low fat breakfast

Good Morning Fitblr

Breakfast is Steak TVP & an egg, ½ a grapefruit with a stevia packet, and Guilt Free Nutella toast with some banana slices

over all Macros: 517cal, 56.7 C, 19.7 F, 35.3 P, 681.0mg Na, 649.8 K

Guilt Free Nutella Recipe:
Makes ¼ cup of Nutella
2 tbsp PB2
½ tbsp baking Cocoa powder
2 stevia packets
½ tsp hazelnut extract
¼ cup hot unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Heat up milk in microwave for 20sec. In a another dish, mix the PB2, cocoa powder, stevia, hazelnut. Slowly add some of the milk. Let the mix soak up the milk for a few seconds. Stir slowly. Add the remaining milk until you have a thick Nutella consistency.

¼ cup of Guilt Free Nutella Macros: 62cal, 9 C, 2.6 F, 5.7 P, 115mg Na, 47.5 K

I think I said “shut the f*ck up” to myself at least 16 times while eating this. I’m not sure what made it so marvelous, but this breakfast so super yummy. Egg in spaghetti squash nest. I fried up the squash with butter so the bottom got a little crispy and I sprinkled some grated Parmesan over it.

It was just THAT good. I’m not a super savory breakfast person, but I would repeat, absolutely.

216 cal, 9 protein, 7 net carbs, 16 fat

Good morning! 🍑 This nectarine was perfect! So sweet and juicy. 😇 We slept in today and are going to keep it a lazy day. 😜 It’s going to be 32 😱 today so we decided to postpone our bike adventure until later in the week. Hopefully it cools off a bit! At least it isn’t too hot in our flat. We lucked out there since the sun doesn’t beat on our side of the building all day. 🌞 I’m still happy to be in a warm place for the summer though! 🌞🌴😎 It will be a bit strange wearing jeans and trousers again this winter. 😅

Good Morning Fitblr SexyButts!!!! Breakfast is Flourless Pumpkin Pancakes with honey and PB2 Banana Toast and Hazelnut Coffee

1 egg + ½ cup pumpkin puree + ¼ tsp pumpkin spice + 1 stevia packet. Mix batter. Fry in ½ tbsp EVOO. Makes 2 patties. Top with raw honey drizzle and cinnamon.

Macros for everything in pic: 508 cal, 80.7 C, 15.8 F, 19.4 P, 406.8mg Na, 779.9 K

Again, that’s 100% good fat. Whole and clean eating.

Gonna chill with Coffee & music before canning!

Good morning! 🍑🍒😋 I have lots of fruit on my cinnamon oatmeal today. Cherries, nectarine, frozen berries and even some cacao nibs. 👌 We are going on a bike ride today to the Guadalhorce Nature Preserve. It’s only a 20-minute ride away from Torremolinos. We wanted to do it this past weekend but it was too hot. Since it doesn’t look like it’s getting any cooler, we are going today no matter the heat. ☀️🚴🚴🏻‍♀️ We are renting bikes for only €5 for four hours. That seems like a good deal to me. 🙂 I’m vlogging today so you can see our bike adventure in tomorrow’s video. 😜 I hope you have a good day! 💕