lovvvvee this

  • *john and sherlock get caught somewhere they're not supposed to be by a cop*
  • Cop: is your parent coming to get you?
  • Sherlock: yeah she's on her way
  • Cop:
  • Sherlock:
  • John:
  • Cop: so... what do you boys want to do when you grow up?
  • Sherlock: I want to be a detective because I LOVVVVEE criminals.
  • John: o_o
  • Cop:
  • Sherlock: that came out wrong.
  • John: *calls mycroft* can you hurry up? A cop has us.
  • Cop: cop? Try deputy inspector.
  • Sherlock: heh
  • John: oops sorry
  • Mrs hudson: *starts yelling from 30 feet away* THOSE ARE MINE
  • (I'm reposting this in this format)

mockie-senpai  asked:

What do you think of fury's look in the trailer she's different from the comics and I noticed her whip was a different color too nonetheless I'm super happy to get a new darksiders game but I had been really hoping strife would get one first

She looks insane! I lovvvvee her design, and the fact that she’s now wearing a shit ton of eyeliner :) I want her hair. Also nah, bugger Strife :p He can wait. It’s Fury’s turn.  But on the bright side, if Strife does get the last game, they’ll probably stuff as much content into it as they can so he might get a bigger game than the last 3. Look how much grander 2 was from the first one?


soooo I’m mixed west African and Russian and i live in Germany. I always preferred Asian boys since I was younger, that actually lead me to Kpop. Last year in summer was a huge American-german festival here and my friend wanted me to come with her. Fast forward there was this tall Asian boy looking at me the whole time and my friend said i should go and talk to him but i couldn’t do that bc I am wayyy to shy. So his friend walked over to me and asked me if I could talk to his friend bc he was way too afraid. I was so happy that he wanted to talk to me that i approached him.

AND LET ME TELL U ONE THING HE LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE DEAN AN I LOVVVVEE DEAN. So I gave him my number bc he seemed very cute and well he looked like Dean. We talked a lot and I asked him once why Asian boys don’t seem to like black girls..He was surprised and told me that they actually do, they love the black culture a lot but some just think Black girls are just way out of their league. He once told me that he really liked me but now we just lost contact.

KM & BW: Anyone that looks like  Dean, sign me up!!! <3