low flight

Common farewells by flight
  • Wind: Make many stories.
  • Plague: Stay strong,
  • Shadow: Psych!
  • Nature: Grow well.
  • Earth: Remember me.
  • Light: Do not stray.
  • Lightning: See you after work.
  • Fire: Keep the fire burning.
  • Water: May your future be clear.
  • Ice: We will be together again.
  • Arcane: Don't get lost out there.
night flight
night flight

night flight | Lyrics Translation
Music and lyrics by R·O·N

Dance, dance with the star light
In the dark clear sky
This night’s already begun
Yeah, dance with me moonlight
Don’t think about reasons
Just let me into you

Following the guidance of this mellow rhythm
Stop the countless thoughts that cross through my mind

ストロボライト閃光と混ざり合う空へ 飛んで行く
Blended into the flash of the stroboscope, I fly toward the sky
I know that nothing is impossible
夜空を染める一瞬の輝き殘して 消えて行く
I’ll disappear with a fleeting brilliance that lights up the night sky
それでもいいさ 覺えていてよ
But that’s alright, as long as you remember me
I am a flier

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Apparently this plane was carrying wildlife so they were limited in the altitude they could reach - this is a slightly low altitude flight starting in China and basically flying along the entire Himalayan Mountain Range