low eye

something i’m working on,
gonna make the other paladins + Allura and Coran
And then make them all into a video kind off…

(Keith, Shiro, Hunk, Pidge, Coran, Allura,  All of ‘em)

Avatar The Last Airbender AU

Lance = Waterbender
Keith = Firebender
Shiro = Airbender
Pidge and Hunk = Earthbenders
Coran = Nonbender
Allura = Avatar, Airbender

Fire Nation = Galra

(this is how the original looks like so i think i’m gonna post the gifs in their original colour from now on, Yikes. Lance became way to light gdi tired eyes and low lighted screen)


“It will be interesting, and sad, but also wonderful celebrating her life. I think everything, the kind of legacy she left. She’s gone too soon, but we can see everything that she did do, and kind of have joy in that.” —Daisy Ridley about the loss of dear departed Carrie Fisher.

Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁

what yoongi says: jimin is the luckiest guy there is i’ve been having so much luck ever since debut

what yoongi means: im the luckiest person alive to be on the same planet as park jimin, i’m so lucky i get to call him mine and only mine, he is the most Beautiful human being ever, [chokes up] how did i get so lucky as to meet this wonderful angel too precious for this world. i’m So luck y. i l ove h im so much 💕💖💘