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Working with pixels again is refreshing.

My favorite thing about TFA.

Always loved Tie pilots. Stormtroopers in general are my favorite, but then they decided “lets leave these dorks at the apple store for 30 years and come back”

And then they came out all polished and sex.

Common farewells by flight
  • Wind: Make many stories.
  • Plague: Stay strong,
  • Shadow: Psych!
  • Nature: Grow well.
  • Earth: Remember me.
  • Light: Do not stray.
  • Lightning: See you after work.
  • Fire: Keep the fire burning.
  • Water: May your future be clear.
  • Ice: We will be together again.
  • Arcane: Don't get lost out there.

Otto Fuchs (in the Fokker in first photo) making a low-level bank in his Fokker D.VII after returning to Jagdstaffel 77b in October 1918. Jagdstaffel 77b was located at Marville from mid-September 1918 until the end of the war. It seems reasonable to assume that is where this photo was taken.

anonymous asked:

Do you think it was right for someone to leak Sabrinas flight information? Like 40-50 fans went and waited for her at the airport for almost 6 hours, but she landed at a different airport - most likely because her flight info got leaked. I mean I kinda feel bad for the fans who waited but like that's an invasion of someone's privacy.

I highly doubt her actual flight info got leaked. There’s only a handful of nonstop flights to Tokyo from LAX. And there’s two airports in Tokyo. Typically international flights tend to land in the Narita airport (United and Delta have hubs there). That’s where I landed when I flew United Airlines to Tokyo. The second airport is Haneda, which primarily does more domestic flights but also does international (I think my friend explained it to me that Japan is trying to promote the low cost carriers flights to Narita and the premium business routes to Haneda).

Anyway, I’m sure what happened is a group of fans wanted to greet her when she landed and assumed she’d land in Narita, but they were wrong, she landed at Haneda.

I don’t think there was any invasion of privacy or flight info leaked. If her actual flight info leaked, fans would have shown up at Haneda closer on time, and not Narita waiting in a six hour window.

              Nothing is going as it should. He’s grown nearly five inches since last GPF, and his body is completely rebelling against him. There are aches and pains, cramps that are signaling yet another change around the bend, his hormones are all over the place which makes him even more irritable than usual. And now this. No placement on the podium at the Finals. He placed fifth over all. Better than last, but better than last still didn’t pay the bills.

              Of course, his placement only lead to him pulling a Katsuki and getting blitzed out of his mind. Not that he was supposed to be drinking so much, but he’d done it and Otabek, the ever doting best friend, put him to bed. 

              Now he’s found himself a quiet place to lay low until his flight leaves, which really cannot come soon enough. All he wants is to go home so he can really lick his wounds.

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Heinkel He-111H-22 medium bomber used by the Luftwaffe as an aerial launch platform for the V-1 flying bomb, as the loss of the french launch sites located in the northern coast of the country (following the D-Day invasion) meant they no longer had enough range to reach England from any site located in German territory.

The bomber crews developed a tactic, called “lo-hi-lo” where they would fly extremely low over the North Sea for as long as possible, and once they reached the launching point, they would sharply ascend, launch the missile and immediately dive back to a low flight path, this to avoid detection by the excellent and extremely effective British radar network.

This will be the first time in history a bomber was capable of launching a cruise missile, one of the many innovations (even if, with a 40% failure rate, it was a very futile campaign) developed by the Germans as their situation grew desperate.