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Sheltered pt. 1

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Short: Law student and intern Kim Jongin uses his charms for a dangerous pastime behind the screens, but he falls for the most normal girl.
Words: 3080
Type: Angst/Fluff
Pairing: Kai x Miyong (oc)
Warnings: mentioning of an accident
A/N: This will run chronologically with Engraved, but it’s not needed to read this to understand Engraved, but the parts posted for Engraved after this will contain spoilers. It is also not necessary to read Engraved to understand what is happening here. But it will make things more clear.

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Kai pov

The office was in it’s usual bustling state of busy. Sounds of rustling paper, the copy machines, nails on keyboard filling his ears while he was going over his merger case. The two companies had a lot in common but their client was trying to get more out of the deal. He was searching through databases and e-mailing people to try and get the information he needed to let everything go as smoothly as possible.
His booth was at the far corner of the room, and he had the wall on his left and the rest of the room on his right. He liked it, this way he could see everything. It wasn’t too big of a room, there were about 10 paralegals and interns in here. Everyone knew each other by now, much to his tries of keeping to himself. The people were nice and it was nice to be around them, sometimes they went out for a drink after work, or all got lunch together.
The girl beside him leant over the booth, her head on her hands on the small wall. “What are you working on?” she asked, warm caramel curls falling over the edge and framing her face.

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{ serendipity }

part one is here. part two is here. 

this is the one where alexander can’t keep his mouth shut (again)

pt. 3

Peggy had taken a liking to Thomas, which in turn made Eliza warm up a little slightly. Peggy had finished grilling her possible brother-in-law the night before and found him to be a lot less awful than she remembered him to be. 

In fact she said that aloud which resulted in her becoming extremely embarrassed and horribly red, but Thomas laughed warmly and insisted everything was fine. Peggy especially liked him after he had shared a gift with her from France. It was a little music box that she fell in love with. 

It was sweet to see her kind of gravitate towards him. Even when Angelica woke her up, she sort of sleepily looked around the dining room a little confused as she noticed one less person was there in the room. Thomas came down last and Peggy seemed a little happier at the fact that they were all together now.

Eliza was a little more wary, which Angelica understood, but she too had come around. She had finished her interrogating. Sure, her husband was his political rival, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t get along with him.

Angelica noticed Alexander’s behavior, but she didn’t want to say anything about it. Another time. When they could speak in private, of course.

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How to Style Leather Pants

Wearing leather leggings from day to night

Sick of your skinny jeans? Swap them for leather pants. This season, leather leggings are an essential for day-to-night dressing, giving your look a rock ‘n roll edge with minimal effort on your part. Before you give in to doubt, just hear us out. Most leather pants are actually very comfortable, stretchy and warmer than denim, which is why they make the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. Scroll down for our styling tips and to shop our favorite leather skinnies.

Balance Leather With Lace

Offset your leather biker leggings with a romantic kimono top, feminine heels and delicate jewelry, like blogger Isabella Pozzi of Style Spectra, pictured here.

Blogger Isabella of Style Spectra in Zara pants

Fringe Lace Kimono Jacket

Faux Leather Biker Trousers With Zips

Mini Shopper With Pocket

Keep Things Minimal

Kendall Jenner knows a thing or two about pared down elegance. She wore her matte leather leggings with a long black coat, black and white shoulder bag and understated ankle boots for a sophisticated look that works for day or night.

Kendall Jenner out and about in NYC

ASOS TALL Exclusive Long Slim Coat

Faux Leather Leggings

Two-Tone Mini City Bag

Go Off-Duty

Want to nail the model off-duty look for fall? Roll up your leather leggings ever so slightly and pair with low ankle boots and an oversized sweatshirt, like model Taylor Marie Hill’s graphic Acne version.

Model Taylor Marie Hill at Paris Fashion Week SS15


Daria Legging

Petty Boot

Add a Pop of Color

If you’re going for a more playful look, take a cue from Chloe Grace Moretz, and style your pants with a colorful, patterned top and black pumps.

Chloe Moretz at the NBA 2K15 launch

Chain-Link CDC Long-Sleeve Top

Sloan-Fit Faux-Leather Ankle Pant

GALLOP Patent Court Shoes

Time After Time

Rewrite of episode 07x12 - Time After Time. 

Words: 1132

Warnings: None. 

Character pairings: Dean x Reader



You still couldn’t believe where you were.

One minute, you were chasing a weird looking guy in a fedora down the street, the next minute, you and Dean ended up in 1944. Dean at first saw it more of an “inconvenience” than anything else, but you were in awe. The 1940’s had to be one of your favorite eras, and you were beaming as you walked into the old – new tailor’s shop with Dean by your side.

Eliot Ness guided you into the store, his hand on your shoulder as he snuck you and Dean into the store. You had met Eliot when you and Dean were arrested – not that you were proud of that or anything – Dean was thrilled to meet him, but that surely changed when Eliot began speaking to you.

“What’s the rumpus, Eliot?” A woman asked. She sat at a table, pinning together a pair of trousers.

“Ezra Moore. Dean Winchester. (Y/F/N)”

“Hey.” Dean greeted as you waved from behind, muttering a small hello.

“Who’re they, some farming clowns?” Ezra looked up from the trousers, eyes scanning over Dean and then you. You pulled at the end of your cardigan sleeves, hoping that your jeans and low ankle boots wouldn’t cause too much of a worry.

“They’re – uh – from the future…”

“Yeah. Gas costs four bucks. You can get cheese out of a spray can. And… The President, he’s a black guy. I could go on…”  

One minute, Dean was too busy grumbling about being stuck. An hour and a half later he’s smiling away as he blabs the future to complete strangers…

You couldn’t help but join in.

“That’s not all! I mean, in a few decades, you guys’ll have telephones in your pocket! In 1969, a guy’s gonna be on the moon! And –” You stopped when Dean tugged your arm, quietly telling you to shut up.

Ezra rolled her eyes at the pair of you, though she seemed oddly impressed by what you said, “Paint me impressed. I assume you both need some clothes. Come on…”


Your fingers traced along the cotton and rayon material patterns, your smile growing whenever you came across an outfit that caught your eye. Ezra was helping Dean find something to wear, while you were told to explore the rest of the store. Everything was so perfect that your brain had a hard time processing it all. Each material pattern was different, ranging from polka dots to stripes, floral prints to plain, even the shoes were different.

“(Y/N),” You jumped at the sudden appearance of Elliot behind you, you turned to face the middle-aged man, eyebrows raised and arms crossed, “Your boyfriend is ready if you want to come see.”

“Oh no, Deans not my boyfrie-” you frowned for a moment, before shrugging, “okay.”

When you turned the corner into the open dressing area, you couldn’t help but squeal a little.

“Okay… whoa…”

Dean wore a dark suit with a silk blue tie; his hair was parted neatly to the side – which was overly unusual for him.

You bit your lip as you cocked your head to the side, looking over his outfit again. “You pull that suit off better than I thought.”

Dean winked, and you raised your eyebrows, hoping that no one noticed the blood that rushed to your cheeks.  

“Awesome…” Dean mumbled, looking at himself in the mirror as Ezra flattened his suit jacket and straightened his tie. She waddled around Dean, brushing his hair down with her fingers and brushing away the lint and fluff that stuck to his suit.

“Awesome?” She raised an eyebrow, “You some religious kooks?”

“No.” You chuckled, waving away her thought, “He just loves to say that…”

Ezra turned to you, fiddling with the ends of your hair and shirt collar. You could almost see the cogs in her mind turning, her brain ticking with ideas, and you almost felt guilty when she stopped.

“Alright darlin,’ I’ve got the perfect thing for you.”


You almost didn’t recognize yourself in the mirror. Especially when Ezra fitted you into the pure white dress. It was strange, wearing a dress when you were preparing to go on a hunt. The waist was tight but not uncomfortable, and the hidden shoulder pads made your shoulders look strangely larger, but the dress made you look beautiful nevertheless, and you found yourself filling up with a truckload of confidence.

Ezra pinned your hair back out of your face and popped a small white hat on top of your head. She also wrapped you up in a red-brown coat, tying the belt around your waist.

“Alright. You see your coat here? Well…” She pulled your coat open, showing you a small pocket on the lining of your coat, “You can hide all your gadgets in there. Like that moveable telephone, and your gun… There’s also a nice clean place to tuck away your gun behind your back. Don’t worry. It won’t ruin the linin’ of your dress.”

“Thank you, Ezra,” You hugged Ezra tight, smiling as she kissed your cheek in a friendly way.

“Now you get out there, and make that boy’s jaw hit the floor harder than a bag tonne of bricks.”

“I’ll try…” You scoffed, stepping into a pair of small white heels.

“Nah sweet pea. You will.”


Dean didn’t expect you to look as beautiful as you did. Sure, he always noticed how you looked, he always noticed your smile, or how your eyes were an exact picture of how you were feeling. Normally, the great Dean Winchester was able to woo almost anyone. Sure with you there was the friendly bantering and all the flirting, but when it came to telling you the truth, well… he was speechless, to say the least.

“You… Uh, look –”

“Thank you.”

“So spill already” Ezra spoke, and you were forced to tear your eyes away from Dean’s, “What bucket of syrup did you two idjits step into?”

You pursed your lips as Dean chuckled. Ezra and Eliot both raised an eyebrow.

“Something funny sweethearts?”

“No,” You and Dean spoke in unison, which only made you laugh a little more.

“No, you uh…”

“Remind us of someone…” Dean confirmed, nodding his head once as you played with the waist belt of your coat.

Eliot stepped forward, clearing his throat to get everyone’s attention, “Okay, Ezra… We need your help. It seems we’re hunting a time traveler…”

Ezra sighed, and you refrained from sighing along with her, “Delightful.” She muttered.

“So…” Dean whispered as your lips pulled into a smile, “You reckon I could kiss the most beautiful woman in the room when all this crap is over?”

“Hmm,” You stood on your tiptoes, kissing Dean on the cheek with a wink, “If you’re lucky.”

“When I was 17 I worked at the Store of Knowledge, which is now out of business, but was a neat store that sold everything from PBS videos, to cool games and toys, to telescopes. My particular store was in the local mall. Our uniform was a white button down shirt, black pants, black shoes, and a black apron with the store logo. Nothing particularly flattering, especially on my 5’3” 98lb self. To make things even more unflattering, I typically wore one of my dad’s old dress shirts—a men’s size large—over baggier-fit boot-cut dress pants, with low-heeled black platform ankle boots (this was the late 90’s, so I’m pretty sure the shoes resembled a cross between clown shoes and lace-less combat boots).

I typically worked weekdays after school and occasional weekends. This particular event happened on a weekday evening, which was typically slow for the mall (and even slower for our store). I was working “zone one” which was at the front of the store. My job was to demonstrate a product while I greeted customers, asking if they needed help finding anything, and to keep the front of the store tidy (having a “greeter” was also a loss prevention tactic for the store). A man walked in and I greeted him as I typically did, “welcome to the Store of Knowledge” with a smile on my face and something like “can I help you find anything?” or “what are you looking for tonight?”.  Our interaction at that point was brief—he was “just browsing” or somesuch—and rather unmemorable.  

On his way out, however, was a different story. As he left, he came up to me, and moved closer and closer. I backed up until I couldn’t any more—I was up against a bookshelf-type display.  He raised his arms up in a T, and then brought his arms in more like a V shape, cornering me completely and making it impossible for me to raise my arms or duck out of the way without touching him. He smelled like cigarettes and leather, and he said, “ok, frisk me, baby”. I was shaking and stuttering out “I don’t have to do that” as the store manager came running up from the registers. I don’t even remember what the manager was saying, just that he was running to get the guy away from me. One of the other employees was on the phone with mall security, and I recall seeing them talking to the guy. 

I was shaking, and given an extra break to go calm down in the back. I think I was moved to the registers then, with one of the other employees taking the front of the store under the guise of a “zone change” (which was pretty typical). 

What stands out the most about this incident, other than the fact that I’m 32 and I still remember it like it was yesterday, was the quick action of the store manager. He was a good guy, and I’m very thankful for both how observant he was, and the fact that he didn’t just brush the incident off like it was nothing. I’ve no idea what’s come of him, but he holds a special place in my heart for really seeming to care.”

Submission from Rachel J 

“But What Was She Wearing?” is a project documenting what street and sexual harassment actually looks like. Submit your own!

A thick, wool-knit sweater, pants messily rolled at the hem, low-heeled leather ankle boots, strong black tea, a cloudy, cool October day, and all my classroom windows thrown open. Today was nice.