low lying land

One day, one rhyme- Day 878

Low lying land near eerie swamp,
Sure to receive a lot of fog;
Hard wood floors, great to clomp and stomp;
High ceilings echo dialogue;
All furniture is unsecured,
So can be scraped about with ease;
Large brick basement where all are lured;
Nice space between walls, no more squeeze;
Hidden passageways, with spy-holes
Behind creepy portraits in paint;
Large rooms, to meet all ‘wailing’ goals;
Old floorboards creak without restraint;
Plenty of pictures on the walls,
Ready to fling at any time;
Terrible lighting in the halls
To make creepy shadows sublime;
Nearby substation provides hum
Of unsettling background music;
Throughout, the decor is grey glum;
Old staircases that squeak and click;
Outdoor fire pit and drowning pool;
Has been the scene of seven heists;
Air-con for ghostly breezes cool":
Selling realty to poltergeists.