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It been one year since I first got it, and it’s still as awesome as the day I got it.

The biggest improvement I have made with it, is me.

Getting fitter, stretching more,  stredding the useless fat off the body, wearing better fitting bib short and jersey, etc. make a much bigger difference than changing a seatpost to one thats only 20g lighter (ironically enough I cut half of the seatpost on that bike shredding a massive 70g).

Dirty Laundry - gta!au Michael Jones x Reader

Name: Dirty Laundry

Pairing: Michael Jones x Reader

Word Count: 1,208

Prompt: Inspired by the new All Time Low song.

Author’s Note: This wasn’t a request, but it is dedicated to @ryan-the-url-guy.

The first night you showed up covered in blood and bruises, he didn’t ask. And maybe he should have, but it wasn’t his place.

He had his secrets and you could have yours too.

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