low in the dark

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The Jims learn how to play chess. In a matter of minutes, they have a championship set up.

Alright, let’s see what I can do with this


Reporter Jim ran into the room with a box and sat it on the table, the other jims looking over and immediately getting curious.

“What’s that?” Camera Jim asked, opening the box.

“Its a chess board! I found it in the game room,” Reporter Jim stated proudly, setting it up and teaching the others how to play.

About a half an hour later, all the egos were playing in the Jim Chess Championship. Host managed to make it through about four Jims before he lost. Bing and Google weren’t allowed to play due to being computers with the ability to calculate how to win. Ed and Wilford went up against each other multiple times, trying to win the most amount of times while Bim and Dr. Iplier battled the Jims.

Then Dark walked in and everything froze. He had a grin on his face as he walked up to Reporter Jim and set up the Board. “Your move,” his voice was low in his chest, the Jim wary of what Dark wanted to do.

The duel went on for hours, the egos huddled around the two. Reporter Jim was sweating while Dark kept his cool, the souls inside of him congregating about the next move.

“Checkmate,” Dark purred, leaning back in the chair.

“What?!” The Jims exclaimed, some cheering some trying to figure out how the Jim lost.

Dark stood up and walked towards the doorway, the stopped and turned to wilford, “Poker later?”

Wilford’s eyes lit up, “Yes!!”

Dark nodded then went back to his office, he was going to defeat Wilford at Poker as well.


A little short chapter, hope you don’t mind