low keening

Start on the Right Path Update

Title: The Storm
Author: Jordan Herbert
Warnings: Explicit sex with a male character’s vagina 
Pairing: Skeleton Dance (Lord Hater/Wander)
Fandom: Wander Over Yonder
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned in this fic.

“Why are we even bothering to control this planet? Look at it, Peepers, it’s pathetic. It’s depressing me just thinking about ruling over it,” Hater grumbled and pointed at the screen. “I mean, just look at the Idkians. They can barely walk five steps without getting scared of their own shadows!”

The screen displayed a pair of Idkians walking on the gray planet. Everything was gray except for their blue, furry skins. A tree branch snapped off and landed in front of them, making the two immediately stop and huddle down into horrified balls. Their eyestalks retracted almost into their head like bodies and a low keening noise could be heard from the trembling fluff.

“They don’t even have an army to try and defend themselves. They’re worse than the Bingleborfs.” Hater crossed his arms over his chest with exasperation.

“An easy victory is an easy victory, Lord Hater.” Peepers shrugged. “And it’ll move you up on the villain board to the second spot.”

“Yeah, but what will I even get out of this planet if it belongs to me?” Hater asked. “Do they even have any good resources? Do they even have a king or queen I can gloat over?”

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