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Playgrounds designed for seniors have caught on in Asia and Europe and are beginning to make their way across the Big Pond. The parks include low-impact exercise equipment such as elliptical machines, static bikes and body flexors and are intended to help promote balance and flexibility. Better balance means fewer falls, goes the reasoning. Another benefit of the senior parks is that they serve as a community gathering spot, combatting the isolation and loneliness some seniors experience. (Source)

March 21, 2017

Breakfast: apple breakfast cereal bar, banana

Snack: peanut butter granola bar

Lunch: oatmeal with freeze dried strawberries and bananas, organic saltine crackers

Snack: fruit me up apple strawberry and banana squeeze

Dinner: homemade chili with blue corn tortilla chips

Snack: chobani smores flip yogurt

Exercise: ab workout

Low-energy “exercises”
  • Point and flex your feet repeatedly
  • Dance to your favorite song while sitting in your favorite chair
  • Stretch!
  • Work your face muscles by smiling for a minute
  • Flex your boob muscles (technical term)
  • Shrug repeatedly because nobody knows what’s going on
  • Clench your tummy muscles for as long as you can
  • Wiggle your toes a little bit
Types of Shadow Work: Part 1/6


Journaling serves as an ideal basis for practicing shadow work. In the beginning stages, it is a very basic, low intensity exercise that most anyone can do without worry of incurring any significant mental or emotional trauma– one might experience mild discomfort or aversion at worst. I recommend journaling as a continued practice to track the progress you make through other forms of shadow work as well.

A great place to start with shadow work journaling is by identifying the negative aspects of yourself that you are already aware of. If you have trouble doing this, try reflecting on what qualities you tend to judge in others. As a secondary approach, consider qualities you’ve been accused of possessing– I say this with reservation, however, due to the fact that others may have falsely accused you of possessing qualities that are actually a projection of their own shadow. Once you have identified some of your shadow aspects, contemplate the root of their existence and record your conclusions.

For those of you who just don’t know where to start, a fundamental exercise to try is finding your suppressed self. For a tutorial on this journaling exercise, check out the video linked here.  


Part 1: Journaling

Part 2: Introspection

Part 3: Emotional Awareness

Part 4: Dream Work

Part 5: Memory Regression

Part 6: Meditation & Altered States

Monday! Day 20/46

The past few days (or week..) has been rough. I’ve become really depressed again and it’s been hard trying to pick myself back up and keep going. Thursday-Saturday I didn’t exercise. Didn’t walk. I pretty much vegged.

Saturday I woke up in a pretty decent mood though, and had a friend come over so I had to shower and get dressed. It was also low carb day and I stayed on track and did very well.

Sunday I went to High Park (in Toronto) with River and a friend to get out for a walk and let River off leash. It felt good to get out in the fresh air. It was high carb day too, but I kept everything relatively healthy, except for a handful of chips.

Today! Well today is off to a good start. I got 8hours of solid sleep, I had an omelette and yogurt for breakfast, I have veggies and a Greek salad and a banana packed for lunch, and I’m in a decent mood. I weighed myself to see what I’m starting this week off at, and I’m happy that my weight has started to creep down a little.
212.2lbs! Seeing that helps pick me back up because I know that I’m still trying even though I feel like giving up some days.

So happy Monday to everyone!

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Sometimes I need a reminder of just how far I’ve come. 

20kg down… but more importantly happier, healthier, stronger, faster and so proud!

Time to add the finishing touches.

[Image description: A chart labeled ‘Bodyweight Exercises by Neila Rey (neilarey.com)’. Underneath are small pictures of a variety of exercises such as sit-ups, lunges, and squats.]

For our low-income spoonie friends who are working on fitness but can’t buy a gym membership or the equipment needed! These may not all be within your range of motion, but it’s worth taking a look!

Wednesday 22/46 Recap + Thursday morning

Yesterday was ok for the most part. I woke up early to drive mom to the hospital, had an awesome breakfast and packed a pretty good lunch.
I had an old dog pass out on me during grooming, and I honestly thought he died and I started freaking out and almost cried. Luckily I was near my boss and she saved the day. That’s the first time a dog has ever done that so I didn’t know what to do other than run to my boss with a limp dog in my arms. He’s ok though, he’s alive.
Went to go visit mom after work at the hospital. Surgery went well, she’s just sore and tired. Had to stay overnight for observation. My brother is picking her up this morning. I had picked up chicken and fries for dinner because it was getting late and I was really tired and didn’t want to cook. That was my downfall yesterday.

Today is off to a good start though! I had eggs and bacon and fruit for breakfast, I have a really good lunch packed (grapes, yogurt, apple & pb, carrots, cucumber and dip, and turkey deli meat), and I’m planning on making haddock for dinner tonight with all the veggies. Today is low carb day and my main focus, with me not exercising as much as I should be, is making sure my eating is as clean as I can manage.
If my mind is trying to give up, my soul takes over. I’m not losing all this progress I’ve made because I’m burnt out and low right now. Focus on eating right, the rest will come back soon.