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🔮Witch Tip: Tea Bag Pendulum🔮

Hi lovelies! I hope you’re having a beautiful day/night! I have a little witch tip for y'all! So, we all know you can make your own pendulum, but I just did a little experiment and it worked great!

Use a tea bag as one!! Hold it over your cup when it’s about halfway gone. Hold it up with a steady hand (feel free to rest it on something) and do your thing! Ask which way is yes and which way is no. Then continue with your questions!

You can choose your tea too fit you intention/questions too!!!

Let me know if y'all like this! And if you do it, I’d love to know how it goes!

Love and light

Cait ✌

🍍I am still doing reading and custom sigil requests, so feel free to send a message or ask! I will be answering all the questions soon!🍍