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Berseria prequel novel summary: Eizen and Aifread’s pirates

Here’s a summary of a part of the prequel novella that came bundled with the Tales of Berseria collector’s edition. On this part, we see what went on aboard the Van Eltia on the night of the Advent, when Aifread’s entire crew could see Eizen for the first time.

(you can find more prequel novel summaries here!)

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The Aston Martin DB11 Gets a V8 Engine Option

After its successful global introduction in 2016, Aston Martin’s definitive GT - the acclaimed DB11 - is now available with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Perfectly complementing the DB11’s existing 5.2-litre twin turbocharged V12 engine, this new powerplant has provided the opportunity to reveal more of the DB11’s sporting character, while expanding its global appeal with a combination of exceptional performance and improved efficiency.

Producing 510PS (503BHP) and 675Nm of torque, the V8 engine’s potency is beyond question, propelling the DB11 from 0-62mph in just 4.0sec and on to a top speed of 187mph. This performance is matched by impressive efficiency: CO2 emissions of 230g/km1 and an EU Combined fuel economy figure of 28.5 mpg. This new V8 derivative brings further significant benefits in markets where car taxation policy is structured around engine capacity, such as China.

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Drone captured sunrise through low-lying fog, Mount Schank, Australia


Pop Punk Geography (through Google Maps).

Ocean Avenue, Yellowcard. LAX, Miles Away, The Maine. Logan Circle, The Wonder Years. Mount Diablo, The Story So Far. Thames Street, Six Feet Under The Stars, All Time Low. The Wedge, Let It Roll, All Time Low. Vegas Lights, Panic At The Disco. New York City, Mona Lisa, The Summer Set.

Even more of the Sheith soulmates AU

Seriously, I am so stumped at the moment for a title for this thing…and a title would make it easier to tag…

Anyway, just like it says up there. Voltron story, Sheith ship, probable T rating. Feedback and concrit welcome. Planning to complete it before taking it to AO3/FF-Net.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Keith messaged Iverson through the Garrison’s system and the commander replied that he would be in his office after 2230 hours. That was…late. Hooper’s words came back to him: someone important decided that the Kerberos crew needed to be dead.

He went into town after classes and withdrew most of the money from his bank account, getting some cash and putting the rest of it on an anonymous debit card designed for international travelers. He used the cash to lay in a supply of water and packaged food that would last several days. He added those purchases to the hold in the hoverbike before heading back to the Garrison. He returned to the apartment and tried to get some studying in before dinner. It was difficult to focus – Shiro was jumpy and nervous about something.

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anonymous asked:

2 from the prompts with Sonny please

2) A special rock, the color black, walking through clouds whilst on a mountain

Originally posted by do-me-carisi

Every year was the same.

He’d slip on the same comfortable clothes, his shirt always black, break out his gear, and head out.

He’d always get an early start, the morning light just beginning to dry the wet kisses of dew left behind from the night prior.

It was a beautiful hike, peaceful, even relaxing in the beginning. It’s probably why passersby on the same trail looked at him in confusion, wondering how he could look so somber in the face of so much beauty.

Or maybe they knew he was there for the full hike, focused on the hours of treacherous trail ahead.

True, it was a treacherous hike, and he rarely escaped without a few scrapes, but he’d been up and down the trail so many times, he barely had to think, his mind and body kicking into autopilot. It left him able to think of other things.

One thing, really. The reason he made the trek every year.

He stood on the solitary peak, breathing in the cool air. The views all around him were just as breathtaking as they always were, today particularly impressive as the clouds hung low on Mount Marcy across the way. They even seemed to blanket spots where he stood, giving the effect of walking through an enchanted kingdom in the sky.

But he had come with a task to complete. The views would wait.

He searched the peak, bald and stone-faced for the most part, until he found the soft patch, a nearly unnoticed marker still in place.

He slipped the backpack off his shoulder, pulling out a spade and begun to dig, silently reciting a prayer as he did.

Had there been an onlooker, they might have thought he was mad, lips moving but no sound, frantically scraping at the soil.

The spade hit and he smiled, ending his prayer as he switched from spade to fingers, brushing away loose soil until he could pry a small box from the ground.

He rocked back from his heels to a sitting position, digging in his pack for a dark blue velvet bag, worn with age, and retrieved the contents.

A small stone. Glass, really. Green sea glass.

Opening the box, he held the glass to his lips for a moment before placing it inside, where it joined several other pieces, an assortment of colors and shapes.

He closed his eyes, remembering their conversation that day.

Can you imagine the person who finds it? How they’ll sit there scratching their head trying to figure out how this tiny piece of sea glass ended up here, at the top of one the highest peaks in New York?”

“If they’re anything like me, they’ll be too busy trying to catch their breath to care,” Sonny had said.

She smiled, holding the piece of blue glass up to the sky, the sun’s rays filtering through. 

If he’d known what would happen just a week later, he would have stared longer, paid closer attention to her whimsical ways.

But no one knew. How could they? She always seemed so effervescent in nature. The thought that there was a deep sadness she kept hidden from him, from everyone, nearly broke him.

He beat himself up for months after, telling himself he should have known. He should have picked up on clues.

It took time to forgive himself.

But he would never forget.

He closed the box, placing it back in the hole, carefully burying it deep enough that it would withstand another year of mountaintop rains and erosion.

With the box once again buried, he brushed the dirt off his hands and pulled a sandwich from his pack, washing it down with a bottle of water before making the long trek back down the mountain.


“What did you do this weekend?”

Carisi looked up from his desk to see Rollins standing there, eyeing the bandage on his palm. He slowly closed his fingers around the bandage, taking a breath before forcing a smile to go with his simple reply.

“Went for a hike and had lunch with an old friend.”


assignment time rolls around which means it’s time to procrastinate by doing shit i was procrastinating on earlier

some of you (probably not many lmoa) may remember that 2014-15 i was briefly making a webcomic called mount lowe which i ended up not doing after a while mainly because university got too stressful (and i’d planned literally nothing out so i was stumbling through the whole thing, constantly switching programs and art styles and it was a mess basically)
anyway yea i’m gonna reboot and redo it soon so i finally got around to touching up everyone’s designs like i wanted to, was fun to draw these shitters again

from top left:
riley - short-tempered hothead trying to act like an adult, also the only one (seemingly) who takes much note of the weird shit which happens in her city on a regular basis
brenda - prodigal genius in the body of a happy-go-lucky airhead. no personal concept of consquence
elizabeth - neet. doesn’t want to talk to you. spends every waking hour studying, often for personal interests. 
andrea - sociopath. impulsive and narcisstic self-proclaimed scientific prodigy. never means harm though
victoria - natural go-getter, however is often victim to over-confidence or outright laziness. often has her foot in her mouth and her head in the gutter, but she’s chill i promise
regan - the child every parent wanted their child to turn out like. bright, polite, and generally curious by nature. no semblance of a short-term memory to be found

hopefully by the time my next university break rolls around i’ll be ready to start pumping out some comics bc i’m writing stuff for bird and odium as well hohoooo

Me waiting for a Clarkson’s Novella in order of getting any unresolved questions answered is basically this: