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Berseria prequel novel summary: Eizen and Aifread’s pirates

Here’s a summary of a part of the prequel novella that came bundled with the Tales of Berseria collector’s edition. On this part, we see what went on aboard the Van Eltia on the night of the Advent, when Aifread’s entire crew could see Eizen for the first time.

(you can find more prequel novel summaries here!)

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Kinder Low End by l4ts
Via Flickr:
Kinder Low End and Kinder Scout seen from Mount Famine. I usually do this walk in Autumn when the moorland colours are more vivid, but on this glorious morning even these muted tones were worth seeing.

Even more of the Sheith soulmates AU

Seriously, I am so stumped at the moment for a title for this thing…and a title would make it easier to tag…

Anyway, just like it says up there. Voltron story, Sheith ship, probable T rating. Feedback and concrit welcome. Planning to complete it before taking it to AO3/FF-Net.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Keith messaged Iverson through the Garrison’s system and the commander replied that he would be in his office after 2230 hours. That was…late. Hooper’s words came back to him: someone important decided that the Kerberos crew needed to be dead.

He went into town after classes and withdrew most of the money from his bank account, getting some cash and putting the rest of it on an anonymous debit card designed for international travelers. He used the cash to lay in a supply of water and packaged food that would last several days. He added those purchases to the hold in the hoverbike before heading back to the Garrison. He returned to the apartment and tried to get some studying in before dinner. It was difficult to focus – Shiro was jumpy and nervous about something.

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Some cool kit for the new #Lantac promo video coming soon… MTEK Flux Carbon-V in Multicam Black.

On Helmet Lighting:

Core Survival HEL-STAR 5 IR LED Marker.

Surefire HL1-A Helmet Light with IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) Beacon. Mounted via Kinect MLok Rail & Tango Down Rail Adapter.

Surefire Mini Scout with KM1-C Vampire IR Head.

Video Capture:

MOHOC IR Elite Ops Camera System. 1080p, 12MP IR Sensor.

Headset and Mounting:

TCI (Tactical Command Industries) Liberator II Headset for Thales MBITR 2 Communications System.

UNITY, MARK (Modular Attached Rail Kit) & SARA (Sordin ARC Rail Adapter) Headset Attachment System.

Night Vision & Thermal

Night Vision:

Armasight Inc AN/PVS14 Gen3+ White Phosphor MNVD (Monocular Night Vision Device). Mounted via, Wilcox L4 G24/ G70 NVG Helmet Mount with Low Profile Breakaway Base, 3 Hole Shroud & Retention Lanyard.

Wilcox AN/PVS-14 J Arm with NVG Interface Shoe.


Safran Optics 1 AN/PAS-29A COTI (Clip on Thermal Imager). Counterweight:

TNVC / EOG Mohawk Mk1. Helmet Accessory Storage and Retention System.


Pop Punk Geography (through Google Maps).

Ocean Avenue, Yellowcard. LAX, Miles Away, The Maine. Logan Circle, The Wonder Years. Mount Diablo, The Story So Far. Thames Street, Six Feet Under The Stars, All Time Low. The Wedge, Let It Roll, All Time Low. Vegas Lights, Panic At The Disco. New York City, Mona Lisa, The Summer Set.

Me waiting for a Clarkson’s Novella in order of getting any unresolved questions answered is basically this:

anonymous asked:

Your top 5 pro wrestling matches of all time?

Oh god and in no particular order:

CM Punk v John Cena Money in the Bank 2011
Okada v Omega WK11
The entire 3 match series of Zack Sabre Jr v Tommaso Ciampa in Progress
The SuperKliq v Ospreay, Sydal, and Ricochet PWG BOLA 2016
Friends of Low Moral Fibre vs. Mount Rushmore PWG BOLA 2014

Benjie Flipperboi is accustomed to getting his hands dirty on early 70s Japanese iron. But he’s decided to branch out on his latest build—an amazing Ducati cafe racer called ‘Velocita D’Epoca.’ Working with a tired and neglected Ducati 900 SS/SP found for a bargain price, the @benjiescaferacer crew stripped the Ducati completely before starting with a new, aggressively angled rear subframe. The Norton-inspired tank was next on their list, mounted low in the front to partly cover the trellis frame.
The seat and tail are a one-off carbon fiber unit, and the headlight was hand-hammered. The clip-ons are unique and you’ll find no linkages for the foot controls. It’s old school engineering at its finest and that makes it one of our latest Bikes Of The Week.
Hit the link in our bio to see more, plus the other four killer builds that made the cut.
#ducati #900ss #caferacer #benjiescaferacer #bcrdesigns #motorcycle #bikeexif
Photography: @blacksheepmanila and @13luckymonkey


The Finished the last touches on my battlestation! Workspace

Here are some of the products that make this workspace an Amazing Workspace: