low 11's

we used to be such a burning flame / boy with fingers like kindling / girl with a gasoline drenched heart / immediate wildfire / running rampant down the west coast / down to my southern home / we were the biggest threat of deforestation / tearing apart sleepy towns / gut them into hollow ghost towns / we brushed them off like paper cuts / just a loose spool of thread / catching every small argument in our spiderweb / never knowing how to just let the little things go / never learned how to bury our past / so we drag its muddy feet over the clean floors / caught in the eye of a hurricane / losing names / losing patience / losing forgiveness / rip the roof off our makeshift house / it’s not like we ever stood a chance anyway / so i go down to an ugly beach town / so it looks nothing like yours / so that’s where i go to keep your ghost away / and everything feels like i’m trying too hard / like i haven’t beaten this story to death / here’s the dead horse and here’s my bat dripping blood / here’s the orange wrung dry / here’s the pulp and another mess of cliches / there goes the fire i wanted us to be / and now we’re just smoke in a summer rain

RENEGADES, angelea l.

(Using lyrics from All Time Low’s Last Young Renegade)

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