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Open Bionics is a start-up focused on making low-cost 3D-printed prosthetics, and as part of Disney’s Techstars Accelerator program, it’s getting royalty-free licenses to create prosthetics modeled off Iron Man, Elsa from Frozen, and a glowing, buzzing “lightsaber hand” calling back to the Star Wars universe.


Will future surveillance missions start with spools of plastic filament, pop-in components and a 3-D printer? It would certainly save valuable space aboard the naval, coastal patrol and research ships that are often the platform from where drones are launched.

Engineers at the University of Southampton in the UK recently demonstrated the concept by launching their small 3-D printed SULSA unmanned aerial vehicle off the deck of a Royal Navy warship. The almost seven-pound, five-foot-long drone flew 1,640 feet to shore after being catapulted off the HMS Mersey. Learn more below.

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This drone can stay hidden underwater for months    

The submersible quadcopter is designed to launch from an underwater station or vehicle (like a submarine, for example), bobbing to the surface from depths of hundreds of feet. It was built using 3D printing to be lightweight, low-cost, and resistant to water pressure, and its core components are sealed in a waterproof chamber. The drone’s external motors, meanwhile, have been given anti-corrosive coatings to protect them from saltwater, with the drone capable of surviving for up to two months underwater in tests.

Matterform’s low-cost 3D scanner will finally give you something to print

3D printers are becoming more and more accessible, but there’s still one big hurdle to using them: unless you know how to create digital objects, there’s not much to print. But Matterform is aiming to change that with its stylish, simple, and fairly inexpensive 3D scanner. After a successful Indiegogo campaign last spring, Matterform is finally preparing to launch the device next month, and it’s unveiling the final model at CES this week. 


Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a Real Bionic Arm

Written by rychu79

Check out this cool video of Robert Downey Jr dressed as Tony Stark presenting a 3D printed arm to a special young man. The arm was created by The Collective Project student Albert Manero and founder of Limbitless which provides low cost 3D printed arms to children at no cost to the families.

“The concept for the Ultrascope arose when I realized that the tools and technologies to pull it off—cloud computing; high-speed phone networks; low-cost, high performance chips and CCDs; 3D printing; and the Maker Movement—had all matured around the same time, enabling a new era in citizen science. This couldn’t have been done 24 months ago, but now it’s all here.” - Inventor James Parr on OnQ