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Device Captures Energy From Chaotic Motion

Though we go scrambling for an electrical socket or a new battery when our smartphones or other electronics need a boost, the energy to do the job is all around us. A ship bobbing up and down in the water or a jogger running in the park unleashes enough energy in their movements to potentially provide usable power. If only we could figure out how to harness the energy unlocked by chaotic movement and store it for use when it’s needed.

The machine above is called the WITT (Whatever Input to Torsion Transfer) device. It consists of two pendulums, which pivot around shafts that transfer chaotic movement in any direction to an attached flywheel. The torque from the spinning shafts is funneled into spinning the flywheel in a single direction, which stores energy in its rotation. That stored energy can then be tapped to generate smooth power output. Two patents have been issued for the chaotic motion energy harvester. Learn more below.

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Low power electronics I think will be one of interesting things to look at as the power resources and energy resources are scarce and also the modifications in the computer organisation and all arethe things to look into and chargeable batteries is one main thing to focus…

The above are some things Im interested in studyin in… #hardware…