.

He nudges on the back of your neck, inhaling your scent and sighing in content. You’re both exhausted after a long, demanding day, there’s not gonna be sex, you both know it. It’s like a silent agreement. But somewhere in between you backing up and him rearranging his hands ‘accidentally’ grazing one of your nipples, your sharp intake of air, his scruff scratching your jaw and your stomach clenching unexpectedly, his cock transitions from soft to fully hard.

And it’s on.

His fingertips on your chest move around, feeling all of you through the soft material. Your lips part since you’re unable to breath deeply through your nose anymore. And his lips latch on your neck and his hips work in tandem with yours. Low little grunts fill your ears, mixing with your own.

He finds a little pebble and twists at it leaning on you to find its twin, pulling at them from time to time, provoking deep gasps and strangled whimpers from you as the muscles of your lower stomach contract, barely relaxing with every turn of his hips and your underwear sticks to your soaked sex.

He’s quick, almost desperate pulling your shorts down your hips, one side at the time and then his. A scratchy thumb pulls your cheeks apart to help himself settle in between. You moan at the boiling hot, smooth length, already weeping for you. The slick coating your crack as he thrusts. The hand not occupied on your chest goes between your legs working you out the way you like and your own nectar dripping down helps with the slippery slope. His hands work in team. His low, husky voice praising you, your body, your movements until you’re standing at the edge of the cornice ready to fall as coaxes you to do it and you dive. Your whole body exploding when you sink down the deepest pit. After a quick moment he’s there with you, pulsating behind you, quaking and growling. Soothing with kisses where his stubbled burned your skin.

You clean yourself with your discarded shorts or his, you’ll never know until come the morning. “G’night,” you sigh.

“Night.” He wraps his arm around your middle again, this time there’s no layers of stupid fabric in between.

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Having healthy hair as a Black girl is better than just having long hair. Please don’t ruin your hair as a means to keep the length. You’ll end up regretting it. Long hair isn’t everything, no matter what you grew up being told.

I reread the werewolf!Zen smut that @casualpastelgay wrote and then looked out my window. To see a full moon. And had a mini fangirl attack. -sigh- This is my life.

Day6 / Giving them a lap dance

Requested: Yes. @doyoung-gurl I’m sorry it’s not up to par with my other reactions ;( I hope you like it anyway!! 

There isn’t a back story, but giving them a lap dance after a stressful day and I’m not that good at creating multiple back stories lol so I left it at that!

I should be doing homework, but :) I’m a terrible student and I’m going to fail in a large pit of fire anyway. Fuck it.

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when a woman posts on facebook about how she has the best husband because he cooked a meal and helped with housework one (1) time

When Zoro reassured his worried crewmates back at Zou, the only thing he needed to tell them was that Sanji was was with the others, and nothing else. This showed the tremendous amount of faith he has in Sanji of course, but doesn’t Zoro also seem mildly indignant in this panel? It’s as if he’s slightly mortified to find that the rest of the crew does’t have as much faith in Sanji as he does to ever doubt that the Curlyhats might be dead, and blurted out those words to defend the cook in spite of his pride. Considering that this is nearly the first time Zoro said something nice about Sanji in front of others, it must’ve been really hard for him to resist the urge to low-key praise the cook, don’t you think? He was being rational yes, but his personal emotions clearly got involved, as is always the case when he reacts to something about Sanji.

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I love how you were able to portray the amount of ecstasy Yuri is feeling in that last drawing. Does he like his nipples bitten and sucked by Beka? What's his biggest kink?

OH BOY does he, Yuri loves with Beka bites and plays with his nipples – or really, any part of him. Yuri would let Beka do anything he wanted to him and he completely trusts that he will love it – he always does.

I feel Yuri is really into Beka being rough with him, though. Pinning him down, pulling his hair, biting his neck or leaving bruises in the shape of his hands around Yuri’s hips. He likes to feel Beka long after he’s gone, and he especially likes to feel like he’s Beka’s, when he calls him kitten in that low voice and praises him for being so good (for a change). He might be the heir to the Plisetsky family and all that comes with it, but he wants to be Beka’s more than any of that.

A Helping Hand

gif is not mine

Title: A Helping Hand

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Word Count: 1,040

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by anon: Derek Morgan helping fix your hair after your hand is broken? 😚 I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

When you broke your hand while on a case, Derek took it upon himself to help you out.  You broke your dominant hand, leaving you in a rough situation.  You wouldn’t be able to use your hand for a few weeks.  Having Derek around was helpful to your daily routine.

You shuffled into the kitchen, letting out a long yawn.  “Morning,” you mumbled, grabbing the waffles from the freezer.

“Morning sunshine,” Derek smirked.  “Sleep well?”

“Like a baby,” you grinned, popping a couple of waffles into the toaster.  “I didn’t accidentally hit you with my cast again, did I?”

“Nope.”  Derek contently ate his cereal as he watched you prepare your own breakfast.  “I just wanted to get my shower in before you woke up, that’s all.”

“Ugh, that reminds me I need to wash my hair,” you sighed.  “I hate having a broken hand.”

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the thing here is that hustler club m&g has been an all time low STAPLE and was something that was special and everyone absolutely adored. it was different than other bands in the scene because you didn’t have to pay to meet them, and it was open to fans who were apart of their fan club. it was a very personal thing! you got to talk with them and hang out with them casually for 45 minutes, and it really drove home that band/fan relationship. it’s one of the things that made fans feel so connected to them. and i know i harp about bands not needing to cater to fans, and we don’t deserve anything which is TRUE, but this was an unnecessary change just to accommodate to those who can afford it which takes away the magic of classic atl m&gs. it makes everyone involved look bad, and i really can’t blame those who do look at this negatively for more than just the m&g standpoint. it’s an awful decision to take away something that brought fans that much closer to the band and other fans. i can’t think of any other band who had a m&g set up that was THAT personable where you had time to converse with the band and hug them without being rushed and you didn’t have to pay an extra penny for it. the whole thrill was the presale stress of being first 50! or waiting anxiously for sign ups to see your name at the top of the list! it was the whole environment surrounding the m&g from start to finish. it was the m&g speech?? are we never going to get that speech from the tour manager again before the guys come out?? it was being able to see the guys as human beings instead of musicians on a stage?? it was feeling that magic of having their undivided attention with whatever you wanted to speak with them about?? it was being able to connect to your band without that barricade between you- something all time low has been praised over for the past 11 years. it was so much more than just a quick photo against a backdrop and a 20 second rushed meeting with the band? it was personable. it was genuine. it was exciting. and now it’s all stripped away, because what’s so special about these m&gs anymore if anyone can buy them and they’re not awarded to random fans? it takes so much away from that environment and it’s upsetting and absolutely heartbreaking as someone who has quite literally grown up with this band and been to past m&gs. it was one of the things that really bonded me to them, and it’s strange and a bit disappointing to see it go out this way when it never had to.


Was Maisie referring to the awful Stark sisters drama that we got in the last 2 episodes? Such horrible writing warrants such a reaction.

You were right Maisie, nothing prepared me for it. Not even the leaks.

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"narrator has a crush on (or major personal grudge against) someone in the story they’re narrating and is verrrry obvious about it" -- Imagine Shouto narrating BNHA. Low key praising everything Midoriya does. Dryly insulting Endeavor every time he's mentioned.

This is the best. Absolutely. Love.

We Make the Kingdom- Pt.4

Image by silverdagger865

Pairing: Yongguk x OC
Genre: Fantasy, with Angst and Smut to come
Summary:  After a vampire attack leaves you almost dead, you are rescued by a group of werelions, powers long thought to be extinct. Upon discovering the same magic flows in your blood, you join their fight against encroaching vampires and another, very human monster, to save the kingdom.
Previous parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,  8, 9(M), 1011, 12, 13

You only wait one day to start training on your own. Determined to rebuild your strength through exercise, you decide to start with exploring your new home.

It takes ages to sneak from your bed and past the sleeping men. They lie sprawled and tangled on the mattresses that are pushed together on the floor. With your eyes on their chests, you use the wall as support. No doubt worn out from another night of hunting, they barely stir.

You retrieve your quarterstaff from the fireside. Its tap echoes in the hall as you make your way outside. Mid-day light reveals most of the buildings to be sunken and decrepit with age and neglect. Only a few gleam with the healthy new wood of repairs. With one hand on the wall and the other on your staff, you begin your circle.

Though you’re definitely more steady on your feet, your body still demands stops. The pauses to catch your breath allows you more time to examine the small garden and kitchen you discover. When you reach the other side of the guardhouse, a chorus of curious whinnies beckon.

Leather and hay and sweet grain permeate the air of the building. Seven large, gleaming raven heads stick out of stalls when you step further into the stable. The nearest horse, neck and chest thick with muscle, throws its head and paws its door. It pins back its ears in warning.

“Hello, gorgeous babies.” Clucking your tongue, you hold out your palm. “Ah, look at that physique. You must be a stallion. I’m sorry if you didn’t like me calling you ‘baby.’ You’re a splendid, strong beauty, aren’t you?”

The stallion’s ears slowly prick forward at your continuous low voiced, lilting praise. He allows you closer to lay a hand on his broad neck. With a snort, he stretches forward and starts nosing your clothes.

You laugh and pat his nose in apology for not bringing the treats he seeks. Having won over the head stallion, your reception from the other horses and lone gelding is more welcoming. He butts your shoulder again when you return to his stall after greeting all of them.

“You are a big baby.” You chuckle, stroking his head and kissing it. “What a bluffer. All nose and no hoof.”

“He’s as gentle as they come for a stallion, but he knows how to be a warhorse when needed.”

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