low back injury

Getting back into a regular fitness routine this week because even though I can’t life heavy, I can still work out. Which, on the bright side, is surprising my muscles and giving me a new way to train them, which is always good. Plus, I’m properly focusing on stretching and cooling down (particularly my hamstrings and lower back) in a way that I haven’t had to due to my natural flexibility and it feels good to do so. As much as I hate this injury, it’s reminding me about how to take care of my body and just how precious full movement is.

I can feel my back getting slowly but surely better even if it is still compressed. The routine the sports therapist gave me feels good and is working, it’s just going to take a while and I have to be patient. Plus, this injury is really making me focus on mind muscle connection so that I use my lower back as minimally as possible. It’s definitely something I got lazy with and probably something that contributed to my injury in the first place. Have to remember to listen to my body, but being me, it takes a rather large injury to get me to do it.

I have a revision schedule set, my research project looks good, and I’m feel confident about going into exams for my final year and hopefully crushing it (though that could be the endorphins from the workout I just did talking).

And, I added some new products to my skincare routine and though we’ll see if they make a difference, I’m really loving them so far.