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White Slim Angel (Vivitar Wide & Slim) Toy Camera by Meagan Ranes
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Not gonna lie, as an almost-metroid-fan-but-not-quite-yet-because-i-haven't-played-any-of-the-games-yet metroid fan, Zero Suit Samus is definitely hurting my motivation to actually start playing Metroid games. I know there's an in-universe explanation for why the Zero Suit exists and all...but it still seems unnecessary? Weirds me out a bit. It's difficult not to have a knee-jerk reaction to it when I'm so used to being flooded with female characters in racy outfits.

Well on some level Zero Suit Samus is fine because it’s like, I’m sure the Chozo Power Suit would fit pretty snug. Wearing something like a wetsuit under that would make sense, and even old Metroid stuff, before they sexualized Samus, showed her in what was basically a leotard.

It’s the sort of thing that’s only gross if you make it gross, like having TV commercials where an actress is bent over and sweaty while the camera is angled to frame her butt. Everyone wears pajamas, but pajamas don’t have to be sexy, you know? A leotard can just be a leotard.

What makes Zero Suit Samus REALLY bad is Other M, where they turn the power suit in to a literal magical girl transformation. It’s not a piece of technology she has to climb in to, it’s something that materializes around her like she’s a Power Ranger. It doesn’t matter what she’s wearing at that point because it’s teleportation magic and anything goes.

Which begs the question as to why they have to do the Zero Suit stuff at all. Other M, the same game that started this “magical transformation” stuff, also takes an opportunity to frame the Zero Suit from behind, with the camera angled low, pointed up to show off her butt. I think the reason is obvious. That’s when it starts to feel gross, because that wasn’t the kind of character Samus used to be. That’s not what made her cool.

The argument could be made that nothing is being taken away from Samus by sexualizing her, but Other M definitely did take a lot away from Samus Aran by making her weaker and submissive. Actual damage was done. (So much so that it kind of kickstarted a “girl power!” initiative at Nintendo to make all of their other women look stronger and more independent so that nobody would get the wrong idea)

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I think what they need in their mv is female directors. I don't care about how sexual the content is, but there's this thing that's called the "male gaze". For comparison, watch That's My Girl directed by Hannah. Still sexy, still whip2 twerk, but it doesn't feel like they're being objectified, it's just full blown empowerment and them being badass. No slow-mo on their cleavage or ass, no low camera angle on their twerks and humps.

Yep, Boss, Sledgehammer and Write on Me were also directed by women. Those are good music videos, their bests in my opinion.


“Because Norman appears to be uncomfortably evasive, inconsistent, self-incriminating and halting in his replies and insists no one stayed in the motel for a couple of weeks - but then contradicts himself - Arbogast asks to see the register to discover if Marion Crane used an alias. Norman chews nervously on candy, almost bird-like. From a low camera angle, his adam’s apple moves up and down his giraffe-like throat while awkwardly stretching to look at the register.”
-Tim Dirks

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maybe i have the skybox positioned too high? this is what the edge of my neighborhood looks like. is that what i'm supposed to be getting? i*imgur*com/bN4hokm*png

If you can lower the positioning cube, it will reduce the gap, possibly to the point of being invisible when viewed from low camera angles. But it will also lower the zenith of the sky, make it look like everything is sitting closer to the horizon and any clouds will look lower to the ground, etc. So, it’s a balance thing. If you don’t already have the cube positioned underwater – in the lowest, deepest part if you can tell where that is – try that first. If you do have it underwater in deep water, then use the modifyneighborhoodterrain cheat to dig a small hole (just big enough to put the box in) underwater near one of the corners of the terrain. Put the box in the hole to lower it even further. But, you know, do it in increments so you can check that the zenith doesn’t look too low.

If you’re unfamiliar with the cheat, Jessa did a comprehensive tutorial on it on YouTube here. The cheat’s useful for lots of things, not just for positioning skyboxes. :)

What did you keep from this year?
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Friend(1) :</b> what did you keep from this year?<p/><b>Friend(2) :</b> This year was so awfu-<p/><b>Me :</b> *out of nowhere, running by shouting out* J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!!!!!<p/><b>Friend(2):</b> Who Tf is J-hope again?<p/><b>Friend(1):</b> Don't worry , I call that<p/><b></b> "her K-period" because it's every month and every years tirelessly.<p/><b>Friend(2):</b> Oooh I got it now, so it's one of her k-period ?<p/><b></b> Before F(1) can even answer<p/><b>Me*running and screaming *:</b> HE GOT THE LOW CAMERA!!! OMG THE LOW ANGLE!!! THE LOW ANGLE!!!!!!!!!! .<p/><b>Friend(1&2):</b> ...............<p/></p><p/></p>

Hi Trish, it’s Photo Anon. I’d like to talk about the photos from the baseball game and the story that Purv has attached to them. First, the identity of the mystery women - I do believe Mackenzie was at both the winery and the baseball game, though everyone is free to disagree with me. Accessories in both photos are easily (conveniently?) matched with those she wears in Instagram pictures. I cannot tell you the nature of this relationship but I am able to say that the story Purv created using these photos is incredibly false. Purv would have us believe that we are looking at a couple sitting close, acting cuddly, and touching with romantic intent. I would like to first address the photo in which Sam is sitting to Mackenzie’s left and they appear to be pressed together. Note the label on Sam’s hat - you are looking at motion blur. He is moving, either jumping or leaning forward, likely reacting to the game. It does appear they are pressed together but he is not stationary, and so if he were touching her he would be knocking her in the face. Most likely this is an issue of low image quality and camera angle and he’s probably slightly in front of her. Next, Purv’s “source” says Sam was sitting closer to the aisle and walked out first but turned around to check on her. I don’t know why Purv wrote this because you can see that Mackenzie was closer to the aisle, which means Sam actually got up and walked right past her to leave, then turned around. However, we can’t tell from this photo why he turned around to her  - maybe to check on her, maybe she called his name. I’d also like to point out that it’s his own hand on his chest as he turns around, not hers, which would mean his arms is up between them. Lastly, Purv would like us to believe that Mackenzie linked her arm with Sam’s as they walked out. This is also untrue. While the photo is blurry, you can see her forearm coming up to her shoulder - she is holding the strap of her bag, not making contact with Sam.

Ever noticed the cinematography in this scene?

Ever noticed how when we’re looking at Kara over Cat’s shoulder, it’s a higher angle? We’re looking ever so slightly down at Kara?

And when we’re looking at Cat over Kara’s shoulder, we’re looking ever so slightly up?

It matches their own perspectives, of course – Kara is slightly shorter than Cat in this scene, and so they’re looking up and down at each other respectively.

But what else? Well, Cat’s got all the power here. Kara’s barely hanging on, grasping at straws to try to explain away the connections between her and Supergirl that Cat is laying out for her. She, Kara, has zero control, zero power in this scene, and the high vs. low camera angles, intentional or purely practical as they may be, play into that dynamic.

(Also, goodness they both have fantastic shirts. I want one of each.)

Hall H Age of Ultron Footage Description (Spoilers, obviously!)

So I’ve finally written up what I can remember of the Age of Ultron footage shown at SDCC this year. I managed to get into Hall H and get good seats, and I was literally there all day, from the first panel of the morning to the Constantine pilot screening which only ended after midnight that night. So I will make posts on other stuff I saw there too, but first things first: The Avengers: Age of Ultron. I have tried to go into as much detail as I can remember, but as you read this please keep in mind that they only showed us the footage ONCE. I listened to the audio recording that’s online to try to keep things straight in my head but since I’m trying to describe things as best I can and as detailed as I can, I might get some things wrong. It’s hard to focus on memorizing what’s on the screen when you’re too busy getting wowed by it! Other people who were at Hall H, feel free to chime in with what you remember too! ^_^

The footage shown was a single scene and then what amounted to an extended teaser trailer filled with very brief snippets of a wide variety scenes. I’ve broken this description into two, therefore, to make sure I differentiate between the two.
(Immediate spoilers in the “Read More”)

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