low income workers

people who have been houseless!

or low income street workers or both:

if someone was having a clothing event for you as a population,

would you go if it was like .25/item

OR would like .50 or $1 a bag as full as you want?

we’re trying to figure out how to keep the first few people from just scooping everything which is what has happened the few times i brought clothes to fri night outreach.

taylor swift literally gives us so much honestly we live like billionaires while fans of other artists live like peasants who insist you don’t need money to be happy

The Weapon We Have Is Love — We’re Not Afraid To Use It
“These days are dark, but we won’t fall. We’ll stick together through it all.
By the Harry Potter Alliance

The Harry Potter Alliance is a nonprofit organization with 501c3 status. That means there’s only so much we can say about elections.

In order to preserve our tax-exempt status, we need to stick to facts. So, here are some facts:

  • Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States.
  • Many people, especially folks in marginalized communities who already must fight daily to obtain and preserve basic human rights, are feeling scared and angry right now.

We have utilized our platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ communities, people of color, immigrants, refugees, low income workers, and children without access to adequate educational resources. We are using this moment to reaffirm our commitment to fighting for these often intersecting communities.

We won’t stop fighting for you, and we won’t stop encouraging our tens of thousands of members to fight for you. 

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Capitalists: Capitalism is the best and most logical and ethical system 👌 👌 👌

Capitalism: Market crashes every 5-7 years. Capitalism: Needs poverty to sustain itself. Capitalism: Imperialism.
Capitalism: places value on money as well as the goal of accumulating more money for profit’s sake, which in turn allows economic depressions to happen.
Capitalism: Workers have no control over the conditions of their work.
Capitalism: Horrendously pro-white and patriarchal.
Capitalism: Capitalists do whatever necessary to pay their workers less so they make a larger profit.
Capitalism: workers get paid by the hour but bosses get paid by the sale.
Capitalism: Has a severe mental and physical toll on low-income workers and families.
Capitalism: Congratulates virtues of greed, competition, and unhealthy rugged individualism.
Capitalism: represses the workers by any means whenever they demand change.
Capitalism: enslaves workers in sweat shops by paying them pennies an hour to make shoes and computers that sell for hundreds of dollars elsewhere.
Capitalism: dismantles democratically elected governments in favor of dictatorships because of national interests.
Capitalism: gentrification.
Capitalism: profitable environmental destruction.
Capitalism: grows side by side with the state which protects capitalist interests by passing or rejecting corporate legislation. And also has a grip on politicians by promising to fund them so long as they follow what the company asks.
Capitalism: ethical consumption doesnt exist.
Capitalism: the reason why most crimes exist.
Capitalism: profits over immigration, war, human trafficking, fraud, theft, coups, fascism, prison, you name it.

Capitalists: If i see a guy dehydrated in the desert and i charge him $5 for it or else he’ll die and he agrees to buy it, it’s all voluntary, m'dudes 😎👉👉

Low wage workers deserve a raise. #15now

“We win when people come out. Republicans win when their big money buys low voter turnout elections. We’ve got to get low-income workers. We’ve got to get young people to stand up and fight back and get involved in the political process.” - Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

I have worked to raise the minimum wage from almost my first day in Congress. It’s easy to forget what real life is about when you make $133,000 a year as a congressman. It’s easy to forget what low-income workers feel when you’re one of the 29 millionaires in the Senate. It’s easy to forget that most people don’t drop $50 on lunch when you hang out at the country club.

But there are 12 million American workers earning less than $5.15 an hour, or $10,712 a year. And no, these are not all middle-class teenagers earning a little mad money. Three-quarters of them are adults, mostly women, trying to keep themselves and their families alive. These are people who take on two and three jobs, because forty-hour-a-week jobs are hard to come by, who have to walk to work or wait long periods for a bus because they can’t scrape together enough money to buy a car, who sleep in emergency shelters or in campgrounds because they can’t pay the rent.

—  Bernie Sanders speaking about the same issues in 1997 that we’re facing today. From his book, Outsider in the White House.
There are many people, even so-called progressives and political radicals, who believe that Bernie Sanders is leading a “political revolution to radically reform the political system” and change the economic status quo. The Wall Street capitalists will not allow us to vote them out of power or dispossess them of their stolen wealth, they have to be overthrown. This political propaganda is just another vile trick by a Left-Liberal politician, an illusion to make us think that we can just change the system through peaceful, legal means. Trump is doing something similar on the right. We are ruled by a violent dictatorial regime with murderous paramilitary police and military, which will have to be violently overthrown from below by the poor, low-income workers, oppressed peoples of color, and others beaten down by this system. They will not surrender or heed the demands of the people.
—  Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

Yes the drought in California is fucking terrible.
Yes big farma is using a ton of that water.

But agriculture is also one of California’s most important economies and is also one of the largest food producers in the world.

If we take away agriculture’s water we take away a shit ton of jobs, almost all from migrant low income workers who will lose their job if there’s no work to be done.

If California produce dies food prices will go up. This will be really bad for everyone, especially low income people and especially in poor countries.

Like I get that it’s easy to blame the big corporations and try to restrict their water usage but in the end that could really hurt the people we are trying to protect.

Seattle Shows Us Exactly How You Should Treat Drug Offenders

Seattle’s Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program (LEAD) has taken hold of the neighborhood in the past three years. Instead of sending a low-level offender to jail, the officer can offer the offender the option of taking them to the precinct, having them meet with a social worker, and becoming part of the LEAD program. From there, the offender’s crime is taken off the record, and they can take advantage of existing low-income assistance programs. Case workers work closely with the person to help them find housing, help them get health care, and generally support them in making life changes.