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The Boss’ Girl Ch. 1

Lee Minwoo (Shinhwa) x Reader x Jeon Jungkook (BTS)


Rated: G 

Word Count: 3343

A/N: Here’s the first chapter for the Jungkook project I’ve been working on.  It’s mostly just an introduction so bare with me on this one.  Warning!!! This is going to get very smutty!!!  Lots of Dom/Sub, slight BDSM, and all kinds of kinky stuff.   I feel a bit stupid I’ve had this idea all planned out since the Celebrity Bromance episode the two of them did together but just never sat down to write it.  Please give some feed back if it’s something you guys are going to be interested in?

7:55 AM you come into your boss’ office.  His morning cup of coffee placed on the coaster by the phone.  ¼ cup half and half, two teaspoons of raw sugar, and ¾ cup of Starbucks dark roast coffee in his favorite mug.  By now there’s no need to measure it out because you know by sight and muscle memory.  

The three leading business journals and newspapers are stacked in just the right order on the right hand side.  The days tentative schedule typed with checkboxes lays on top of them.  It’s also on both of your tablets but he likes the paper copy just for the satisfaction of checking the boxes when something is accomplished.  

After giving the desk and room a look over to be sure everything is neat and in place you head for the front of the office.  Your watch clicks to 8:00 AM and the elevator dings.  Like an interminable coo-coo clock your boss comes through the door with a pleasant good morning though his forward pace never stops for the greeting.  

You click the door back shut and follow along behind him.  Back in his private office he hands you his suit jacket that you hang on the rack.  He takes his seat, a small sip of coffee, a sigh, and picks up today’s agenda.  While he gives it a thorough read through you stand beside him with the tablet in hand for instructions.  

“Not too much going on today outside the office.  That’s good.  No major messes to clean up or meetings.  Also good.  And just the two of us for lunch today?  Very good.”  He finishes off his thought with a wink in your direction.  

“Alright dear, unless anything of importance comes up, which I hope it doesn’t, I’ll see you at 11:45.”  He smiles and barely waits for your “yes sir” before picking up the first newspaper.  Nothing more is needed to be said for you to excuse yourself out to your own desk.

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anonymous asked:

Hey can we have some hair care and styling advice for the transfemmes. You might have done this before but idk.

Ren says:

:O it really depends on what kind of hair you have and your general “look”…but yeah, I will round up some tips! In general:

Various tips from followers:

  • Layered hair helps soften the shape of your face (shorter, longer)
  • Growing out your bangs can really help (but can also be pretty annoying, depending on your current hairstyle)
  • Side swept bangs especially!
  • Stick to side parts - they’re much softer-looking
  • Hats! (Especially beanies and berets!)


Accessories (can be found at any drugstore, general department store like Target, or teenage girl store like Claire’s, Forever 21, etc):

  • Hairties / scrunchies (a staple, used for ponytails and braids and other styles that require tying off - can be decorative)
  • Hairbands (a staple!)
  • Barettes / clips (can make short hair more feminine)
  • Bobby pins (used for more complex styles)
  • Bows (cute)

You’ll note that Black hair tips are totally lacking here - I’m so sorry, I’m not really sure where to even begin! If anyone has reliable tips for textured / kinky hair, please add it to a reblog or send it to us so we can add it. <3

The Marks of Running Ink pt.12

The Walking Dead [Soulmate AU]

Pairing: Negan x ofc (Tory Miller)

Word count: 1,289

Summary: In a normal world, having a soulmate is usually considered a blessing, in a normal world, when their words appear on you finding them is not something impossible. But Tory Miller doesn’t live in a normal world. No. Her world is the stuff of nightmares, the dead walk, the living kill each other and soulmates are not important. Nothing is more important than surviving.

Warnings:  angst, swearing, death, violence, fluff, hurt/comfort, child endangerment, general trauma, drama, cheating, general lack or morals, SLOW BURN. This far, no walkers, though. As always, I don’t want to give the story away in the tags, read at your own risk.

Author’s note: Guess what?! It’s my birthday! So as promised, I’m posting two chapters. I gotta thank the most awesome @jeffreydeanneganstrash, who I can’t ever thank enough for her support and help. You rock, darlin’. Well, onto the chapter, and remember feedback makes a writer happy :D

Want to be tagged? Drop me a line, seriously. 

Part 11  /  Masterlist


Negan didn’t go home that night, or the next.

He actually turned his phone off as soon as he got out of work the next day.

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The Nanny Ch. 2

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun

Synopsis: Flying to Seoul

Warnings: None for this chapter, perhaps later

Author’s Note: This scenario will be multi-chaptered, hopefully updated at least once a week. I’m very new to this fandom, so please be kind! <3  (For the time being, I do not take requests.) Also, if the Korean is wrong, I blame Google. lol

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.

Chapter Masterlist

Last call for flight KAL122, from _______ to Seoul. Now departing from gate 5.” the voice echoed across the airport speakers. You raced through the terminal, trying to make your flight. Due to some incredibly stupid people, security checks had been backed up, resulting in your almost being late. You finally made it to the ticket counter & breathlessly handed the attendant your boarding pass and passport. As she scanned it, you took a moment to collect yourself. Making sure that your uniform was in place & tucking stray strands of hair up into your hat.

“Here you go, Ma'am. Enjoy your flight.” the attendant said as she handed you back your papers.

You quickly made your way onto the plane, politely declining the stewardess when she offered to help you store your bag in the overhead compartment.

“I’d like to keep hold of it, thanks.” You told her with a smile as you slid it under your seat.

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His Pet (General Hux x Reader x Kylo Ren) I.

Notes: Hey everyone, glad to see so many enjoyed my last post! Here is a second story I’m working on, in which you have to choose between General Hux and Kylo Ren. Expect updates on Tuesdays/Wednesdays.

Word Count: 2,602

Summary: (Y/N) is promoted to being the general’s assistant, but she has no idea what scandal will ensue.

Warning: Mild sexual content in this chapter

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livingdeadblondequeen  asked:

Smut Prompt: Klaus, 'Love you look...' Caroline, 'Beautiful, I know. Can we get a move on?'

+ “Caroline ties Klaus to the bed” which I feel like I do a lot don’t judge me from @cupcakemolotov

We Are A Fever

Caroline waves the girl who’d been curling her hair when she hears the crunch of gravel. Enzo’s back. The girl subsides, leaning against the wall and not saying a word. Caroline does love it when they’re well trained.

She leans in to insect the girls work, nods with approval, and listens to Enzo and his little helpers troop into the house. If they knows what’s good for them they’ll have followed her directions to the letter.

They’ll also avoid scuffing up her floors. She’d just have them refinished and she’d torn out hearts for less.

The footsteps pause and Caroline raises her voice slightly, “Bring him to me.”

The pause that follows her order is brief and no one speaks. Soon Enzo is mounting the stairs, his heavy tread familiar.

Caroline beckons the girl back and she immediately returns to work, fishing golden hairpins out of her apron. She sets to work curling Caroline’s hair into a low chignon. The dress she’s wearing tonight is backless, daring enough that she’s sure to get a number of dirty looks from the stuffy humans who think money makes them important who’ll be in attendance. Loose hair would only mar the effect. It would be a nuisance, get in her way, if someone irritates her enough that eating them is her only option too.

Her door is ajar. “Come right in,” she says, letting Enzo know he has permission to enter. He does, a body draped limply over his shoulder. A body she knows very well. Caroline smiles, pleased and triumphant, meeting Enzo’s eyes in the mirror. “I take it things went well?”

“One bite,” Enzo tells her. “No casualties.”

Caroline blinks, surprised. Klaus was usually much fiercer, nearly as feared as she despite being half her age. “Hmm. You must have surprised him,” she says absently.

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This one is for dapperdonuts, who was looking for authentic long-haired styles in the 1920s.

While the bob in its many variations was THE hairstyle of the 1920s, great numbers of women did not adopt it, or did so late in the decade. It’s often easier to find earlier 1920s cloches in bigger sizes as women still had more hair, worn up under it. Sometimes they just “bobbed” the front sides so they could tie up the back and give the impression of having bobbed it while still retaining their longer hair.

Above are a couple of styles worn with longer hair - the top one was popular with a “spanish comb”. The other - with hair worn in a bun or chignon low on the nape of the neck - was fairly ubiquitous throughout the decade (the yellow gown is 1922, the McCall’s patterns were from 1926.

Next up: a few more styles!


tigernaute is basically the most amazing person.

This is the Eveningwear art I commissioned from her.  I gave her carte blanche, and she gave me the hunting scene!  Excuse me while I fangirl over this - the horses, Dorian’s horse, that dappling - thank you tigernaute!

The scene in question is from chapter 6.

His mask itches, and Dorian resists the urge to stick his finger beneath the edge and scratch.  The half-mask is a work of art, beaten copper outlined in silver, with gold surrounding the eyes and a silver viper winding over the top of the right side, where a chevalier feather would be set, were he one.  The viper’s mouth is open, hissing, the inside made of bloodstone streaked in black, to match the hard onyx of the snake’s eyes.

Beside him Cullen rides, stoic, the dark honey of his irises picking up the shifting light as they pass beneath the trees.  It’s almost a shock to see him out of his armor; Cullen is dressed today in reinforced riding leathers, black, with the insignia of the Inquisition stitched on his chest in silver thread.  A slender sword is belted around his hips, and his mask is silver inlaid with jet, simple yet elegant, a statement, taken all together.  Today, Cullen is both commander and champion, and Aeveth has made sure he looks the part, commissioning outfit after outfit, working Thierry to the bone.

Aeveth is leftmost, riding ahead, posting easily as her horse trots along the trail.  She is straight-backed grace in the saddle, the midnight blue of her divided skirts spread perfectly behind her, the silvered topstitching catching the light.  Her hair is caught up neatly in a low chignon, above which sits the ribbon of her mask.  Dorian can hear the gravelly tones of Duke Gaspard as he makes conversation; Aeveth’s head turns slightly to the right, and the lyrium crystals set around the eyes of her mask glitter blue, a complementary tone to her dress.