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This isn’t ~not~ Fandometrics.

Television: It’s What’s Streaming

The Walking Dead knocks ‘em dead, moves up seven spots to No. 10.
Gravity Falls returns at No. 14 on the one year anniversary of its finale.

Movies: The Books of the Silver Screen

The Lego Batman Movie (it’s that Lego Batman movie) shoots up to No. 1.
Moonlight won everyone’s hearts and jumps 11 spots to No. 4.

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Music: it’s Tunes

Lana Del Rey moves up eight spots to No. 5 after the dropping a video for her song, Love.
All Time Low returns at No. 11 after releasing a new single, Dirty Laundry.

Celebrities: They’re Not Like Us

Supergirl’s Katie McGrath leaps eight spots to No. 3. She didn’t need a cape for that but she can probably borrow Kara’s 😉
Laverne Cox is back at No. 12. Always good to see Laverne Cox.

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Games: Run Out Your Battery

Pokémon GO trots up to No. 6 after introducing more than 80 new Pokémon.
Eldarya returns (woah sounds like a sequel) at No. 17.

Web stuff: Beep Boop

PewDiePie moves up fourteen spots to No. 5, proving that all publicity is….publicity.
☆ Advice podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me debuts at No. 10, proving that even a category called “advice podcast” can be made fun.

we used to be such a burning flame / boy with fingers like kindling / girl with a gasoline drenched heart / immediate wildfire / running rampant down the west coast / down to my southern home / we were the biggest threat of deforestation / tearing apart sleepy towns / gut them into hollow ghost towns / we brushed them off like paper cuts / just a loose spool of thread / catching every small argument in our spiderweb / never knowing how to just let the little things go / never learned how to bury our past / so we drag its muddy feet over the clean floors / caught in the eye of a hurricane / losing names / losing patience / losing forgiveness / rip the roof off our makeshift house / it’s not like we ever stood a chance anyway / so i go down to an ugly beach town / so it looks nothing like yours / so that’s where i go to keep your ghost away / and everything feels like i’m trying too hard / like i haven’t beaten this story to death / here’s the dead horse and here’s my bat dripping blood / here’s the orange wrung dry / here’s the pulp and another mess of cliches / there goes the fire i wanted us to be / and now we’re just smoke in a summer rain

RENEGADES, angelea l.

(Using lyrics from All Time Low’s Last Young Renegade)

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Once you have the Animations and music, about how long does it take to put everything together? PS, I hope Cross doesn't hurt Blueberry in the next episode.

It takes me almost 4-5 hours:
1) Coordinate audio with animation
2) Render the final video
3) Rewatch the whole video
4) Grammar/Animation mistake
5) Open Flash and fix the mistakes
6) Export the flash movie to video format
7) Replace the clip in the video editor
8) Render the final video
9) Rewatch the whole video
10) F*ck I set the low Quality
11) Render the final video
12) Rewatch the whole video
13) Upload to Youtube
14) Add Spanish subtitles

That happened to me with Underverse 0.2 part 2.

Now imagine that It will probably happen again with this 21 minutes of animation.
So I’m ready with many Patience Pills and checking everyday the animation until the sountrack comes to me ;w;

Yaovi Mawuli, a high schooler from North Carolina, noticed that a fellow classmate of his had sneakers that were very worn down when other kids in the class made fun of them.  In the spirit of the season, Yaovi laced his classmate with a pair of “Concord” Air Jordan 11 lows to “help a brother out” as he stated in a Facebook message.

These are the righteous acts that need to be shown to the world….we need more people like this.

Sangwoo can be really freaking stupid sometimes

The first time I was reading KS I was marveling about how Sangwoo seemed to have all the plans and seemed really smart (no idea why) but now that I’m rereading it I realized that Sangwoo really needs to chill because he is NOT good at staying lowkey about his hobbies. At all.

His first and most obvious one that we see is that he killed the DAUGHTER OF A CEO.

If I was going to start killing people I’d at least go for people who don’t have a close family/many friends, NOT people in rich families. Killing a CEO’s daughter just attracts a ridiculous amount of unneeded attention, and from what we know about Sangwoo, I doubt he had a specific reason for killing this girl other than that she was probably easy to fool.

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101 Cal Personal Pizza (1 serving)

1.5 Table spoons of Ragu Homemade Style Pizza Sauce (11)
1 Low card high fiber tortilla (50)
2 Tbl spoons of low-moisture part skim mozzarella cheese (40)
3 pieces of baby spinach (virtually none)

Preheat oven at 350*F
Put tortilla on cooking pan
Put sauce, cheese, and spinach on tortilla
Cook until cheese is golden and tortilla is crispy
Cut into 4ths

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wait what fanwars? what's happening I felt like I've been under a rock these days ;-;

Big Bang: has a comeback

Haters: “No!”

VIPs: “Bu–”

Haters: “they need to stop winning on music shows!! it’s annoying!!1!1 the songs are crap!111!!11″

VIPs: “you’re allowed to have your opinion but I like the songs so please don’t put me down because of it.”

Haters: “shut the fuck up im right and you’re wrong”

5 seconds later


VIPs: “I thought we were over this.”

Haters: “Yeah well this happened so i don’t like it and big bang should stop existing.”

VIPs: “I understand it was wrong and we’re sorry but I still like them.”

Haters: “You like them?????!/1?! that’s a sin!”

VIPs: “but your idols aren’t perfect either”

Haters: “Wow!! look at this!!!!11!1 can u believe it??/ VIPs are so fucking rude how dare they say this to me!11 I’m allowed to hate on who I want but don’t hate on the people i likek!!1! WOW VIPS. LOOK BIGBANG LOOK AT THE PEOPLE YOU’VE CREATED”

VIPs: “Bu–”

Haters: “vips are so rude i can’t believe this, stupid g-goat”

VIPs: “Goat? haha that’s sort of funny”

Haters: “SO LOW!11!!11 VIPs put DOWN THEIR OWN IDOLS?? EWWW1!”

VIPs: “oh sorry then.”

Haters: :))))))))

TOP somewhere in the background: “Stop this shit i don’t like it”

VIPs: “Ok”

Haters: “there’s nothing to hate on now what.”

5 seconds later

GD: *does interview*

Haters: “can u believe that!!?!?! he hates SHINee and EXO!?!?!? What was his song crayon?? lyrical genius yeah right!!!”

VIPs: “you mistranslated the interview, read this. he didn’t hate on anyone”

Haters: “no thankyou what i think sounds better i mean theyre worthless anyways so are their fans. all stupid for loving them.”

VIPs: “but we all like different things i don’t hate yours so pls don’t hate mine.”

Haters: *send death threats*

Haters: *act like victims when they get called out*

Haters: *add excuses when people tell them why they’re wrong*

VIPs: “we give up”

Haters: “about fucking time.”

5 seconds later