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mmmm only a few bc I gotta few asks ok ;))) u dirty person
warnings: nsfw
hope u enjoy thank u for requesting !!!💘

Dirty Steve headcannons:

- lots of public shit tbh
- jealous sexxx
- oral is key with him ,,
- 34366534644 sex drive
- really rough
- tons of lovebites and bruises and stuff
- praise kink?!!!
- hair tuggin
- he loves ur thighs o fucj nut
- lovvvvees lingerie
- also really easily turned on by u wearing tight jeans or skirts or his clothing
- just like basically anything you do turns him on
- bitch,,,, loves,,, when ,,, u,,,, moan

hope u enjoyed these anonnnnn


soooo I’m mixed west African and Russian and i live in Germany. I always preferred Asian boys since I was younger, that actually lead me to Kpop. Last year in summer was a huge American-german festival here and my friend wanted me to come with her. Fast forward there was this tall Asian boy looking at me the whole time and my friend said i should go and talk to him but i couldn’t do that bc I am wayyy to shy. So his friend walked over to me and asked me if I could talk to his friend bc he was way too afraid. I was so happy that he wanted to talk to me that i approached him.

AND LET ME TELL U ONE THING HE LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE DEAN AN I LOVVVVEE DEAN. So I gave him my number bc he seemed very cute and well he looked like Dean. We talked a lot and I asked him once why Asian boys don’t seem to like black girls..He was surprised and told me that they actually do, they love the black culture a lot but some just think Black girls are just way out of their league. He once told me that he really liked me but now we just lost contact.

KM & BW: Anyone that looks like  Dean, sign me up!!! <3