low histamine

My flat bread... (see previous picture)

I vary it every time I make it.

basic recipe can be flour and water and nothing else in a pan which has been rubbed over with a little oil on a piece of kitchen roll.

Today’s recipe:

2 dessert spoons of flour approx (I never actually measure these ingredients.  I just chuck some flour into the bottom of little old tea cup)

a dash of olive oil 

a little black pepper

a litte sea salt

water to make a sloppy paste.

Oil your pan with a little oil rubbed over with a piece of kitchen role and then pour in you mix. Cook over heat, squishing the bread flat (with a spatula) so it cooks through evenly.   Turn frequently until done.

Mango Ice Cubes : Recipe : Low Histamine

I have been asked about these so here is the recipe:

Take one Mango and, having peeled and having removed large seed, just whizz it in the blender or food processor.

If it needs a little water then I usually use coconut water which is a little sweeter just to make the whole thing a little more liquid.

place in freezer in ice cube trays until frozen.

Low histamine (well I do not react to it anyway!) and great as a low calorie treat to satisfy sugar cravings too.


soylattebreath  asked:

I did try a raw foods diet for about two weeks and lost 20 pounds, it was nuts. But I do remember that after doing the raw foods diet, that's when I started getting really sick...After being diagnosed with cholinergic urticaria, I was told to go out and buy Allegra. The doctor couldn't tell me what exactly was causing my rash, but told me it was an allergic reaction. I took the Allegra once and it made my terrible allergies (runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and general feeling under the weather) return for almost a week. I then got another rash, on my butt, that looked like purple welts. These ones didn't go away when I was out of the shower. She told me it was idiopathic liveda reticularis, a rash caused by poor circulation (apparently, when it's cold, the blood vessels in that area don't constrict enough, causing pooling of blood in that particular area. I would believe that is what I have, except I live in Los Angeles, it's never under 50 degrees.).
I then saw a nutritionist and she told me that it perhaps is a food allergy that was causing these. She suspects a gluten sensitivity, and/or possiby an autoimmune disease. I am anemic (I am deficient in iron, hematocrit, and all of my leukocytes), so that is another possibility. I just want to get better. I have to take at least 20 or 30 pills a day to be normal now...
Either way, I am totally interested in your blog! I want to be a raw foodist, but I am reluctant to give up meat. I crave it, possibly because of the anemia.
Thanks for the concern, and sorry about the novel. Haha.

Thanks so much for this.. There is so much here I will go through it with various blog posts. i have not heard of Allegra. Perhaps you were allergic to something you ate? Did you eat something very different from usual? x

soylattebreath  asked:

How long did it take you to switch from a processed foods diet to a raw diet? What steps did you take? What do you miss the most? I almost wish that I could text you each time I was eating to see if I need to avoid that particular food. Haha.

It was a shock to me when I was told that I had to change my diet. I always thought I ate healthily. I was asked first to go low histamine. The HIT (Histamine Intolerance) diet is quite restrictive and I was told I had to give up sugar immediately too. I was then asked to convert to a raw food diet. I tend to move a little between the diets because I cannot eat all the varieties of raw food recommended for a raw vegan without reacting as some foods give me a Histamine overload.

I stopped most commercially  processed food immediately and gave up sugar. I lost 7lbs in the first week. I think my body had been retaining water. I managed more or less to stay on the HIT diet. 

I then found going all raw quite difficult. I started with green smoothies every day and then started to convert one meal at a time. I bought a ton of books and equipment. I also went on courses and joined websites. I had to learn a lot in a short time. A lot of the stuff I learned about raw food I had to adapt as I reacted to the food for example avocado. I now eat very simply and any recipes i find I adapt for my condition.

I miss bread and butter. I used to love marmite. I no longer drink alcohol. None of this matters but I miss being able to go out with my friends and eating anywhere in the carefree way I used to. I used to be ill afterwards even then! I just thought I had food poisoning or that I was sensitive to something. Sometimes I thought it was just the result of stress.

I am still on a journey. I eat a very restricted diet to keep myself as well as possible. It works but it is difficult to do sometimes. i am a healthy weight 126 lbs and 5'2". I have all my minerals and vitamins etc checked regularly. 

You can always ask me about any foods etc. I am not sure about the text helpline.. but its an idea… Lol!