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hehe what would happen if you looked down and saw me super tiny like just 3 inches tall on the floor at your feet in your bedroom? :P hehe just imagine. Be dark if you want it’s just a fantasy :P Make it a detailed answer :P

i’d pick you up and drop you inside an ant hill so you can snack on some ants you anteater .


I cannot wait for my break… This was a nice warm up but I don’t think I’ll finish it, it’s a great abs study though! ♥️ A very nice one
Is the head too small? my proportions are getting worse &#

This took 30 min more or less to sketch but edits were made on different days lmao

Hey it’s me, the ultimate emo-l and naruto enthusiast here with my first follow forever!!! I just want to say that I love all my mutuals so much!! This year was horrible but I hope that the new year will be filled with happiness for all of you!! I wish only the best for all of my mutuals in the new year! I hope you find love, have clear skin, get good grades, and all that good stuff!!! Happy New Year!! 

I was going to put emojis next to all of my faves blog but then i realized that would be pointless since all of you are my faves. :P

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I really like the ageplay reaction and i was wondering if you could write one for one they are the little ones on the relationship

First of all, I would just like to say that for this particular reaction I wouldn’t see any of them being submissive when it comes to their sexual lives so age play would probably switch roles or be “turned off” during sex if they’re playing the younger role. Since that is the case, I’ll only do this as the “Normal Life” aspects of the age play relationship. Sorry for any inconvenience and for the lack of imagination on part for the “Sex life” aspect. 



Y/N: “Would you like marshmallows in your hot chocolate Xiumin?” 

Xiumin: “rrress Pweaazze! I Lovze marshmallows!”

Y/N: “oK, here you go” *hands him a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows* “be careful, it’s very hot right now, let it cool down a bit or you might burn your tongue”

Xiumin: “Thanks *mommy/daddy* I love marshmallows with hot chocolate!”

Luhan: “I don’t want to go outside *mommy/daddy* There’s other kids out there and they’re big and scary”

Y/N: “It’s ok lulu, they won’t hurt you”

Luhan: “but what if they do *mommy/daddy* they’re big and scary. What if they do hurt little lu? What then *mommy/daddy*?”

Y/N: “They won’t hurt you, I promise. Here, I’ll go out there with you, would that make you feel better?”

Luhan: *looks around shyly and unsure* “…yes *mommy/daddy*

Kris: “*mom/dad* I don’t wanna do dance practice!”

Y/N: “Sweet heart, you need to do your dance practice, how will you grow up to cool kid if you don’t know how to dance?”

Kris: “I’ll do basketball, basketball players are the cool kids”

Y/N: “well, you’re still going to dance practice today so get in the car before I count to three”

Kris: “NOOOOO….”

Y/N: “one…..two…..th..”


Suho: “if I can make you laugh I get thirty more tv minutes”

Y/N: “No Suho, it’s your bed time, be a good boy and go to bed. I’ll be there to tuck you in soon”

Suho: “noo! More tv minutes please *mommy/daddy**does aegyo* “If I make you laugh I get more tv minutes” *does more aegyo* “more tv minutes” *aegyo* “I love you *mommy/daddy*! please more tv minutes” *aegyo*

Yixing: *Absolutely loves to play pretend. Literally every day when he gets home from work he reverts to his ageplay childishness and acts like some imaginary creature or animal*  “Look *mommy/daddy* today I’m a bunny rabbit!” *does bunny rabbit ears*

Baekhyun: *you and baekhyun were baby-sitting some REAL kids for one of your friends and his childish/ageplay nature came out in full force*  *Mommy/daddy* look what I taught the baby to do” *does large heart sign* “see *mommy/daddy* I do that then the baby do dat also”

Chen: “*Mommy/daddy* I can’t get my cookie in the Nilk! There’s not enough Nilk!”

Y/N: “baby, it’s called milk. MMMMM-ilk not N-ilk. Pronounce it correctly and I’ll give you more milk to eat you cookie”

Chen: “*mommy/daddy* I need more Nilk”

y/n: “M-ilk”

Chen: “N-ilk”

y/n; “M-ilk”

Chen: “N-ilk”

y/n: “M-ilk”

Chen: “N-ilk”

Y/N: *throws hands up in the air* “I give up”

Y/N: “now Chanyeol, what are you not going to do again after you are done being grounded?”

Chanyeol: *sulks underneath his blanket, hugging his pillow, and pouts* “we’re not going to watch the tv past our bedtime and eat all the popcorn and ice cream when *mommy/daddy* said no”

Y/N: “that’s right, now I hope grounding you will teach you a lesson. You’re grounded for 2 days”

Chanyeol: *pouts even more* “hmmm!”

Kyungsoo: “*mommy/daddy* look, I learned how to ride a bike and it’s really big. I can stay on it with no help anymore. Do you see me? I’m riding the bike right now see”

Y/N: “that’s amazing kiddo! I’m so proud of you”

Tao: “Look *mommy/daddy* my friend gave me this pink and yellow ball on a stick and it tastes good! I waited for you to get off of work to show it to you”

Y/N: “that’s so cool sweetie. Your friend is really nice”

Tao: “yeah he is. I saved some of it for you because it’s good and I want you to have it. I love you *mommy/daddy*

Y/N: “…Oh… thanks but you can have it… I love you to sweetie”

Y/N: “Kai, how many times have I told you not to talk with your mouth full?”

kai:  “but *mom/dad* this is important! I was playing with my toy cop car during play time then I heard a real cop car as I was playing with my cop car and the real cop car looked just like my toy cop car but it was bigger and realer, it was awesome!”

Y/N: “that’s interesting baby, but it’s time to eat and it’s impolite to talk with your mouth full when you eat so we can talk about it later okay?”

kai: “ok…. but *mom/dad* is was so awesome, the rrrrrrrr-ing sound was playing and the cops were driving really fast and it was a real cop car, really”

Y/N: “Kai, baby! No more talking!”

Kai: “but *mom/dad* it was really real…….”

Sehun: *You come home to child Sehun playing on the living room floor in a pile of feathers that came from all of the couch and bedroom pillows. The entire house is covered in the feather, the pillows are destroyed, and the beds are a mess*

Y/N:  “Sehun, can you explain this mess to your parent right now?!” *crosses arms*

Sehun: *looks up from the handful of feathers he’s busy playing with at the moment and sees his parent (you) staring at him, un-amused* “uh-oh”

Y/n: “yeah uh-oh is right you bad, bad child”

Sehun: “…. Sehun sorwwwy”


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hi!! this is probably sudden, but i like your blog, and i'd like to see more of the things you have on it on my dash ⭐️ so what are some of your favorite blogs that you follow? (bts related too) 💫 thanks!!

Oh man, I have so many blogs I absolutely adore

@uglyboyjpg@lovedflush@lovz@lovelikesagander ♦  @shelbeab ♦ @spaghettiregretti420@iliketheprettylights@manicpixienightterrors ♦ @mangathisbitch@teenytinybeepboop@relative@sweatpea ♦ @marcelinu@basemeat@unapologetic-apathy@wonderer-ru ♦ @emoglitter@vincentbeangogh@vampmcr@inktae@lthyl@cutiepiebts@mintsugakookies@omgmyfeels@postpvnk ♦ @jeonbase ♦ @bibwi ♦ @cypherslut@chim-chimii@cosykims ♦ @dearmyjimin@artofennun@baeseoul@tumblingtae@v-ngs ♦ @sugaslutsociety@hylian5ever@pep-chan

I may or may not have gone a little overboard…

nonetheless I hope you find some cool new blogs to follow, nony! 

(and thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you like my blog ( ˘ ³˘)♥ )